Summer lovin’ having a blast!

Hi everyone and happy July! For those who do not know me, my name is Shea Casey and I am a rising junior right side hitter/setter, and a Business Administration major (with a minor in Marketing) at my second home, most refer to as SUNY Geneseo. I CANNOT WAIT to return and see all my best friends in a short 6 weeks!!! One thing I think about every day is how much I miss every single teammate of mine, so it does not come as a surprise about how pumped I am for preseason and fall semester to begin! I’m also SO excited to live with some of my best friends in our new, super cozy apartment ~off campus~ 🙂

MY FAV PEOPLE!!!!!! (at my house lol)

This summer has been crazy busy I don’t even know where to start. As soon as I got home, I began working as much as possible. I have been working two jobs this summer: one at Rogers Village Beach on Dune Road in Westhampton Beach as a park attendant, and two at Mill Road Seafood Market in Westhampton as a counter clerk. Both jobs get very busy during the summer season, which is good for me since I need to save a bunch of money up for study aboard (which I hopefully plan on going on Spring 2019!).

My brother Andrew and I before this 8th grade graduation ceremony!

After the workday ends, besides just doing our VOLT workout program at East End Fitness, I compete on the beach Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I play 6s on Tuesdays and 4s on Wednesdays, which both help get in a lot of reps and only get my car a little sandy lol. I also try to go to my high school open gym practices, like many other Westhampton Beach H.S. alumni, to get some indoor practice. Both beach and indoor VB during the summer are competitive and SO MUCH fun. I get to see old teammates, while also teaching current middle and high schoolers some skills.

Me and my friends Shannon and Smiltene painting some cool dorm accessories!

When I’m not working or playing volleyball, I get to see my friends, go to the beach, eat some BECs (for those who need a translation-> bacon, egg, and cheese), go to the movies, go to concerts, and go on the boat! I always try to jam back my summers with as much fun as possible! But of course, I can’t forget about when MOST OF MY TEAMMATES CAME DOWN TO LONG ISLAND!

Us at Gov Ball right before seeing Khalid perform!!

First off, me along with three of my teammates, Gabby, Grace & Kiersten, went to the Governor’s Ball Music Festival in NYC! I’ve wanted to go to this music festival for years now, and we had such a great time! Two weeks later, most of the rising juniors and sophomores came down to L.I. to visit us islanders and spend some quality time together. It was awesome to have practically the entire team back hanging by the pool, playing some games, and just enjoying our time together. Sadly, they all couldn’t stay for the entire summer 😦 but we had such a great time, and I’ll see most of their faces at camp later this July. More recently something fun I did with my family was attend a Yankee Game sitting a close 3rd row to the field! We had a time even thought we were all dying of heat stroke till the game ended in the 11th inning.

My summer is jam-packed with so many things, it’s just flying by! Next week, I’m seeing one of my favorite country singers, Toby Keith, in concert for the second time! Also, Im trying to plan a trip to Six Flags with some friends before the summer closes out (just so you know I love rollercoasters), maybe even go on Kingda Ka! As you know I can go on and on talking, so I’ll just end things with love and miss you all, and can’t wait to squish all your faces!!!!!!!


My dad and I at the NY Yankee game vs the Braves!
Me and some really cool peeps 🙂



What is Leadership?

The standard definition of leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. What isn’t described in this definition is the many forms leadership can take and how it can show differently in each individual. To me, leadership is shown through putting your teammates before yourself and putting your team’s goals before your personal ambitions. A selfless leader, filled with optimism and positivity, will only help uplift the team and push his or her teammates towards success.


When most people picture the typical “leader” of a team, many imagine the single, superstar athlete, calling the shots, leading the team to a championship victory. What many people don’t picture is that same exact team filled entirely with leaders all working together in pursuit of their common goal, a championship victory. Many overlook this idea because it’s not the societal image of a leader, but every individual has the capacity to lead and does so in very different ways. Throughout my life, I’ve seen and worked with a variety of leaders, but the most interesting part was experiencing all the different leadership techniques they employed. Some leaders are vocal 100% of the time motivating others to do the same, some leaders lead through their playing ability which is typically considered leading by example, and some ultimately strive to combine these two aspects of vocal leadership and leadership by example. In my eyes, the people who can combine these two forms of leadership are ultimately those who lead teams to success.


In my opinion, some of the most important leaders of the team go completely unnoticed by outsiders, even sometimes unnoticed by their own team, unless they start diminishing their role. It’s not always those that lead the stretches or scream the cheers, but more importantly those who get to practice first and leave last, those who are approachable, those who radiate positivity, and those you work so hard even if they know that there are others more talented. They are inspirational, humble, diligent, and strong. They do not need the everyday praise from other teammates and coaches but solely rely on intrinsic motivations to push them forward. I aspire to be a leader of this capacity one day, and I believe others should as well.


Summer Blog Series: Shea Casey

Hey folks! I’m Shea Casey, and I’m an upcoming Sophomore (yikes!!) at SUNY Geneseo, along with being a proud member of the Geneseo Volleyball family. Even though I have a year of college under my belt, every time I think about going back up to Geneseo, I get excitement butterflies. I cannot even put into words how perfect Geneseo is for me, and I think all the rest of us can agree with that. From the beautiful campus, to the great academics, to the ever-lasting friendships, I can say SUNY Geneseo is a once in a lifetime experience. Just the volleyball community alone is one of the major reasons Geneseo felt like home right as I set foot on campus. This team has created unbreakable bonds with some of the best people I’ve ever met, to the point that in this upcoming semester, all of this year’s freshmen are living in the same dorm building…on the same floor…with 4/6 living in the same suite (we just can’t get enough of each other). I cannot wait for August 18th, when all my best friends are together again playing the sport we love in a place we love.

