Geneseo Volleyball: Ace Club

Happy Monday, all! Here to share a fantastic fundraising opportunity for our program — our very first Geneseo Volleyball Ace Club!

VB Ace Club (1)

Our Ace Club works like this: 

You choose an amount that you’d like to pledge towards the total number of aces we will accumulate by the end of our season. This amount can be fixed ($0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5) or it can be customized to whatever amount you’d like. At the end of the season, the total amount of your donation will be calculated (amount pledged x total # of aces) and you will be notified of your amount and how to complete your donation! What a fun way to not only help support our program, but to also encourage you to follow our success all year long!

Donations must be pledged in writing (via email or mail) to Coach Drews.

**Pledges to our Ace Club will be accepted for the entire 2018-2019 academic year! All of those made during the season will be collected at the end of the season. Pledges made after the season will be collected immediately.

We thank you in advance for your support of our program and your participation in our Ace Club! Through your support, costs for the following events/items will be greatly offset: end of season banquet, team bonding trips & activities, travel gear, leadership development materials.


Contact Head Coach Hunter Drews to make your pledge today!

(585) 245-5552


Meet A First-Year: Morgan Michalski

Name: Morgan Renee Michalski  

Position: Setter

Nickname(s): Morg or Mo

Major(s):  Childhood education/ Special ed

Class Year: 2022

Family members: Tom and Tara Michalski, sister Stephanie Michalski-Bauer (23)

Hobbies/Interests:  I love doing arts and crafts, I love to shop, mostly for clothes and jewelry, and I love to travel with my family. We go on a big family vacation every other summer and it’s a blast!


Color:  Light pink

Movie: Breakfast Club and High School Musical (all of them)

TV show: Friends

Food:  Baked potato with sour cream and butter

Musician/artist/band: Ariana Grande and Beyonce

Vacation spot: Any place relaxing like the beach or in the mountains

Volleyball drill: Hitters vs defense


My idea of happiness is: Appreciating the little things in life, such as the sunset, a group of friends, or a specific moment in time.

A quote that motivates/inspires you: “It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine” -Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh)

What was the greatest compliment you’ve ever received? Friends from school have told me that I have a big heart.

One thing I absolutely have to do before I turn 25: Travel to NYC on a train.

Post-college/career plans:  Go back to Buffalo and have a small family, working as an elementary school teacher, living a happy life.

Biggest pet peeve: When people think they are entitled to something and don’t work for it.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, name 3 things/people you’d have to have with you to survive: My mom, a pillow, & a bag of trail mix with M&Ms in it.

What is your greatest achievement in your life thus far? Making it to college and playing the sport I love, and being happy with my life at this moment.

If you could be ANYONE other than yourself for a day, who would it be and why? Anyone of my friends or anyone in my life, for sort of like a self evaluation.

Why did you choose Geneseo? I came for a summer camp and fell in love with the campus, it is what I pictured a college looked like. The volleyball team was also a big influence on picking Geneseo, the team is full of great personalities!

Summer days drifting away

Hi everyone! My name is Allison and I’m an incoming sophomore middle (which is wild). This summer has flown by but I’m so excited to move back in and start volleyball season. I spent most of my time working full-time (actually more than just full time) at my internship at Niagara Falls State Park. I actually really enjoyed working there this summer. I got to find all the hidden spot at Niagara Falls that most people don’t know about, like three sisters island and watching fireworks on Luna Island. This internship was a great opportunity for me, because it allowed me to experience real world accounting (not just accounting from a book) and I learned a lot from my coworkers. While my internship was a lot of work and took up a lot of my time this summer, it was worth it.



When I wasn’t working I spent my time hanging with friends and trying new things. One of my favorite things I started to do this summer was kickboxing classes. I started to kick box at a place called Ilovekickboxing. While it was definitely challenging, it was a fun way to workout. I’m also supposed to do goat yoga and pallet painting but I think I will have to save that for next summer.

