‘Volleying’ my way to fitness! My adventures at Camp Pocano Trails

This summer I am spending my time at the beautiful CPT,  Camp Pocano Trails, the number one weight loss camp in the world. Here, I’ve met so amazing and inspiring people; counselors and campers. The experiences and friendships I’ve made will last me a lifetime, and I am grateful to be involved in these kids’ journey to their healthier selves!

I journeyed off to Pennsylvania on June 11th. On arrival I was greeted by a friendly, caring staff who helped me transition into the camp’s environment and culture. During orientation, I met some of the most wonderful people, specifically my fellow counselors, each with their own stories: of why they were here, their upbringing, and overall life experiences. These group of people are my family. We share our frustrations, our spectacular moments, and lift one another when times get rough. Together, we’very made some amazing bonds and friendships! Some counselors were campers for previous years, and others, like myself, are fitness/health enthusiasts wanting to help change lives. The people that come here come from all over; the US and the world. Some are from as far as California or Texas,  and then all the way from France or the Caribbean islands. I am so thankful to have met each and every one of them.

I work nonstop. From coaching volleyball almost every period of the day’s activities, to hanging out and working out with my campers. During my practices my campers become volleyball players in training. We run drills I’ve made, learn the game, and for the few who play in school we perfect their already existings skills. Each practice is focused on one aspect of the game, whether it is bump passing, setting, hitting, diving, serving, or positioning. The drills refleet what they were taught and the last 15 minutes of the class is all scrimmage and games. Each practice it warms my heart seeing these kids improve and learn to love the sport!

These campers inspire me, because at their young age they are taking the steps to become their healthier and ideal selves. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college did I begin my journey. Seeing these individuals transform themselves is incredible. Each week they aren’t just losing weight, they are making friendships, maturing, and discovering themselves.

My goals for this summer are: to get into a healthier routine for myself, lose 8-10lbs of body fat, and to make a positive impact on every single camper I meet. At the end of the day I came here to help people, and to show them they can do absolutely anything when they put their minds to it.