Meet Our First-Years: S Grace Thomas


Name: Grace Marie Thomas 

Nickname(s): GTom, GT 

Birthday: December 13 

Intended Major(s): Biology 

Family members (parents + include ages with siblings): Darlene and Todd Thomas, Courtney 27 and Zachary 23. 

Family members who competed in college or professional athletics (where and when): My sister Courtney played at Broome Community College 2010 & 2011. 

Hobbies/Interests: Riding horses, playing basketball, spending time with my family, playing board games, watching movies, performing in musicals, and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. 

Why did you choose Geneseo? I chose Geneseo because it reminds me of my home town and it makes me feel like it’s a home away from home. Also everyone here is very nice and compassionate towards others which makes me feel more comfortable to be living here. One more thing is the volleyball team, they feel like a second family to me and support me in everything I do and help me when I may be struggling. So over all Geneseo is a great place to be. 

Favorites….Color: Pink or aqua blue 

Movie: Disney Movies 

TV show: Full House 

Food: Chicken Pot Pie 

Musician/artist/band: George Strait 

Vacation spot: Intercourse, PA 

Quote: Everything happens for a reason 


My idea of happiness is: With my family, when I am stress free and worry free, enjoying a nice relaxing day. 

What motivates/inspires you: My family motivates and inspires me, whatever I do, I do it for them. 

What was the greatest compliment you’ve ever received? When one of my high school teachers said “That one day when I have a daughter I hope she is just like you.” 

One thing I have to do before I turn 25: Travel somewhere other than the east coast. 

Post-college/career plans: To become a veterinarian or a job that works and benefits animals in some way. 

Biggest pet peeve: When people don’t say thank you. 

If you were stuck on a deserted island, name 3 things/people you’d have to have with you to survive: My family, my pets, and a ball of some sort to entertain myself. 

Three things you think your closest friends would say when asked about you as a person: She is very kind and compassionate, she is respectful and responsible, and she is a perfectionist. 

What is your greatest achievement in your life thus far? When my high school volleyball team won the NYS Championship. 

If you could be ANYONE other than yourself for a day, who would it be and why? It would be my dog because I have always wanted to live a day as my dog. All she does is sleep, eat, and get pet all the time. So it would be nice to have a relaxing day where I didn’t have to do anything. 

What are you most looking forward to in your time at Geneseo? Making lifelong friends, and enjoying the whole college experience.

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