Summer 2019- Kiersten Colvin

Hello GSUVB fam!! This is junior year Kiersten reporting from the 516. My time away from the fantasyland of Geneseo has been going well. It seems as though I am a full fledged adult-mother-of-two because most of my summer days have been spent 9-5 Monday through Friday at Altice USA. If you do not know what Altice is, you will soon because there are some absolutely brilliant people working here. Altice offers high-speed broadband (cable), digital advertising solutions, local news, and NOW (as of last week) a mobile service. Subtle flex I was sitting second row for the mobile announcement. 

I am an intern for the IT Platforms, Governance, and Metrics team. This team is in charge of the computer platforms that moderate the execution/planning of projects throughout the company. Personally, I work on Data Quality and Community of Practice. Data Quality involves making sure all information is correct in a platform my team manages. Community of Practice involves making surveys for Altice employees regarding a platform and then deciphering feedback. On top of my work, I am learning Python (a programming language) from my coworker whom I believe is one of the smartest people in the world. He insinuates Python is the future of life, as we know it. I trust him on that. 

Another cool thing about my internship is that I’m not the only one! Although I do not see the other interns on an everyday basis, we still participate in events every so often. This includes speaker sessions with different members of Altice leadership, our intern video project, and our upcoming volunteer day. 

Besides my job, I have read a lot of books, completed a course in Managerial Accounting, and got a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. This definitely contributes to why I feel like I’m 35. 

I promise you I did do some things that aren’t so serious (with pics to prove): 

As exciting as it has been to act like an adult, I cannot wait to go back to being my 20 year old Geneseo self. All I want to do is play volleyball and be in walking distance of all my friends. This summer has gotten me AMPED for the school year and volleyball season and I hope you all feel the same way. 

I will end this blog with a phrase I’ve been thinking a lot about this summer: 

“Work hard, laugh often, and always keep your word”

If you know who said it you’re a homie.

See ya in the fall!! 

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