A letter(s) to someone who inspires me. A blog by FY Jackie Borland

Hi all! First year Jackie Borland here. I don’t want to go too far off course especially because this is my first blog post EVER, but I decided that instead of writing just one letter to someone who inspires me, I decided to write 6 smaller letters, each one to a different person who almost perfectly models one of our team values of excellence.


( Respecting all aspects of the game by staying humble and having integrity)

Dear Steph,

While I have only known you for a year or two, you have always approached things with a humble attitude. In fact, I didn’t even know that you played for a national Canadian volleyball team until a year of us knowing of each other! You have accomplished so many awesome things in your life, but I admire how you never highlight your successes because you respect other people and are considerate of their circumstances. You also stick to what you believe in and stand up for others who can’t which shows strong integrity. Thank you for not only modeling how a volleyball player should treat their teammates and opponents, but also how a person should treat others.


( Being passionate about the opportunity to be a part of the Geneseo Volleyball program)

Dear Papa,

If there is one thing that I have learned from growing up as your granddaughter, it is to be proud of the things and organizations that you are involved in. No matter what the activity or group is, you have always given all of your effort and never miss out on the opportunity to tell someone how passionate you are in whatever you are doing. Thank you Papa for modeling that it is great to be proud and passionate about  things that you really care about.


( To be relentless in the pursuit of our goals)

Dear Candice,

As long as I could remember you had your goals set on working at Disney. With the many challenges you faced a lot of people thought that goal would be out of reach. But you focused on your dream and though you had many setbacks along the way, you never wavered. Thank you for modeling what it looks like to never give up and never give in to those who say it’s impossible.  


( No matter your role, always serve the team’s interests before individual interests)

Dear Melva,

You are the epitome of someone who has a servant’s heart. Not only do you put others’ needs ahead of your own, but you do it without seeking or expecting rewards, recognition or even gratitude. You are a grandma to four of my favorite kids, have been a nurse for more than half of your life, you foster and adopt dozens of animals, and lovingly volunteer to assist children with disabilities. And of course you know all of this, but it never ceases to astound me that none of the things you do are out of selfish nature, but instead the opposite; they are done out of pure love. 


( The responsibility to hold self and teammates to our values of excellence at all times)

Dear Harry,

Because you set such high standards of character for yourself, you bring out the best in those around you. Rather than judging others, you humbly model faith and excellence. As a result, those  around you automatically want to be better people. You believe in us so much, that we don’t want to let you down by being less than we can be. 


( Enjoying every moment and embracing every experience)

Dear Len,

You are 93 years young and loving every minute of your life. You are never seen without a positive attitude and a smile on your face no matter the situation. You enjoy the moment that you are in and it shows by the joy you have while doing so. You are excited to talk with others and check in on the people you love, always willing to listen and offer encouragement. Len, thank you for modeling what it looks like to be happy and grateful for the things and people you have in life.

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