Meet Our First-Years: FY OH/OPP Isabella Imbo


Name:      Isabella Kate Imbo  

Nickname(s): Imbo       Birthday: 8/24

Intended Major(s):  Biology

Family members (parents + include ages with siblings): 

Thomas and Donna Imbo

Bailey Imbo, 24

Julia Imbo, 18

Family members who competed in college or professional athletics (where and when): Bailey competed in track & field at SUNY Cortland, then transferred to SUNY Geneseo his junior year and graduated from here in 2017. Julia currently attends UAlbany and competes on the women’s lacrosse team.

Hobbies/Interests:  I like to cook and spend time with my friends.

Would you like to get involved in any organizations/clubs on campus? If so, what interests you? Any type of sustainability club and/or leadership organization interests me. 

Why did you choose Geneseo? It suits my major and it’s a very beautiful campus and active student life. _____________________________________________________________________


Color:  yellow

Movie: Back to the Future 

TV show: Breaking Bad

Food:  eggplant parmesan 

Musician/artist/band: Tame Impala and Brockhampton

Vacation spot: Montauk

Quote: “start strong, finish stronger”

My idea of happiness is: Being surrounded by people who love me and who I love back.

What motivates/inspires you: My dad. & knowing that others do not have the same opportunities that I do. 

What was the greatest compliment you’ve ever received? My friend once told me I could be a foot model

One thing I have to do before I turn 25: Drive cross country and visit lots of national parks.

Post-college/career plans: Medical school

Biggest pet peeve: Picky eaters and wastefulness 

If you were stuck on a deserted island, name 3 things/people you’d have to have with you to survive: My dad, matches for a fire, and something to play music on 

Three things you think your closest friends would say when asked about you as a person: “Loyal, gives good advice, understanding, determined, and easy going”

What is your greatest achievement in your life thus far? Wining county championship for the first time in my schools history. 
If you could be ANYONE other than yourself for a day, who would it be and why? Elon Musk because he’s an extremely intelligent and rich man who looks like he meets a lot of interesting people everyday.

What are you most looking forward to in your time at Geneseo? Hanging the banner with the Geneseo volleyball team!

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