A Letter to Who Inspires Me- By SO Alex Frank

Ever since 7th grade, volleyball has been my life. I remember walking into my middle school gym with the 100+ other girls trying out, and just hoping I would be good enough to make our modified team. I never could have guessed how much this sport would change my life in the next eight years, with a special thanks to all the people I have met and the lessons they brought with them on and off the court. Over these eight years, it was the people who were the best teammates and the hardest workers that inspired me the most.

Kendall White-Penn State Libero

Before I get sappy, I have to shout Kendall White out because of how dang cool she is. If you ever watch a Penn State volleyball game, you’ll see a little 5’5 number 3 surrounded by humongous players who has enough spunk to fill the entire stadium by herself. Every5a2cccb3c2dcd.image.jpg game her passion and intensity radiates through the gym and motivates everyone around her, even fans like me watching at home. My absolute favorite thing about her is her reaction when her teammates score a point: screams, aggressively shakes them, jumps, whatever she can do to show how excited she is for her team. I love that. Absolutely fearless. She inspires me to be my teammates’ biggest fan and to let my love for this sport be uncontained.

My Dad

Here’s to one of the biggest team players I know. Hall of Famer in highschool and college, my dad held the record at Ithaca for the most assists for 27 years. His record has finally been broken, but his legacy and selflessness has carried on to every aspect of his life. Lucky me, he’s been my teammate for 19 years and has been dishing out assists since I can remember. He took me to the batting cages, played 1v1 with Maddy, peppered with me outside, and brought me to the beach courts whenever we could. My dad works his butt off doing anything he can to make sure we and the people around him succeed. He inspires me to be the most selfless and devoted teammate I can be. He inspires me to work hard everyday, never doubt what we can achieve, and find any opportunity I can to do what I love.

20971_1364156670565_6185223_n.jpg              10995435_1026581550704267_6188840605281960071_n.jpg

The GSUVB Family

I couldn’t have written this without including the people that I have learned so much from for the past couple years. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such unique girls that all bring different views of life to this family. They have taught me how to be a better teammate, friend, and person. One of my favorite lessons my team has taught me is to IMG_9509.jpgtake it one day at a time and let things surprise me. They inspired me to stop planning and to just appreciate everything and everyone around me. They motivate me to pursue what I’m passionate about and never settle. I am so thankful to have the greatest friends and and a community I can truly call my family.







Summer Daysss:)

Helloooo everybody!! I am rising sophomore OH/DS, Alex Frank, but still always tell people that I am a freshman at the best college ever. This summer has been all about enjoying the sunny days, friendships, and of course the sport I love the most.



My happy summer started off the day I got home with my best friend, Aimee, being declared officially in remission from cancer!! Since then, we’ve been trying all new things from exercise (totally kidding.. maybe) to Original Grain, and saving up money to go sky diving next year! On top of that, I have been to three country concerts this year- Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, and ZBB- with Zac Brown Band being a HUGE Geneseo family reunion with like 50 athletes and my dear teammates, Abby May and Bridget.

As everyone else already included in their blog, most of our team and some of our roommates (shoutout Kelly and Liv) took an awesome trip to long island where we got to experience traffic, bagels, and some needed quality time with the team<3… I already miss them and can’t wait to see them soon!! We got to experience Ralph’s ice cream at Kiersten’s, the sophomores “surprising” us at Shea’s, and Gabby’s beautiful beach.. Oh and Allison being burnt to a crisp.

Besides the adventures, all kinds and any kinds of volleyball are my favorite thing in the summer. You can catch me at Sharkey’s five nights a week reffing or playing (I’m really  not kidding). I’ve been doubles partners with my teammate/BFF, Bridget, for two years and we’ve been constantly pushing each other to be better and learn the game. This year, we won the advanced doubles championship at Sharkey’s as well as competed in NOVA and AVP tournaments. Also, this is my first year ever playing in a grass tournament. We won, I got to see Coach, and I learned that diving on grass hurts way more than diving on sand. Volleyball is just awesome and everyone brings their dogs to tournaments, which makes it even more awesome.


As much as I love summer, I can’t wait to be back in the gym with my boys working hard for all our goals. I miss you and love you all!! Until then (33 days but who’s counting), I’ll be playing and living it up:) Find me at Sharkey’s if anyone reading this ever wants to play pickup and please bring your dog!