Just like everyone else included in their blog I took a trip to LI this summer. While it was a long way there and back (about 8 hours each way) I enjoyed every second of it (even the weird sunburn I got after I didn’t rub in my spray on sunscreen). We may have only went for 3 days, but we packed a lot into it such as going to ralphs, having a Geneseo vball reunion at Shea’s, and a beach day in Long beach. This trip was probably my favorite thing of the summer because I got to see where all the freshmen live and all the towns they grew up in.

Remember kids always rub in your sunscreen 🙂

IMG_7197                         IMG_7181 (1)

Finally I ended my summer by helping out with high schools volleyball camp. Some of the girls attended the Geneseo camp the weekend before and they told me about how they loved my teammates, my school, and our program. This made me extremely proud because I know how amazing our team is. I love to hear when others can see how fantastic we are and all the hard work we do. I enjoyed my summer (even though I failed to get a tan) but I’m excited to go back to Geneseo and get back in the gym. I know we are going to do a lot of great thing this year and I can’t wait to be back with everyone ( 9 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!).

A Long Beach Summer!

Hiii all my name is Gabby Ayzenberg and I am a rising sophomore DS/L (for the freshman, time flies by enjoy freshman year)!! This summer has flew by but I have had a great one so far and have just a few more weeks left before the grind starts.1A02FC32-5B7A-4599-B827-78000DB7D983.jpegI am lucky enough to live down the block from the beach and use every free opportunity to enjoy it. Before work started any nice day there was my friends and I would spend at the beach. As well as relaxing on the beach most saturdays I was either playing pick up beach volleyball or playing in tournaments! I was also super happy this summer that most of the team got to see where I live and enjoy the day on the beach. That weekend that everyone visited was such a fun one considering in school we can’t go an hour without seeing each other! I also went to a concert in the beginning of the summer called Governors Ball Music Festival! It was a ton of fun I actually went with Grace and Shea from the team and we met up with Kiersten while there! Definitely a highlight of the summer for me!


Other than going to the beach when I can, I spend my days working at a sports camp at Farmingdale State College. The first four weeks I work the multisport camp which is pretty fun cause every 30 minutes we switch up what sports the kids play and I get to jump in a lot of them. The other 2 weeks I run the volleyball camp which is a lot of fun considering most of the kids are young. The girls love to have fun and I love teaching young people about the game that I am so passionate about!


The other part of my summer has been working out and enjoying my family and friends. Since I get home pretty late from work I have been going to the gym at about 5:30 in the morning before work (I am a morning person). When I can I have been using the beach to work out too and get some nice runs by the shore. My family and I had a big barbeque for my mom and brothers birthday July 4th weekend which was a ton of fun. My friends and I have been taking some adventures one being to Smorgasberg in Brooklyn which is a huge food festival. We all ate so much and spent way too much money on food but it was worth it!

DB9FFD62-2B04-451E-92D1-AF955D4CE454.jpeg  The end of the summer for me is going to be really fun too, my roommate Mary is going to be visiting my town cause her sister also lives in Long Beach! Other than Mary visiting the end of summer is going to be me preparing for preseason and getting all the supplies I need for my second year of college!! I can’t wait to be back in the gym with the most amazing team and be back at one of my favorite places!


Hi everyone ! Hope you’re all enjoying your summers just as much as I am!! I’m Erina Nanavati and I am a rising sophomore (which is wild). I can’t wait to get back to my favorite place and people, but being home has been pretty nice 🙂

Post Malone concert

When I first got home from school, I got a job working for the YMCA’s after school care. I did this every day from 2:30 to 6 for about a month and a half. It wasn’t always the most laid back job, but I loved being around the kids and getting to do different activities with them. It was also my first real job(other than babysitting) so my favorite part about it was actually having some money !! The other “job” I have every summer is working a camp for kids with cancer or cancer in their families. I put quotes around job because it is one of the most fun weeks of my summer every year. Since I’ve been working it for a few years I know a lot of the kids that come back so it’s fun to see how much they’ve grown and do a bunch of fun stuff with them!! This summer we did anything from hanging out and coloring, to going to the movies and going to the amusement park Seabreeze !

