A Visitor’s Guide to Geneseo

There is no place like Geneseo, it may be small but there is no shortage of things to do. While everyone may say that their college town is the best, Geneseo is truly unique.

To start, I’ll be describing Main street. The road is filled with restaurants, bookstores, and shops. If you’re looking for a place to eat you have many options including Mama Mia’s, Geneseo Family Restaurant (Kiersten recommends eggs and toast, however, I think the GFR omelet is spectacular), University Hots, Lighter Side, Crickets, and Bar-Eat-O.

If you are looking to shop for Geneseo apparel you have Royalties. Main Street also has a hair salon, book store, and many other cute shops.

If you are an incoming Freshman you will probably be housed on the south side of campus, where the Roemer Arboretum is located. If nature isn’t your vibe there is also a beach volleyball court nearby (where the class of 2021 won the southside tournament). You also have the newly renovated Red Jacket dining hall.

In the middle of the campus, you have your academic buildings. Geneseo is doing a lot of renovations to our campus so, soon it will look spiffy. You also have Macvittie college union which just turned 50 this year. In the union, we have our mailroom, Starbucks, and the bookstore. If you’re looking for a place to relax we have a room that has massage chairs and sleeping pods.

To watch a sporting event you can stop by our beloved Schrader gym (my favorite place on campus) where we have held many SUNYAC Championships for both women’s volleyball and basketball. Or if you prefer hockey for some weird reason head over to the Ira S. Wilson ice rink. Or you can go to New College Stadium where the field hockey team won the 2019 SUNYAC Championship this fall.

No matter what you are into, there is a place for everyone in Geneseo. The best part is that no matter where you go there is always someone you know.

Junior year is THE year

Hi, I’m junior middle hitter Allison Wick. This summer I was a young adult who woke up at 7:30 every morning to put on her business causal and went off to work 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday. I work for Northwest bank, so I would show up at 8:30 grab my cup of coffee and get to work helping customers with fraud and their finances. However, my internship this summer has allowed me to learn more about financial crime and anti-money laundering which I have found an interest in. So I decided to switch my major over the summer in order to pursue a career in the financial crime field. My internship with Northwest has allowed me to learn a lot and I hope I can continue an internship with them next summer.

When I’m not at work I mostly spend my time hanging out with friends or laying out in the sun. Which brings me to my biggest accomplishment of the summer, that I am in fact tan and I also have yet to get a sunburn this summer which is very rare (if anyone can recall my previous summer blog and my journey to Long Island). I also have worked at volleyball camps this summer. This last weekend I went out to Geneseo to work the elite prospect camp. I got to meet some of the incoming freshmen and play with some other potential future GSUVB volleyball players. Overall this weekend made me so excited to get back to genny and get into the gym with my teammates! only two and a half more weeks to go !!!

A Thank You Letter- A Blog by SO Allison Wick

Most people don’t understand how privileged they are to have two parents. Life is much easier when you have two adult role models helping guide you through life. While I didn’t get the privilege of having both a mom and a dad, I never felt at a disadvantage. My mom worked twice as hard as a parent to make sure I got everything I wanted out of life. She did everything she could to help support me, and teach me everything I needed to be successful. I do not express how thankful I am for you enough. I know it wasn’t easy being a single mom raising me and my three siblings. It took a lot of courage, willpower, and patience. I learned so much from you. You have made me the person I am today and again I am thankful for that.

The first, and most important, thing you taught me is to fight for what you deserve and never settle. You never settled for less than you deserved in your life. You knew what you wanted, and you went after it. It wasn’t easy for you to be a single mother going back to school but, you knew you wanted better for yourself and us. As anyone who has gone to college knows it isn’t easy and for you to do it while taking care of four kids is inconceivable. You showed me that life is going to be challenging. You taught me that I am going to have to fight for myself and just because other people doubted me, doesn’t mean that I should doubt myself.

You also taught me how to be independent. You didn’t have the time to be constantly nagging me on all my decisions and because of that, I learned how to hold myself accountable. You allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them. You helped prepare me for life. I can’t depend on other people to do everything for me. However, you also showed me its okay to ask for help when you need it.

While most people would think having a single parent would give you a disadvantage, I think it made me a better person. Having a single mother gave me a strong independent woman as a role model which very few people are lucky enough to have in their life. You gave me all the tools and opportunity’s I need to be successful. I may not be the best at showing how much you mean to me but, I am extremely thankful for all that you taught me, the opportunity’s you gave me, and everything you sacrificed for me.

With love,
Allison Wick

Summer days drifting away

Hi everyone! My name is Allison and I’m an incoming sophomore middle (which is wild). This summer has flown by but I’m so excited to move back in and start volleyball season. I spent most of my time working full-time (actually more than just full time) at my internship at Niagara Falls State Park. I actually really enjoyed working there this summer. I got to find all the hidden spot at Niagara Falls that most people don’t know about, like three sisters island and watching fireworks on Luna Island. This internship was a great opportunity for me, because it allowed me to experience real world accounting (not just accounting from a book) and I learned a lot from my coworkers. While my internship was a lot of work and took up a lot of my time this summer, it was worth it.



