Summer of 19’

Helloo fellow bloggers and happy summer. Guess I’ll start off with the usual my name is Gabby, I am going to be a junior and I am a Libero/DS for the Geneseo volleyball team. I am super excited for the upcoming season and what this team has to offer. But before we get to another season I have had a pretty solid summer to tell you guys about. 

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Summer 2019 has been a very chill summer after it started off with a long trip to Israel. I went to Israel for 10 days with the organization birthright. I went by myself with 41 other strangers and was definitely nervous going into it. We did so many amazing things in those 10 days. Some of my favorites being hiking Masada at 4am. As well as taking a tour through the old city of Jerusalem because I just felt like I went through a time traveling machine with all the history there is to see. Another one of my favorite parts was hiking through this beautiful national park and we took a really hard long way up the mountain (it was a great workout coach). But most of all, the trip was full of making new friends and memories. I met some amazing people and learned so many new things about an amazing country. 

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Once I got home from my trip I was extremely jet lagged and slept a lot. I had to get over that quickly because Erina and Mary came down for the weekend to go to the Belmont stakes for our friend Livs birthday. The weekend was fun and it was good to get a little bit of Geneseo on Long Island. I had a few weeks before work started to do some fun things and just hang out at the beach. I took some trips to the other side of Long Island to visit my boyfriend (Tim) in the Hamptons. We do a lot of adventuring out there finding different beaches and cute little places to eat. If anyone asks I beat him really badly in mini golf so yes I am the athletic one. We also are going to a Mets game soon which will be a good time and hopefully they win. We also seem to spend our time together jumping into the ocean because it has been so insanely hot every weekend. Another big thing we have been experimenting with is cooking ourselves dinner cause gotta prepare for real life in Geneseo. So far so good no casualties of food and we have not broken anything yet. This summer I also have been going to a few concerts one being JLo with my mom which was so much fun. Basically from that concert learned that JLo is amazing and I want to be her when I’m older. This upcoming Friday I am going to another concert with my best friend Gab in Jones Beach which is also going to be amazing. We are going to see one of our favorite bands The Dirty Heads (check them out such chill vibes~). 


The end of my summer has been filled with working at a sports day camp which is actually pretty fun some days. The other day we did a color run and we have this huge new slip and slide that I of course go on all the time. That is pretty much my whole summer and ya know obviously working out hitting the weights. When I’m not busy I have had the chance to play some beach volleyball too which is always a good time. See everyone so soon!

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