A Thank You to the Sisters Who Made a Difference-By FY Grace Thomas

Hello there freshman setter Grace here. Happy to be writing this letter for you all to see the true appreciation that I have for a certain three sisters. Sisters who not only were all my coaches, but who have become kind of a family to me. Sisters that made a difference and people who I will always be thankful to have met. 

First starting with the youngest of the three sisters, Becca. She is the smile and reassurance that I always looked to on the bench. The person that always seemed to lift my spirits and calm my nerves during an intense match. She was my play caller, my mind when I was frazzled and the rock that held me steady, even when I thought I couldn’t be. She always knew what to say in order to get me right back on the court and perform to my full potential. She is a true inspiration and someone I hope that everyone is able to find in their life. A light that shines in the darkest of times. She many times has given me the strength and heart to perform in a match and I am forever grateful for that. You truly are a diamond in the rough, one that I will always cherish and remember. For that I say thank you.

Now for the middle sister, Breanna. The JV coach who pushed me to the best of my abilities and prepared me for competition at the varsity level. She is a very down to earth person and has a deep love for the game. When it comes to game time she is right there with you through the ups and downs and feeling all the emotions. She has a desire to make each and every player on her team better than where they started. She is a coach that is tough on you at times, but only because she cares and knows that you have what it takes to succeed. I just wanted to take this time to just say thank you. Thank you for never giving up on me and pushing me to be the absolute best I could be. You have truly made a great influence on me and have impacted me more than you know. 

Finally the oldest sister, Brittney. The one that I would take to the front line with me every second of every day. The one who has truly shaped me into the player and person that I am today. Brittney is a dream coach, one that pushes you where you physically can’t do anymore and also the one that when she laughs makes the rest of the team laugh with her. Every practice she made you a better player, even if you didn’t know it yet. She pushes each and everyone of her players and doesn’t stop until they have become the volleyball player that she sees in them. She is the person that feels every victory and defeat with her athletes, nothing feels better than after winning a championship, and looking over at her seeing her jumping up and down, just like the rest of her team. Britt you are an amazing coach and person, and I want to give you the biggest thank you for everything that you have done for me. I don’t know where I would be today in my career if I didn’t have you right beside me. 

One final thank you to all of these sisters who have made me realize that playing volleyball is more than volleyball but about family. I appreciate you all teaching me how to love the game of volleyball like a Horton does. 



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