Senior Letter Series: Abby May

To all the people who have been a part of my journey as a member of the Geneseo Volleyball Program—I truly cannot thank you enough.

From my first encounter with the team on my recruiting visit, I knew this was the place for me. I had been on other visits prior to Geneseo, and nothing else drew me in quite like this. The team dynamic, the culture, the competitive environment… it all just seemed to fit. This is my one true experience with the old saying, “trust your gut.” It most definitely led me to the right place. I know I have gotten the absolute most out of my collegiate experience because of the wonderful people that are currently apart of and have been apart of this program. I know with all my heart that this experience has played a huge part in molding me into who I am today, and I am incredibly grateful for that.

So, to start off, I’d like to thank the senior class of 2017 that was here when I was a little freshman. To Dani, Trish, Courtney, and Emma… thank you for welcoming me in with open arms and for teaching me so many valuable things about life, volleyball, school, and leadership. Being a senior now and looking back, I couldn’t imagine what my experience would have been like without such great people leading the way. I will never forget the extremely odd, yet hilarious, encounters between Trish and Court whenever they were together. Somehow you guys would make it through whatever act you were doing without laughing while everybody else was pissing themselves, and it is still a wonder to me how you could. I can say, however, that Katherine Vernon is doing a great job carrying your weirdness along. I don’t think I go a single day without her speaking in some weird voice or accent, or doing some weird dance moves. I’d also like to thank our foreign exchange student that was here for a semester to play with us. Luca, you are such a ball of both fire and sunshine. I am so happy you spent a semester abroad with us. You taught me a lot about life outside of my little upstate New York bubble, and even more about how to be entirely myself. You are such a special person and always stayed true to who you are. I thank you for your boldness and constant drive to compete.

And now for the class of 2018… Madison, Kaci, Sarah, and Emily. Thank you all for being such awesome overnight hosts and making me feel at home. You all showed me just how quickly such great and genuine friendships can form at college and especially with teammates. Madison, you did freak me out a bit with your weirdness, and I wondered for a long time if that was how you always were. I could always count on you to make me laugh in a heartbeat. Emily, thank you for your incredible leadership and contribution to our team. Your positivity is infectious, and your selflessness is unmatched. I truly cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve given to us, and for getting us where we are today. You stuck with us through all the major changes and craziness, and kept your composure at times when we all needed someone to look up to. GSUVB would not be who we are today without you, buddy.

To the class of 2021… Gabby, Moose, Alex, Kiersten, Erina, Mary, Bridget, and Allison. You guys brought so much talent and fire to this team. Gabby, I love your competitiveness and drive to make yourself and the others around you better. Moose, you are such a sweetheart and an amazing supporter. Thank you for being a true friend. Alex, your love and passion for the game is infectious. When times get a bit tough, your presence reminds us of how fortunate we are to have this opportunity. You are such a genuine person and friend, and I thank you for that. Kierst, your ~coolness~ is unmatched. You keep your composure in absolutely any situation and it is so helpful to our team. You lead by example in all aspects of being a student-athlete. Erina, my reen bean, thank you for always making me smile. You have such a positive effect on us all, and your unwavering support does not go unnoticed. Mar bear, you are such an incredible human, and a weird one at that. Once again, you always make me laugh. I never know what weird things are going to come out of your mouth, or pregame dance moves you’re going to pull out. You are such a strong, motivated, and passionate person, and I am so lucky to have a teammate and friend like you. Bridget, your ability to hit the ball so freaking hard still amazes me. You have played a huge part in getting us where we are now, and I thank you for that and also for your incredible support. And last but not least, Allisoñes. You are such a fierce competitor and it rubs off on everyone around you. You are such a unique person, and I look up to you for always staying true to yourself. Thank you for your passion for the game and drive to compete.

And now for the class of 2022… MK, Morgan, Emily Bablin, and Maddie. You four are such amazing additions to the GSUVB program. MK, your ability to pancake the ball amazes me. I still don’t understand how you dive so gracefully. My dive looks and sounds like I break every bone in my body, lol. Your happy and fun spirit is contagious to those around you, and I am so grateful for your presence. Morgan, you are such a ball of sunshine and you bring so much positive energy to this team. Thank you for your willingness to make yourself and those around you better. Babs, you are such an incredible person and addition to this team. I am so happy you joined us last spring. Thank you for being such an energy-giver and driven athlete. And lastly, Miss Maddie. You are such a hard worker and an incredible person. I look up to you for your desire for feedback and drive to improve. You are such a selfless and kind person, Mads. Thank you for being you.

And now for my current froshies… Jackie, Imbo, Grace Thomas, and Emily Haber. You all bring something very special to this team, and I want you all to know how thankful I am to be able to play my last year with you all by my side. Jackie B, your positivity and energy is contagious and so crucial to our success. You are so eager to improve and to receive feedback. Thank you for making us all want to be better every day. Imbo my nimbo, you have come such a long way in just a month. You have started to come out of your shell, and your talent and energy has exploded. Thank you for being such a kind and selfless person. G.Tom, you are so talented and driven. Your work ethic in and out of the gym is admirable. I know you will continue to do amazing things during your time here at Geneseo. And finally, Haber! Your competitive spirit and defensive skills are absolutely amazing. There is absolutely no ball you let hit the floor, and I look up to you for that.

And lastly, for the class of 2020— to the girls who have been with me through it all. Grace Cergol, Sam, Kat, Shea, Scheff, and Kendyll. Thank you for being there for me through all the ups and downs of volleyball, school, and life in general. You all have played a part throughout this journey in shaping me into who I am today. I know you all can agree that I am a very different person than I was three years ago. I’ve learned a lot of lessons, good and bad, and you’ve stuck with me through it all. I am now a better person because of that, so I thank you all for that. Grace, your talent and drive to compete is unmatched. You are such an amazing player and teammate, and have played a huge part in our program’s success. Samanther, you are the definition of relentless. I still don’t understand how you dig all the balls you do. You are somehow always in the perfect place at the perfect time and you make it look so easy. But we all know your job is anything but easy. Thank you for pushing us to be better, and not settling for just “good,” but pushing us to be “great.” Kat, thank you for your constant and incredible energy. No matter what is going on in your life, you push it aside to help the team succeed. Shea, thank you for being such an awesome supporter and energy giver. You have such a great presence on and off the court, and you have an incredible ability to make me laugh. Scheff, thank you for your undeniable support and kindness. You work so hard to reach your goals, and I admire you for that. And lastly, Kendyll. Thank you for the time you’ve put in in being a part of this program. You give so much positive energy and are such a great friend and supporter. Thank you 🙂

Finally, I’d like to thank all of the families and friends that have been with us along the way. You all are our biggest fans and supporters. Thank you for everything you do. From driving hours to watch us play, to bringing us food between matches, to your unrelenting love and support. Thank you for treating me like your own. I know we don’t thank you enough, but we truly wouldn’t be who we are or where we are without you.

Thank you, GSUVB, for giving me the best four years of my life, and for blessing me with such beautiful people along the way. I will never forget you.


With love,

Abby May

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