2018-06-29 12_53_19.403.jpg

PS. Enjoy these sunglasses I made for my dog.IMG_8065.jpg.   IMG_8023.jpg




What is my Why? By FY Alex Frank

Close your eyes and imagine this: not so little 7th grade me trying to match bright blue cheetah spandex with my red tye-dye socks and a red jersey… oh and did I mention the extreme side ponytail? I’ve always been a kid that wants to make a statement, but as the years have passed I’ve focused my statement on being just like all the underdog sports movies… I want to make history (not just the first to be able to rock that outfit)IMG_6297.pngMy high school was never a top dog in our league, but my junior year we made it to the sectional championship, losing by a couple points in the fifth set. The disappointment of watching the other team run and hold up the banner we wanted so badly motivated my team to work even harder for next year. It was my senior year, my last year to make a statement, and we beat our rivals in 3 sets to clench our schools first sectional title in 41 years. That feeling when you realize you achieved something extraordinary is so moving, and all any of us could do was IMG_5657.jpghug each other and cry. I bet you have a movie scene playing in your head where a team does the impossible then runs and celebrates together, man what a feeling. I will always share that moment with my girls.

Trying to make a statement didn’t end there. In my sophomore year, my club team was one of the first out of our organization to make it to Nationals. Since then, my club has sent numerous teams and we’ve all embraced and represented our neon orange jerseys to put Syracuse volleyball on the map. Being remembered didn’t always have to be about the world remembering us though. In my senior year, our club team was so incredibly close we rose above anything and played together, beating teams no one thought we could. We had the chance to go to Nationals again, but more than that, my coach (shoutout RJ) said he would always remember us because we made him so proud. That feeling was better than Nationals; it made my “why” more than wanting to be remembered by our accomplishments… I also wanted everyone to remember how special our team was.


My dad inspired this ‘want’ in me. Everyday in high school, I would walk through the doors and see his face in the hall of fame, but the most important thing I saw was that he was with his team. Achieving amazing accomplishments means nothing to me without having a team to accomplish them with me. That last point. That last kill. The only thing any of us wanted to do was dogpile and cry of happiness after the sectional game and after club ended, we couldn’t stop hugging each other and making plans to hangout.

I never thought I could find a team closer until I came to Geneseo. These girls are my best friends, my inspiration, and my family.  I couldn’t imagine my college experience or playing with anyone else. We depend on and play for each other, and in the end, I know it will allow us to achieve our goals.

VBALL        IMG_4858.jpg

I play for that, I play for the people who believe in us, and I play with the most incredible team that’s going to be remembered.



Hey friends:) I’m Alex Frank from Syracuse, NY and I will be a freshman this year!! I am so excited to be playing volleyball and basically living with you guys in less than a month. This summer has flew by and I’ve even started a count down on my wall..  33 days until we’re on the court winning the SUNYACS!!

I haven’t been up to a lot this summer but it’s still been relaxing and fun. A majority of my time is spent at Sharkey’s, which is a beach volleyball sports restaurant. I play coed doubles with my boyfriend on Monday, women’s advanced doubles with Bridget Lougen (another Incoming freshman) on Wednesday, and advanced 4s on Friday. Some day I hope to get started in AVP tournaments with Bridget but the last one is actually today (I’m writing this in the car as I go). Beach volleyball has always been a huge part of my life and I’ve met a lot of pros while playing here (the owner used to be an Olympic player in Italy!).  If I’m not playing at Sharkeys’s, my boyfriend has his own beach court where all our friends come and play pickup or mini tournaments.

Advanced 4s champs! (In a thunderstorm) 

On the less fun side, I have been working two jobs this whole summer. I’ve worked at Marshalls since January so if you ever need a guide around the crazy store I can help:) My other job is refereeing at Sharkeys on Tuesday and Thursday nights (so yes, I am there 5 nights a week).

Bridget’s grad party 🎉 

B19C078D-9015-45F4-BD9A-697166396DB5In my free time, I love hanging out with my bestfriends and traveling. All my traveling has mostly happened in the winter (I went to Europe and California) but this summer I got to visit UNC because one of my cloesest friends is going there. My favorite thing to do is hiking or explore new places so my friends and I hiked Chittenango Falls for a day, and will hopefully go to Salmon River Falls next week.

I’ve seen pictures from you guys of Letchworth State Park so I really hope we can go as a team there!! If hiking didn’t give it away, I love the outdoors and have spent a lot of time fishing and being around animals.


Also, my friends and I went to Zac Brown Band and Chance the Rapper. I can listen to any music you guys want but I love country music and old hip hop.

Chance The Rapper

I’m so excited for college and to be with all you guys. Besides my bio major, SUNY Geneseo is going to be the best four years of my life with the best team ever. I hope you guys have a great summer love you all:) 💖💖