Crazy 8

Hello fellow Geneseo Volleyball fans, my name is Gabby Ayzenberg a junior, libero/DS and I am back with another blog. I hope in these crazy times everyone is staying safe and healthy. So for this week I want to write a thank you letter to the 7 amazing people I started off with in this program and started this whole crazy thing called college with. Mary, Erina, Kiersten, Alex, Bridget, Allison, and Moose this one’s for you guys.


Mary, thank you for bringing your love and support to me throughout the past 3 years. We once were strangers who decided to live together freshman year and it turned into one of the best friendships in my life. Thank you for showing me it is okay to feel emotions and be who I am on and off the court, even if others do not appreciate it. Thank you for ALWAYS being just a little bit weirder than me and constantly telling us the weird things that happen in your life (sometimes they really aren’t that weird). 

Erina, thank you for always laughing at anything I do even though half the time I don’t even think it’s funny. Thank you for being the reasonable one in the friendship and reminding me things aren’t as big of a deal sometimes. Your laugh literally can make anyone else in the room laugh even when they don’t know what it’s about. If you guys ever need to know the name of a song or movie or tv show hit her up. Thank you for always being down for a nice episode of New Girl at any random time of the day. 

Kiersten, thank you for being the most responsible person in the friend group and reminding us all to sit down and study. Thank you for your competitive energy on the court and willingness to show others how hard you work each and everyday. That competitive energy also comes into march madness and everyone needs to be quietwhile Duke is playing. Thank you for always helping me with any school problems I had and taking the time to help when I had no idea what was going on. 

Alex, thank you for always being just as competitive as me and pushing me every day in practice to be better. Your fire and love for the game motivate so many others around you. Thank you for being wild and being the randomly artistic one and always writing things or drawing things for me when I can’t make it look nice. Thank you for understanding me and respecting me as a player and growing our friendship. 

Bridget, thank you for being someone I can always go to with any issue and get some sense talked into me. Thank you for always laughing and having a good time together even when we may not be doing anything. Thanks for the constant breakfast runs sophomore year and being my bus buddy for the first two years. Thank you for being an absolute baller on the court and owning it cause you should. Thank you for teaching me that some alone time is really healthy and good for you.  

Allison, thank you for being absolutely wild and not changing for anyone.You know exactly what you want and go right after it. Thank you for showing all of us that we shouldn’t care what others think of us and we should always do our own thing. Thank you for the random small talk conversations that turn into hour conversations in the hallways.

Moose, thank you for your constant support and honesty with all of us. You know that if someone needs to be told something it’s for the better. Thank you for your beautiful closet and directions on how to pose properly or smile properly. Thank you for always being down to go grab some pizza at any point of the day.


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