A Thank You Letter- by JR Alex Frank

Hey guys, me here. Being constantly reminded that my senior season is approaching has caused me to be an emotional wreck. I can still remember the first time I picked up a volleyball in 7th grade. So sitting here, reminiscing on my entire athletic career, I knew I couldn’t thank just one person. Playing the sport I love so much created endless opportunities for me to meet the most important people in my life (besides my family… You got stuck with me), so it’s only fair this letter is dedicated to that: Thank you volleyball for giving me the people that mean everything to me. 

Thank you to my U18 Club Syrv Team:

I misE3FC4816-001F-488F-A550-8D19AEABDD16.jpgs you every day. In my six years of club volleyball, I have never had a team this close knit. Twelve girls and eleven different school districts; simple name recognition bloomed into the closest friendships. I miss making Trillers, spending all our money on food, having photoshoots with the new portrait mode on our iPhones, and alarming Rj with how weird we were. We didn’t have to be the best on the court, we rallied behind each other which led us on to tackle the best teams. None of us ever wanted our final season to end, and we did everything we could to stop it. To this day- 3 years later- we still randomly catch up in our group chat named after our favorite coach.


To Rj, thank you for putting up with us and still being my close friend. Thank you for standing up for me and respecting my love for the game, and thank you for letting me hang out with your daughter whom I will someday train to go D1. To my girls: club volleyball meant everything to me, so thank you for being the best team and giving me the best goodbye I could ask for .       

Thank you Beach Volleyball: 


Beach volleyball, you are my one true love and I never knew how much you would change my life. I owe my first day ever to my high school teammate who asked me to sub for her high school 4s team. I had never even heard of Sharkey’s, but after my mom dropped me off, one step in the sand and I never looked back. We had a little high school 4s squad that played every Thursday and Friday. I was meeting girls from all over who became some of my greatest friends. I met my now closest friends by constantly being crushed by them… If you can’t beat em, join em:) Josh had a beach court in his backyard, so when we weren’t at Sharkey’s, we were there. Fun 4s turned competitive, and eventually fell into full on doubles tournaments as we got older. We just never stopped playing together, and our Sharkey’s family formed easily. I have no idea how Melissa and I came to be but I am so thankful. She has never stopped pushing us to achieve greatness. Every random tournament she has thrown us into has turned out to be the coolest experience (everyone go look up Pottstown Rumble right now). Her dedication to making us better is the reason I met all the girls we now play pickup with. So thank you beach volleyball (and Sharkey’s) for giving me my happiest times and the people I love with all my heart. IMG_5412.jpg

Thank you GSUVB: 

I wouldn’t want to finish my last chapter of indoor with anyone else. Thank you so so so mIMG_0115.jpguch, volleyball, for giving me my lifetime best friends and the best four years of my life. We have survived the best years of our life together, we have grown together, and we have gotten weirder together. I will forever cherish all the memories, the jokes, and the memes we have shared together. I didn’t get the sense of home at a colleIMG_0853.jpgge until I met you guys. I committed to this school because I wanted to be part of your family. I couldn’t imagine spending every waking moment with anyone else… No, like seriously every waking moment. Thank you for bus rides, Bachelor Mondays, Thursday Greys, Starbucks, and our old study sessions at the lib (RIP Milne). Thank you for having great music taste, showing me Long Island for the first time, and encouraging me to always be myself. I couldn’t imagine college any other way. Picking up that ball in 7th grade led me to you guys and I couldn’t be more thankful.


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