Junior year is THE year

Hi, I’m junior middle hitter Allison Wick. This summer I was a young adult who woke up at 7:30 every morning to put on her business causal and went off to work 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday. I work for Northwest bank, so I would show up at 8:30 grab my cup of coffee and get to work helping customers with fraud and their finances. However, my internship this summer has allowed me to learn more about financial crime and anti-money laundering which I have found an interest in. So I decided to switch my major over the summer in order to pursue a career in the financial crime field. My internship with Northwest has allowed me to learn a lot and I hope I can continue an internship with them next summer.

When I’m not at work I mostly spend my time hanging out with friends or laying out in the sun. Which brings me to my biggest accomplishment of the summer, that I am in fact tan and I also have yet to get a sunburn this summer which is very rare (if anyone can recall my previous summer blog and my journey to Long Island). I also have worked at volleyball camps this summer. This last weekend I went out to Geneseo to work the elite prospect camp. I got to meet some of the incoming freshmen and play with some other potential future GSUVB volleyball players. Overall this weekend made me so excited to get back to genny and get into the gym with my teammates! only two and a half more weeks to go !!!

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