Senior Letter Series: Kat Vernon

Hello everyone!

No offense to coach/the team/our fans, but I have been dreading writing this letter for quite some time now. In fact, when coach texted me and my fellow seniors about this, I completely ignored it and erased it from my brain until Sam rudely brought it up again a few weeks later. I have so many emotions towards the fact that this is my senior year. I have decided to take one for the team and not get too sappy. I’d rather just laugh this one out because I’m saving the real tears for May 16th, 2020. This blog post will be filled with some weird stuff and humor that most likely I only think is funny. Brace! Your! Selves! You’ve! Been! Warned!

But let’s get a really quick, cheesy, heart-felt blurb out of the way first. Being on this team has seriously changed my life. I know that sounds so dramatic, but let me tell you, it is so true. My experience at Geneseo would be drastically different had I not chosen to play volleyball. So it’s definitely safe to say that I am beyond happy I have chosen to stick with this sport for the past 3 years.

Instead of telling you how and why it has changed my life, I’d rather just share some fun memories I have of my times with my teammates.

Let’s start with freshman year. Freshman year was WACK in the best way possible. Within the first week of preseason as a young “boy”, I had been given the nickname “Kat Daddy” by Courtney Cleary, learned how to make Seagull noises thanks to Kaci Snyder, and had the opportunity to sit on the senior’s couch in their apartment as Tricia Baxley made me mac and cheese and fed me popsicles because I was #scared about #college.

Throughout the year, I started really bonding with my other fellow “froshies” Grace Cergol, Abby May, Abbey Scheffler, Shea Casey, and Sam Mendelsohn. Whether we were sitting in MJ dining hall talking about anything and everything for hours after practice or we were gathered up in Sam’s tiny dorm room in Daga 4 North, we always had the best times.

Other noteworthy memories I have of freshman year are: the terrifying haunted hayride with the team (the worst day of Sam and Tricia’s life), going to Moe’s with the team (@courtney), getting rowdy with the team at Women’s Basketball games, filming a music video during study tables at the library – sorry coach (, playing broomball with Grace (weird times), and many many many more.

IMG_0012.JPGhaunted hayride.jpg

Next, we will move on to Sophomore year. Sophomore year was even more WACK. It was the first year Grace, Sam, Shea, and I lived together (and Abby lived one door down), so you already know we got little to no sleep and had to separate ourselves in order to get homework done. We were much more comfortable with the Geneseo scene by this year, we had made some friends, and we were ready to conquer a new season of volleyball. We welcomed in eight new froshies which was very exciting!

The most notable memories of sophomore year are as follows: team-bonding at STOKOE FARMS, petting a cow and winning a Go-Pro, the Plattsburgh hotel (Shea popped off), establishing a one of kind Cheeto-loving group that will forever be near and dear to our hearts (it ain’t easy bein’ cheesy), writing and recording a one-hit-wonder – the GSUVB Freaky Friday Remix (, experiencing a flood in the Ontario 3rd floor study room with Sam and Grace, and hiking at Letchworth with some teammates.


Now, onto Junior year! Big men on campus, moving into our own apartment, loving life, feeling COOL. At this point, everyone in our class and I had faced adversities, gone through some great times and some not so great times, and we had matured so much. My teammates were becoming family to me. Volleyball wise, we were looking and feeling GREAT. So great, in fact, we were able to go undefeated in conference play for the first time in Geneseo Volleyball history. We also made history when we were able to HOST SUNYACS in our own beautiful gym. While we didn’t win the championship, we learned a lot, and it has prepared us to come back even stronger this year.

Despite our sad loss, we had MANY wonderful memories and times as teammates on and off the court such as: our campus-wide scavenger hunt, the ninja turtle sunglasses that made it all the way to the Geneseo Knights Instagram, the notorious ice bucket challenge, practice on Halloween, the team spelling bee (@kiersten still mad at you for giving me the word BOURGEOISIE), Grace, Sam, Abby, and I’s wonderful spring break trip to Florida, learned how to use a Neti-Pot (don’t text), found out that Allison’s dog loves spaghetti (see photo below), learned how to “juju” on “that beat”, and filmed a music video with Randy Jackson in Walmart (



And here we are at Senior year. So far, this year has been filled with countless laugh attacks, some SICK volleyball, and lots of French accents. This will be one of the best years of my life, but also the saddest. I can’t imagine living life where my teammates don’t live with me or aren’t at least one door down. It’s going to be the hardest adjustment knowing that I won’t be coming back to live with my best friends in the most amazing place for another year, but I’m sure we’ll be okay. I see many trips to Long Island, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo (and everywhere in between) in our near futures!

Anyways, to wrap everything up, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my four years of college. I want to thank my teammates for always being there for me, my coaches for giving us endless support, and my parents and family for always being my biggest fans.

Can’t wait to hang up that freaking banner soon, my dudes.

To end this with the biggest cliché of all times in the cheesiest way possible: this isn’t a goodbye, Geneseo…it’s just a see you later 🤯🤞🏼


Kat Vernon


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