My Summer 2016 Edition

Summer is the time of year when the weather is warmer, the nights grow longer, where time itself seems to almost slow down as we unwind from our last four months of stress and pressure that coincides with each college semester. I prefer to spend my summer days relaxing with my friends by the pool in my backyard or if it is too hot, being comforted with two of mans greatest creations; air conditioning and Netflix. If neither of those two things are happening chances are you can find me sitting in the outdoor patio area at one of my many hometown ice cream parlors. Any one of us Batavians could tell you that “Blondies Sip and Dip” is the first place to go when looking for a frozen treat due only to the fact that a single cone is actually enough ice cream for two people. Needless to say, when my parents first moved to Batavia and my dad ordered a large…it was bigger than his face. However, if you’re looking a tad rough, like I know I am after doing those extreme off-season workouts every day, there is another ice cream parlor just up the road that would be your go to. The prices are cheap and they have a drive thru! Sometimes when they’re super busy and the drive thru line is all backed up, the owner himself comes out to each individual car and takes people’s orders so you do not have to wait nearly as long compared to anywhere else.

I am very passionate about many things, and one of those would be photography. I took a few photography classes in high school and then my senior year joined the yearbook staff and was in charge of taking pictures of the athletes at all the sporting events. Ever since then I haven’t been able to put my camera down. My parents were extremely generous and gave me a red Nikon D3200 camera two years ago for Christmas and I try to find and capture anything and everything with “Ol Red”. For those of you who aren’t country music fans, I named the camera after one of my very favorite Blake Shelton songs. I have made countless trips out to the County Park which is a little park not too far away from Batavia and it has all kinds of nature trails and ponds where, if you’re lucky, interesting wildlife can be found. I have photographed that place from top to bottom and have been very pleased with the results. I also enjoy taking photos of my friends, dogs, neighborhood, and even GCC’s baseball and lacrosse team. Having a passion for photography has taught me so many things, one being that beauty can be found even in the smallest of things. A tree,  a blade of grass, or a man sipping his morning coffee at Tim Horton might just look like an average every day thing to most people, but to me each and every one of them can be beautiful and I think its amazing how we can capture that beauty or single moment in time and have it last forever in the form of a photograph. So my goal this summer is to hopefully make it out to Letchworth State park and other local nature sights and take as many photos as I possibly can.

A photo I took of a beautiful purple flower up at Lily Dale and psychic town in NY.
County Park 035
A photo I took of the trees at the County Park the first time I went!

I was blessed with the opportunity of playing volleyball all throughout high school and for two years at Genesee Community College. I have learned so much by playing this sport, and I’m talking more than just teamwork and leadership, commitment, and hard work. I learned, especially recently, about life itself and the skills needed to handle any situation it throws at you, all from just playing one sport for so any years. I have been actively trying to get my two younger sisters to take up an interest in volleyball as well but they’re still young and would rather play soccer (I wont give up!). As my volleyball career grows further by becoming a part of the team at Geneseo in the Fall, I am willing to do anything everything it takes to be an asset to my fellow teammates and coach. Already this summer I have played in two tournaments of Challenge Court up at the indoor beach courts in Rochester. On top of that I just joined a volleyball league that I will participating in every Wednesday with my cousin Jordan and will be playing beach volleyball tournaments with my best friends little sister who will be starting her first year of college volleyball this fall. I have also been trying to tackle the off-season summer workouts that was given to us to do this summer and I have been trying my hardest to stay on top of those every single week.

My GCC team and I playing at our final match during offseason play this Spring.

In conclusion, I haven’t been able to do anything overly exciting thus far this summer but it is a work in progress. I will most likely be continuing my long hours as a sales associate at a fashion merchandise store in Batavia. I also have plans to attend the occasional country concert to see my favorite artists such as Sam Hunt, Toby Keith, and Florida Georgia Line perform at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center through out the months of June and July. My oldest sister, Lauren, is in the Air Force and is stationed down in Florida. I have high hopes of flying down there and spending a few weeks with her as well before I have to leave to go to Geneseo in August.

Another photo I took, this time of my sister walkthing trough the water at the beach on my sisters Air Force Base, the place I hope to travel to this Summer!

Other than that I might make an occasional trip up to Canada with a few of my friends and try to takle a couple of items on my bucket list such as cliff and bungee jumping. I am excited for the summer but I also cannot wait to officially meet all of my teammates and start a new chapter in my life in Geneseo come Fall.

Nina DiFante

Junior, Middle Blocker