I’ve had a few big events happen over the past few months as well. My sister kieran went to her junior prom and my cousin Reena graduated from high school! These, while exciting, made me feel old :/ But despite me feeling this way, it was fun to watch both of them get ready for prom and go to their pictures and see Reena walk across the same stage I did last year!


On top of these, we had a HUGE family reunion in Baltimore in July. My dad is Indian and every 2 years we have a get together with all of his extended family, which are usually large in Indian families. You might be thinking, oh how nice what a lovely tradition seeing all your family. Well, there were about 130 of us at this reunion. And even though we’ve been doing this for a while, I STILL don’t know everyone. But, it’s always great to get together and see everyone (even though it sometimes stressed me out). We went to an orioles game, swam and even had a VERY intense family softball game (we are all pretty competitive). But the best part was hanging out with all of my cousins, there’s 8 of us that are really really close, and close in age so whenever we get together it’s always such a fun time, even if we’re not doing anything !

box at the orioles stadium !
the wholeee fam

Last but not least, the best weekend of the summer consisted of me and my fellow upstate sophs taking the long trek to the one and only LONG ISLAND (best known for the LIRR, pizza, bagels and of course, Billy Joel) Our LI peeps had been telling us all year that “upstate was not real New York” and obviously we did not believe them, but we figured we had to go and find out:) So, we traveled by 4 cars and 2 trains and finally ended up ~on~ (not IN) the island. It was so much fun being able to hang out,go to the beach, and see everybody’s home towns. On top of that, the rising juniors surprised us and came down the same weekend so we got to see them too!

my fave people ❤️

The rest of the summer has just been chilling with friends and family which is always nice 🙂 I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks because my family and I are going to Paris and Barcelona in August! It’s going to be such a fun trip and I can’t wait to tell everyone about it! After that it’s just getting ready for school!! I hope you all savor these last few weeks because they go by so so fast! We’ll be back at genny in no time :)))))

my friends and I at canandaigua lake

The Last Summer

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Ast and I can say that both sadly and excitingly I’m going into my Senior year at Geneseo (I actually cannot believe that this is my last year). But, since this is my last real summer before I enter the working world, I’ve made sure that this has been an completely eventful, busy, and very exciting time.

My brother and I before eating an incredible meal at the Western Door

So, to start my summer I came home and sort of unpacked all of my stuff from school. (Half of my apartment is still sitting in my garage). But after just a few days home I was off to Vermont with my dad, to take him on a business trip. He had knee surgery towards the end of the school year, so my job the first two weeks of summer was to be his personal assistant, but we had a lot of fun. We took a trip up to Church St. in Burlington for our first day in Vermont for dinner, and I took a trip to the Ben & Jerry’s Factory while he was at his meeting the next day. Although we were there and gone in just two short days, it was fun to spend some quality time with my dad after being gone for so long, and we got to enjoy the beautiful ride through both the mountains of Vermont and the Adirondacks on the way home.

Later that week we were off again, but this time just to Syracuse. While my dad went to his meeting and I got picked up by my good friend MADISON KOSUDA. We drove to her hometown of Utica and she showed me all of her favorite things to do. We ate some really great food, hung by the pool, walked her dog at Hamilton College, and took a nice ride in her mom’s convertible. Even though I just lived with her the week before, it was great to see her and there was already so much to catch up on already!

But my journey to see some of my best friends was not over yet. I took a trip out to Keuka Lake with Madison a week or so later to visit Emma Lannon, a former volleyball player. We hung at her lake house, went kayaking, and had a good time catching up before she was off to spend the summer working on a safari in Africa.

A sunrise on Keuka Lake

Soon after I came home it was time to hang out with Sarah Bain, aka my best friend, 3-year roommate, and soon to be married! I went wedding dress shopping with her and she found the one! The wedding is a little less than 1 year away and I can’t wait to see her get married (I get to be a bridesmaid!!!!). But, first we had her engagement party, where we went to her Maid of Honors house and enjoyed dinner and games.

Sarah Bain and her fiancé Mark!!! Congrats!

