Why Geneseo?- By SO Morgan Michalski

Hello blog readers! This is sophomore setter Morgan Michalski coming at you live from… my house. I am currently home for spring break but hope to return back to Geneseo (aka my favorite place to be) soon. While I know the world is having a rough time dealing with the situation at hand, I hope the GSUVB blogs are brightening up your day. So with that being said, I think the best way to express my love for Geneseo is to first tell you how I chose Geneseo.

Let’s start with the first time I went to Geneseo. As my junior year came to a close, my parents encouraged me to begin looking at potential colleges. Since I knew I wanted to play volleyball, I found that the easiest and most enjoyable way of looking at colleges was to attend their summer volleyball camps. Geneseo was the last camp I attended. As the saying goes, I certainly saved the best for last. So my mom and I packed up the car and made our way to Geneseo. We got to campus with plenty of time so we decided to get lunch and walk around Main Street. I still remember walking past the Big Tree Inn, Mamma Mia’s, and the fountain. As I walked, I immediately could imagine myself spending my free time shopping and walking around this beautiful place. After experiencing Main Street and all it has to offer, it was time to play some volleyball.

Move in day freshmen year!

As I stepped into the gym, I was met by the members of the class of 2020. It was crazy to think that this encounter was almost two years ago. I could immediately tell there was something special about this team. Spending the time walking around campus talking to the players, who I did not know at the time would be my future teammates, felt right. The campus was exactly what I envisioned when I thought about what my perfect campus would look like. At the end of those two days, I knew that Geneseo was the place I wanted to attend. While I visited a few more schools, my desire to attend Geneseo remained unchanged. I chose to apply for early acceptance, and I still remember that day I got home from school and opened my acceptance letter. I was excited to call myself a Knight.

My sophomore year roomies!!!

Each day I am reminded of how grateful I am for my decision to join the Geneseo community. While I recently made the important decision to change my major, I was met with much support from my coach, my academic advisor, and my professors. The experience emphasized that I am in good hands when it comes to my education.  Geneseo has given some of my best friends. I have had the opportunity to work as an orientation leader (OL) and share my love for the school with incoming freshmen. My favorite thing about being an OL is that I can share my experiences both in and out of the classroom. I also can not forget to mention the incredible people that make Geneseo even more AMAZING, my team of course. The people of GSUVB are “my people” and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to have them as both teammates and friends. Each time that I put on the blue and white uniform I am reminded of how happy I am to be at Geneseo. Geneseo is my second home and I will always be proud to call myself a Knight.

The best team in the world

With all this in mind, you may still be asking  “why Geneseo?” My most basic answer would be that Geneseo is a place full of opportunities. A place to receive a supportive yet challenging education. A place full of organizations, clubs, and events that allow students to try new things and meet new people. Lastly, it is a place where everyone in the community will hold a door open for someone even if they are 10 feet away from entering the building. I have found a place where I belong and I hope I have convinced you of that 😉 The school slogan that “there is no place like here” says it all. 

Thank you for reading!

Morgan Michalski

Let Me Tell You About The Summer Of 2OL9

Hello blog readers! This is sophomore Morgan Michalski coming at you live from the beautiful SUNY Geneseo. Now, you may be thinking “Morgan, why on earth are you spending this wonderful summer at school?” WELL, let me tell you… 

I and twenty five other amazing people have decided to be the smiling bright faces that welcome incoming students to Geneseo at orientation. For the non-Geneseo student, these people are known as orientation leaders (or OLs) and if you ask me, I’d say we put the OL in coOL! Now, before I get to the part where I express my love for my staff, I want to catch you up on all the fun things we have been doing. 

