Is Summer Over Yet?


37 days people!!!!!

As many of you know, leaving Geneseo is one of the very few things I get ~emotional~ about. This countdown has been running since the day I left, at the time it was 92 days. 

Quick little introduction, I am Bridget Lougen, a junior middle blocker from Syracuse, NY.  I am a Psychology major with a Human Development minor. 

As per usual, this summer has been flying by and has been jammed packed but yet very similar to my summers in the past. Most of my days are spent working at Target as a Flexible Fulfillment Team Member. In simple terms, I walk around the store shopping for what people order online then pack them to be shipped, exciting right?? On my days off, I am usually relaxing by the pool, sleeping, or reading my textbook for my summer class. 

To kick off the summer, a few of my fellow IREVA coaches and I drove to Columbus, Ohio to play in USA Volleyball Adult Nationals. While we didn’t play that well… it was still an amazing experience and a fun little trip to get us all back together.

Another fun volleyball part of my summer is that I am currently coach at Brockport as a coach for the IREVA High Performance camps. 8 straight days of coaching, playing, and spending time with the other coaches as we slowly become more and more sleep deprived. (And writing this blog in a VERY uncomfortable dorm bed) It has been pretty cool to be on the coach side for the past two years.

Now for the exciting stuff, my two major trips of the summer

Alberta, Canada

June 10-19

Besides the day trips to Niagara Falls and Toronto, I have never really been out of the country. Alberta is actually the farthest west that I have every been. I took the trip to go visit Aaron who lives about 35 minutes south of Calgary, Alberta. After getting into Calgary at 1am driving to his house in the pitch black,  I still had no clue where I was. The next day I saw just how amazing it was there. The trip was packed with hikes around the beautiful area, exploring Calgary, and a trip to Banff National Park. The entire trip I was in awe by how pretty everything was. I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves…


Samara, Costa Rica

July 20-31

While I have yet to go on this trip, it is one I am most excited for! Again, I would like to repeat, the only two countries I have ever been to is the US and Canada, so this is a completely new experience for me! I cannot wait to be in this small little town on the western coast of Costa Rica for 11 days. Stay tuned for pictures from this adventure 🙂

Well, back to reality in Upstate New York. My plans for the last two weeks of summer are to play in a beach tournament in Lake George with fellow teammates Emily Bablin and Mary Bartkus the first weekend of August. After that I am hopefully going to sleep for a week straight, maybe work at Target at little, and then be back in my favorite place, GENESEO

Well, that’s what happening in my boring yet eventful Summer 2019, cannot wait to be back in sweaty Schrader Gymnasium with you all!


My Legacy- A Blog by SO Bridget Lougen

Ever since the first day we stepped into Schrader Gymnasium at Geneseo, each of us have been slowly building our legacy for when our time at Geneseo is up. The legacy we build in the gym is part of the legacy we leave on the campus as a whole. While it would CQ2R5703.jpgbe amazing to leave here with a school record, an All-American title, or any other high honors, those are not necessary to leave a long-lasting legacy in our program. To me, what’s important is to leave behind is something much simpler and more meaningful.

Legacy in simple terms is how you want people to remember you. When I finish my volleyball career here, I hope to be remembered for two things…

My Love For the Game20181020_045_VBall.jpg

No matter if I am on, or off the court, whether it’s during a practice or a game, I want to be remembered for always appreciating the game. I want to be known for for not taking any second of volleyball for granted. As simple as it is, I want to leave a lasting impression of how much the game means to me by emphasizing how much of a privilege it is to wear Geneseo Volleyball on my back.

Being Apart of Something that has Never Done Before

Coming into a rebuilding program as a freshman means anything can happen. Fortunate enCQ2R5827.jpgough for me, I came into a team that seemed to be willing to do anything to positively impact the program. In my time here, I have already left my legacy by being a part of the first Geneseo Volleyball team to go 9-0 in the SUNYAC and host the championship tournament in Schrader Gymnasium. The legacy I want to leave includes being a part of the team that wins the first SUNYAC championship wearing Geneseo on our backs.

Summer 2018 :)

Hiya everyone! I’m Bridget Lougen and I am an incoming sophomore (wow that’s going to take some getting used to). Happy summer, hope everyone is getting nice and tan ( @ Kiersten Colvin)!! This summer so far has been quite busy and seems like it is going to continue this way until I head back to school.