When I wasn’t working I spent my time hanging with friends and trying new things. One of my favorite things I started to do this summer was kickboxing classes. I started to kick box at a place called Ilovekickboxing. While it was definitely challenging, it was a fun way to workout. I’m also supposed to do goat yoga and pallet painting but I think I will have to save that for next summer.

Just like everyone else included in their blog I took a trip to LI this summer. While it was a long way there and back (about 8 hours each way) I enjoyed every second of it (even the weird sunburn I got after I didn’t rub in my spray on sunscreen). We may have only went for 3 days, but we packed a lot into it such as going to ralphs, having a Geneseo vball reunion at Shea’s, and a beach day in Long beach. This trip was probably my favorite thing of the summer because I got to see where all the freshmen live and all the towns they grew up in.

Remember kids always rub in your sunscreen 🙂

IMG_7197                         IMG_7181 (1)

Finally I ended my summer by helping out with high schools volleyball camp. Some of the girls attended the Geneseo camp the weekend before and they told me about how they loved my teammates, my school, and our program. This made me extremely proud because I know how amazing our team is. I love to hear when others can see how fantastic we are and all the hard work we do. I enjoyed my summer (even though I failed to get a tan) but I’m excited to go back to Geneseo and get back in the gym. I know we are going to do a lot of great thing this year and I can’t wait to be back with everyone ( 9 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Why Geneseo-


Choosing what college, you go to is one of the first big decisions you make in your young life. To help make the right decision you go on many, many tours. I personally went on at least 15 tours. For most of my tours, I knew I wasn’t going to the school before it was finished. College tours went from being exciting to boring. I was hearing all the same facts at every school and none of the school felt like somewhere I belonged.



The first time I toured Geneseo was in March of my Junior year, while the tour was like all the rest something about the campus was just different. While I did fall in love with the school I still wasn’t ready to commit. I returned to Geneseo October of my senior year. I went to go see a Geneseo volleyball game. The game I choose to attend was their senior night. I watched the seniors be honored and I heard them talk about all the reason they love Geneseo. During the game I watched the team demolish Farmingdale State and the team I saw on the court looked so close and happy to be there playing volleyball. After that, I knew Geneseo is where I wanted to be next year. I committed the next week and as I am coming to an end of my freshman year there is not a day that I regret my decision, even with the never-ending winter we have had this year.



In one year, I have turned 15 strangers into my best friends that helped me create a home away from home. I knew there was something different about this campus the first time I visited it back in March of my junior year. After leaving my freshman year I finally know what it is. Geneseo is filled with the best people you will meet in your life. While my teammates are absolutely the best (and weirdest) people you will ever meet, there are a lot of others on the campus that are almost as cool. While Geneseo may be small it accomplishes so much such as being one of the top fundraiser in relay for life and winning countless SUNYAC championships. My freshman year gave me so many memories that reminded me why I chose this school and got me excited to see what the next three years has instore for me and my team.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.53.52 PM

Summer :)

Hi everyone! my name is Allison Wick and I am from Buffalo NY. I will be a incoming freshman at Geneseo. I’m super excited to be moving in, in just 28 short days. I’m looking forward to starting college and playing volleyball but first I have to finish out my summer. It defiantly isn’t as exciting as last year but I still have enjoyed my summer so far. I started my summer off by going to the Jason Aldean concert and FGL. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go to country concerts. I bought a country megaticket so, I still have 3 more concert to attend, Dierks Bentley, Lady antebellum, and Luke Bryan.

Me and my roommate at Jason Aldean Enter a caption

I also finished my senior year of high school by attending prom and graduation. It was a fun way to end high school with my friends that I have known for years and will miss as we go our separate ways. I also attended orientation with the other 5 incoming freshman recruits. During orientation we got to know each other and have become close before we have even arrived to campus. We also became minute to win it champs.

Incoming freshman at orientation

On a more dull note I have been working almost everyday during the week. I work two jobs. During the week I work at David’s Bridal and on Wednesday nights I ref for my school volleyball summer league. Next week I will also be coaching my high school’s volleyball camp. Then on Friday I will be driving up to Geneseo for my own volleyball camp. I’m excited to see all the freshman again and to meet the returning players!

On my free time I usually go to the gym, hang out with my friends, or take my dog for walks. While I am excited to leave for college I will be sad to leave my friends and my dog, Simba, behind. I have also been shopping for my dorm the past few weeks.The more stuff I get for my dorm the more excited I am to move in!!

my dog and I before prom

While this summer hasn’t been the best I still have enjoyed my time spending my last summer before college with my friends. I am super excited to be moving in, in less than a month!!!! I can’t wait to start volleyball with my new teammates and to kill it on the court this year with you guys!!!