IMG_3760.jpgSince there’s still more than two months between today and August 18th, I still have most of the summer ahead of me. This summer I got a new job working at Mill Road Seafood in Westhampton Beach. I know it sounds disgusting working with fish and lobsters and such, but actually I really enjoy it. It’ll hopefully lay out some nice skills and references for my resume, which will with any luck get me a great internship the following summer. Besides just Mill Road Seafood, I’m also looking into getting another job, possibly catering or hostessing at the nearby country clubs or restaurants. This summer is really about making and saving up my money for school and future endeavors, like a possible vacation with my best friends in the spring or summer of 2018!

IMG_9973.JPG Besides all the days I’m working, during the rest of my summer I’ll be enjoying the best parts of home: the beach, the food, and the people. I swear every nice day that I’m off from work I will be either at the beach or by the pool with my friends and family enjoying the sunshine and sea breeze. I’ve missed being able to just drive a few minutes and be at Moriches Bay or the ocean. Bringing a nice, toasty BEC to the beach to watch the sunrise with my friends or grabbing a quick BBQ chicken pizza slice and watching the sunset, both are everyday moments that I’ve missed. Seeing my best friends and family every day is something I cherish more and more because of the time we spend apart. 

To end, I just want to talk to the upcoming freshman…

I know you girls are feeling a mixture of emotions with prom and graduation coming, counting down your final moments as high schoolers, but don’t worry. Enjoy the special moments this summer vacation at your hometowns, your schools, and with your friends and families before you leave for school in the fall. Don’t be crazy nervous and anxious for the next step in your life because you are ALL very ready to start your own path at Geneseo. Me, along with the team, our coaches, and the rest of the Geneseo community, are here for you so that your adjustments to college life is easy and effortless :). Also, if any of you need anything at all in these upcoming months from questions to just a simple chat, I’ll always be available, so don’t be afraid to reach out! Can’t wait for school and season to start with you girls!

Soaking up the last bit of home

Hey everyone! Hope your summer is going fantastic! In a little less than three weeks we’ll all be together playing volleyball again (I’m so excited!!!). It feels just like yesterday I was school supply shopping for my first day of high school, and now it’s for college, YIKES how the time flew. Even though college is going to be a huge adjustment from home life, I can’t wait to experience it!

IMG_9705  IMG_9787

So far, this summer has been an extremely busy one. Trying fit everything on a bucket list into a short two months, is a super fun and tiring task. I’ve been going to the beach as much as possible, soaking up all the sun and salt I can. Watching the sunsets, and even a few sunrises at the beach with my friends throughout the last two months were breathtaking. We had a bunch of bonfires and sleepovers at my friend Sunny’s camper at Cupsogue Outer Beach on Dune Road. I boated around Moriches Bay on my friend’s cruiser a bunch of times, and hopefully before summer ends, I will finally attempt tubing. Earlier this summer, my friends and I took a road trip 2 hours east to Montauk for a day. My best friend Hailey wanted to meet her roommate for the first time so we all met up out east and beached it for the day. Even though the beach was terrific, the car ride home was definitely my favorite part, filled with funny jokes, sing alongs, stupid games, high-fiving strangers, and just letting go of our future worries and thinking in the present. I’m going to miss moments like that with my friends, but when I see them again, it’ll be like we never left.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 5.36.49 PM          IMG_0317

Besides attempting to be at the beach 24/7, I also got a job right when school ended. I work at small clothing boutique in Westhampton town called Blue 1. The clothes are very cute and chic but WAY out of my price range, so the 30% discount doesn’t do much. Even though I don’t shop there, I do love working there. All my new co-workers have become my close friends, and I feel like it has helped me gain a little more maturity. I almost work full-time, working about 4 days a week, which usually includes weekends 😦 but even though it stinks working certain days, this job really did help me save for college. Hopefully I’ll be returning next summer with this same job opportunity open for my taking!


Since I’ve lived in East Moriches practically my whole life, my friends and I are always looking of new fun things to do. We’ve went to the movies, bowling, mini-golfing, late night food/ice cream runs, sleepovers, concerts, and SO many grad parties. We’re all trying to fill up the summer with as much memories as possible. Earlier in the summer right before the 4th of July, I went to my first freedom fest concert with a huge group of my friends and saw many different country performers. Besides just the people I went with, their was so many other friends there that I knew, it was a blast! I even got to get a picture with one of the performers, Micheal Ray, which was awesome! A few weeks later, My friend Hannah and I went to a completely different concert, Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour. We took the train into Manhattan, grabbed some dinner at Chipotle, then walked into the enormous, sold-out Madison Square Garden to watch our favorite childhood singer perform. We screamed and sang along to every song the entire night, and almost passed out with exhaustion on the never-ending train ride home. Her and I are also planning to  go to see Drake this upcoming Monday at MSG, one of our other favorite artists.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 5.38.24 PM                 IMG_0036

Even though I’m writing this recap of my summer, we all still have a few weeks left at home! These last few weeks are definitely going to be jam-packed with things to do like, going to a Hunter Hayes concert (and maybe a Drake one too!), maybe a day trip to six flags, a lot more days at the beach/boating, working, maybe diving with some sharks at the aquarium (in a cage of course), hanging out with friends, and just soaking up the last bit of home!!!