My summer started off with me doing the thing I love most, volleyball. After missing all of spring season due to the 3+ injuries going on in my leg I am back! My beach partner and fellow incoming soph Alex Frank play in a 2s league on Wednesday nights (currently in first). We also played in a couple of tournament at Sharkey’s and Sylvan Beach to kick off our summer with all of out friends.

Besides volleyball, going to Onondaga Lake Park with my home friends, and working at Target I’ve spent a lot of time traveling to visit the rest of the team. After being home for only about one week, I took a trip to see Mary Bartkus in Albany for the day. A week IMG_9677after that I met up with Kat, Amay, and Mary at Amay for a day by the pool. 


I am currently on my big trip of the summer, LONG ISLAND!! To get here it took 4 different cars, a Uber, and 2 trains. All 5 of the sophomore upstaters made the trip to see the 3 sophomores that live down here. We were even “surprised” by the upstate Juniors who also made the trip down for the weekend (sorry guys you can’t anything by us). While this trip is very short we have gotten a lot in. We met up with everyone at Shea’s, had a beach day at Long Beach, and tried all of the famous Long Island food. 

While I have done a lot of stuff already this summer, I can’t wait for the other fun things i am planning on doing with the 62 days I have left before I get to go back to my favorite place with my favorite people:)

Why Geneseo? By FY Bridget Lougen

I was always told that I had to pick a college for the school itself, not volleyball. As I went through the college search process, I found myself only visiting schools based on the coaches that were recruiting me. However, that was not the case when I visited Geneseo and that allowed me to see the school for everything else it offers. I visited FullSizeRenderGeneseo for the first time on a Wednesday in late July and instantly fell in love with everything. The school’s campus was one like I’ve never seen before and everything just seemed right. The only thing that I was unsure about when leaving campus that day was whether or not I would be able to play volleyball here. I knew absolutely nothing about the volleyball program at Geneseo. That night I signed up for the elite prospect camp and was back on campus two days later to spend 3 days playing volleyball with the team, incoming freshman, and other girls that were interested in playing at Geneseo. I continued to think IMG_5255that Geneseo was the school for me but I didn’t tell anyone that. I feared that the coach wouldn’t want me, the team wouldn’t like me, and that I wouldn’t get into the school. I spent almost 5 months not telling anyone that Geneseo was where I wanted to go. When I came on my overnight in December all those worries seemed to go away. I fell in love with Geneseo again and loved everyone on the team. That morning I also told the coach, my parents, and all my friends my decision which IMG_0112was I would be attending Geneseo. It was such a relief to actually get into my dream school and be able to tell everyone that I was actually going there. To say I am happy with my decision would be an understatement. I cannot image going to any other school and not becoming friends with the people I have met here, specifically the volleyball team. I have never been apart of a team where all 16 of us are best friends and do everything together and I owe so much of my happiness here to all of them and the program itself.


Summer Blog Series: Bridget Lougen:)

Hi guys! I am Bridget Lougen from Syracuse NY and I am an incoming freshman at Geneseo:) Every since I stepped foot on the campus I knew that Geneseo was the college for me and I could not be more excited to move in the 18th! But first I have to finish up my last summer before me and my friends all go our separate ways in the fall.

Graduation day with my friends

Surprisingly, senior year flew by and ended with some incredible memories such as senior skip day, senior ball, graduation, and so much more. I come from such a small school so I am going to miss a lot of people next year, but yet I am so ready to leave and start my life at Geneseo.


Summer so far has been quite busy between trying to fit in the workouts, time with my friends, work as a cashier at Target, graduation parties, and everything else I have to do. However, my favorite by far is playing beach volleyball with Alex Frank (another incoming freshman) every Wednesday night atSharkeys. Before we started playing in April, I was so nervous because I had never played 2s before and I was scared I wasn’t going to

Intermediate Finals

be good but surprisingly, we were one of the best teams in the league as we came out second overall. For the summer league, we decided to challenge ourselves and move up to advanced and are currently 6-3:)

My first few days of summer began at Geneseo for orientation along with the other incoming freshman and during those 48 hours we were already becoming best friends! I cannot wait to spend the next four years with them. At the end of it I didn’t want to leave but it was okay because I knew I was going to be back at the end of July!


While my summer has been kind of boring, I am still enjoying the time I have left before I have to leave for college. Most of the time I fill up my free time by going out to dinner or just hanging out with my friends by a fire. On the rare occasion that Syracuse has nice weather I will just relax by my pool with my dogs.

I cannot wait to move in in 40 days!!! I am so excited to experience being on a new team at a new school next year. CANNOT WAIT TO KILL IT WITH YOUR GUYSS:))