To start, we arrived to our first training session on the 12th of June and did many icebreakers to start (icebreakers are the games we play to get to know each other). Every day after training you would catch most of the staff on Onondaga Field tossing disc, taking way too long to explain the rules of spud, or playing an intense game of kickball in the rain. For the first two weeks of being here, it felt like I never sat down. We were constantly moving, doing bulletin boards or decorating clipboards. The moment I knew that this was going to be the most fun summer ever was when most of the staff went to watch the sunset at the gazebo and ended the night screaming/singing at the top of our lungs to any song that came to mind. We then took a trip to Fredonia for some team building, where we worked together to overcome obstacles, trust each other, and most important to me, support each other. Everyone was so supportive and had each others back. This was most present when we climbed a 12 foot wall with the help of each other to get one another up to the top. These are memories I will never forget and brought me so much closer to my team. After training for two weeks, it felt like we had known each other for years and you could tell that this group was something special.

We were all so excited for the first orientation session to start; as we tucked in our polos and straightened our name tags (the uniform is the best part of the job), you could feel the rush of nervousness and excitement. We worked so hard over the past few weeks and it was time to welcome all the new faces to Geneseo. 

We have now finished the third session and we are all very sad that we have hit the halfway point, and that our summer will soon be coming to an end. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to meet all my new friends and I would not trade this experience for anything! Now, throughout my blog I have been referring to these people I work with as “staff,” but they are truly much more than that! Coming into this job, I would have never thought that I would be so close with this group of amazing people, or that I would be leaving with twenty five new friends. So thank you to my fellow OLs for being such wonderful people; you know the love I have for you all and I am so lucky to be apart of this family. To my volleyball peeps, I cannot wait to see you all so soon! Let’s make this a season one we won’t forget! 

That’s all for now 🙂

Morgan Michalski

A Thank You Letter- A Blog By FY Morgan Michalski

Hello blog readers! I am first-year Morgan Michalski here to share some love for the people that mean so much to me. Parents, coaches, friends, and most importantly the 13 crazy people I call my teammates, thank you for making my first year at Geneseo one I will never forget! I cannot write a thank you letter without thanking the best teammates in the world! Thank you for all the support and always making my days better, you are my second family. Now I want to send a HUGE thank you to my fellow freshies, Maddie and MK. I don’t think I could have asked for better people to spend the next 4 years with. So I would like to say thank you so much for being the best teammates I could ever wish for. Thank you for…

Great advice- Maddie, you always are willing to help when things aren’t going too well and I know I can alway count on you when I need some advice.

Enthusiasm during games- Maddie, I’ve enjoyed witnessing you progress from a mute on the court (her words, not mine) to finding your voice and becoming a beast! MK, your enthusiasm throughout games is so motivating and gives off such good vibes. And I already can’t wait to do our dab handshake before games again (it was so cringy).

Perseverance- We all know being a student athlete is tough sometimes so I want to thank you guys for never giving up on yourselves or others. Even on the court you are always working ‘til you get it right and it is done. Thank you for pushing yourselves through workouts and practices, knowing that you guys are working hard makes me push myself that much harder.

Listening to me talk…all the time- Now if anyone had joined us on our lovely walks back to South Side after practice, they would know that I talk from the time we leave the locker room to the time we part ways to our rooms. And even then I will be shouting to them until they are in thier building. So thank you for learning to tune me out occasionally, because half the time it’s absolute nonsense.   

Jeep vibes- Thank you for the times we spent in Maddie’s jeep. From driving to frozen yogurt on Mondays to taking the doors and top off and going for drives where we let MK pick directions (we went in a big circle), it has been a blast! Something I cannot go on without mentioning is your safaris– they insisted on taking the most adventurous path to get to practice while talking in an Australian accent– It was a pleasure being your camera man and intern (truly an honor) for Safari-SO-Good. Also, our trip to Walmart for our Halloween costumes, which I personally think ours were the coolest (sorry Juniors). Thank you, Maddie and the Maddiewagon for creating so many memories we will never forget.

Being great friends- I am so thankful that volleyball has brought us together. We are all so different but still so similar which leads to great times together. Thank you, Maddie and MK, for being incredible people who are not afraid to be yourselves. Thank you for being the open-hearted people you are. Thank you for coming along this journey as a knight with me and enjoying every second we have together. These next few years will go by so fast and I can not wait to see what the future has in store for the three of us.