H.A.G.S.- Have A Great Summer

“Have a great summer!” is the last thing most people say before going our separate ways for the summer. Summers are a great time for relaxing, catching up and enjoying the outdoors.

For me, summer is a time for working and working out.

Summer is when I work to save up for my next adventure. And as I am about to start my last semester of college, my next adventure comes soon. I am hoping to save up this summer so I will be able to travel for six months when I complete school in December. I can’t wait to return to Geneseo to play volleyball with my best friends one last time before the real world starts.

But enough talk of school, summer has just started. And to begin my summer I returned home to Florida for a couple weeks. It was nice to be home and enjoying the sunshine. While back in Gainesville I returned to many of my favorite spots to explore.

Devils Den- This is a prehistoric spring near my home that is one of the coolest locations I have ever dived in. I went this summer and saw various fish, turtles, and other marine life.


Ichnatuctnee River- This river offers the most beautiful natural view of North Central Florida. They allow individuals to take floaties down it almost like a lazy river, just to see the amazing the clear water. Every time I go home, I make sure to go down the river at least once. And yes, there are alligators there.


Somewhere on a Beach- Even though I live about an hour and a half from the beach, I still try to go whenever I am home. My best friend Esther and I went to celebrate our birthdays this year.


I was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida.  The University of Florida is in Gainesville, and I am a huge Florida Gators fan. I live about six blocks from the stadium and have been going to sporting events there since I was little.

Spice in the Swamp-This is me in my favorite place, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field with my favorite companion, my dog Spice. While I was in Florida, this is where I was doing my summer workouts and trying not to die of heat exhaustion. I worked on “Gator Mountains” which involves climbing up 90 rows of bleachers in the stadium.


Birks and Baseball- Not much happens in the summer in Gainesville, besides for Gator Baseball. The Gators have been number one in the country for the majority of the season, and are really fun to watch play. This summer I watched the Gators play in the SEC, round one and two of NCAA’s, and was there when they earned their way to the College World Series. I plan to continue to watch them while they are in Omaha, as the Gators will be going for their first national championship in baseball. Go Gators!


Earlier this week my mom and I made our annual road trip to our lake house with our dog Spice. This year we made a stop along the way to spend time with my brother in Morgantown, West Virginia.

My family- This is me, my mum, and brother Jeremy on Cooper’s Rock right outside of Morgantown enjoying the sunset.


Happy Dog- After the long journey, we finally returned to our lake house on Keuka Lake. This is Spice swimming when we first arrived. This makes Spice’s 12th summer at the lake.


Camp Good Days- For the rest of the summer I am working at Camp Good Days and Special Times. This is a summer camp made especially for kids and families who are fighting cancer. This is my third summer working here, and I couldn’t be most excited for another summer working with these kids. Working at camp puts everything in perspective, and I leave every summer with a new outlook on life. In addition, I have a gym membership here and continue to work out and prepare for season.


Paddling with Pup- On my off days, I will be spending time with friends and family at my lake house. So if you need me for the rest of the summer, I’ll be right here.