My Why: A Blog by FY Emily Haber

I have always known that volleyball has been more than just a sport to me. I have never been able to share the reasons behind why I play, and why I chose Geneseo. Besides my love for the game, I play for those in my life that can not. Being blessed with a healthy and able body, means so much to me. In 2013, my aunt was diagnosed with ALS. Watching her muscles and body deteriorate overtime drove me to work hard and cherish my health. I wanted to do the things she couldn’t; it made me realize that tomorrow is never promised. Coming to SUNY Geneseo was the best decision I’ve ever made. It gave me the platform to continue to play the game I love, while getting a great education. Entering college as a freshman was naturally intimidating. You always second guess if you made the right choice. However, my teammates instantly welcomed me with open arms, and adopted me into their family. I love this school and program, and I could not see myself anywhere else.