During the beginning of my summer when I wasn’t traveling around to see my friends I was busy working at a panini stand in downtown Buffalo, and taking a summer class, Intro to Audit. After a few short weeks of paninis, class, and hanging with friends it was time to get started with my internship!!

So I was off to Pittsburg for a week of training where I made some incredible friends and ate a ton of good food. We trained from about 8:30-4, then the Buffalo and Rochester interns got to spend the rest of our free time having fun and exploring Pittsburg. For our last night we got tickets to a Pirates game, and spent the night just hangout at the hotel having a great time. But the following week was the beginning of what will hopefully be my life after college. I am working as an Assurance Intern at PwC, an accounting firm, at their Buffalo office. I’ve been super busy working full time and learning what my role is in performing an audit and quarterly reviews. Although it can be super confusing at times, I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet a lot of really incredible and intelligent people! There was even a firm-wide shutdown the week of the 4th of July which was awesome, and allowed me to finally get a little bit of a tan. During the week a few fun things I did were taking a day trip to Toronto with my boyfriend and walking over the border to Niagara Falls for a night.

But besides my internship I’ve been enjoying this HOT summer when I have time off by my pool, on my boat, with my family and friends, playing some volleyball, and getting in the work outs. Just last weekend we took a trip to Cleveland to watch the Yankees, who sadly lost. The rest of my summer will be spent enjoying these beautiful days and getting ready for preseason. I have one last super fun thing planned which is that I get to go to Disney if I get a job offer at the end of my internship! I already have my flight booked, so all I’m waiting on is the offer to go!

So, everyone who’s made it this far, thanks for reading all about my final college summer and I cannot wait to see you in a few short weeks! Enjoy everyday we have until we get back because these amazing college summers only last so long. And to our new freshies, I can’t wait to play with you guys! So to all of my teammates, old and new, and you too coaches, I can’t wait to enjoy my final season with you! I can just feel that it is going to be an incredible year! Now off to the gym!


Love you all so so much,

Emily (:

Summer Daysss:)

Helloooo everybody!! I am rising sophomore OH/DS, Alex Frank, but still always tell people that I am a freshman at the best college ever. This summer has been all about enjoying the sunny days, friendships, and of course the sport I love the most.



My happy summer started off the day I got home with my best friend, Aimee, being declared officially in remission from cancer!! Since then, we’ve been trying all new things from exercise (totally kidding.. maybe) to Original Grain, and saving up money to go sky diving next year! On top of that, I have been to three country concerts this year- Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, and ZBB- with Zac Brown Band being a HUGE Geneseo family reunion with like 50 athletes and my dear teammates, Abby May and Bridget.

As everyone else already included in their blog, most of our team and some of our roommates (shoutout Kelly and Liv) took an awesome trip to long island where we got to experience traffic, bagels, and some needed quality time with the team<3… I already miss them and can’t wait to see them soon!! We got to experience Ralph’s ice cream at Kiersten’s, the sophomores “surprising” us at Shea’s, and Gabby’s beautiful beach.. Oh and Allison being burnt to a crisp.

Besides the adventures, all kinds and any kinds of volleyball are my favorite thing in the summer. You can catch me at Sharkey’s five nights a week reffing or playing (I’m really  not kidding). I’ve been doubles partners with my teammate/BFF, Bridget, for two years and we’ve been constantly pushing each other to be better and learn the game. This year, we won the advanced doubles championship at Sharkey’s as well as competed in NOVA and AVP tournaments. Also, this is my first year ever playing in a grass tournament. We won, I got to see Coach, and I learned that diving on grass hurts way more than diving on sand. Volleyball is just awesome and everyone brings their dogs to tournaments, which makes it even more awesome.


As much as I love summer, I can’t wait to be back in the gym with my boys working hard for all our goals. I miss you and love you all!! Until then (33 days but who’s counting), I’ll be playing and living it up:) Find me at Sharkey’s if anyone reading this ever wants to play pickup and please bring your dog!

2018-06-29 12_53_19.403.jpg

PS. Enjoy these sunglasses I made for my dog.IMG_8065.jpg.   IMG_8023.jpg