Summer’s Been Great…But Now it’s Time to Play Volleyball!

Hey Guys! MK here, sophomore Libero/DS on the Geneseo Volleyball team. My summer on good old Long Island has been pretty basic.

I waitress in a little diner by my house, shoutout Setauket Village unnamed(5)Diner, and lucky for me my shifts at are usually in the evening so there’s plenty of time during the day to hit the beach. At the beach my friends and I always bring the essentials: towels, sunscreen, spikeball, and skimboards. We always find a way to play spikeball, even if we go to the beach with less than four people, by making friends and of course we also make sure to always win. We also always make sure to skimboard. Ever since we saw a little boy doing cool skimboarding tricks on the beach, it has been a goal of ours to be able to do the same before the summer ends. As you can tell, it doesn’t take much to keep us entertained and we hate to sit still. 

The highlight of my summer was definitely spending a week out in Montauk. My grandma owns a house out there and every summer without a doubt, my family stays there for a week . It’s always the best week of the whole summer. All of our friends come out and the house is always so crowded. Imagine a family with four kids and each of us invites at least 3 friends plus their family’s. People end up sleeping in the kitchen the house is so full. Despite the lack of space, everyone has the best time spending the day at the beach,  coming back to the house playing card games and eating dinner and then heading back to the beach for a campfire at night. It was such a chill, laidback week and I look forward to it every summer.

I also got to see my suitemates from school this summer which was so much fun. Most of them live upstate, so they visited Long Island and we went to the beach, the city and just hung out. We walked the highline and went to the museum of illusions.  It was so nice to see them. I’m so excited to get to live with them this year so we can hang out every single day. 



Not only did I see my suitemates, but I also saw some of my teammates at the Geneseo elite volleyball camp. It was so nice to go up to school and see my friends and Coach and spend some time in the gym this summer. Shrader gym never fails to give me good vibes and put a smile on my face. Going up to school to work the volleyball camp only made me ten times more excited for preseason to begin. 

To finish my summer up I am working a volleyball camp with Gabby, my fellow teammate, and then it’s back to the magical place I get to call home for the school year, Geneseo. 

With all these fun activities going on, I have also been making time to get to the gym and work out so I can be prepared for season. I have also been playing in beach tournaments as much as possible because I can’t stay away from volleyball for a whole summer. 

This summer has been great, but I cannot wait to be back in the gym with my best friends playing the game that I love.

Let’s make this season one to remember boys!

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