Is Summer Over Yet?


37 days people!!!!!

As many of you know, leaving Geneseo is one of the very few things I get ~emotional~ about. This countdown has been running since the day I left, at the time it was 92 days. 

Quick little introduction, I am Bridget Lougen, a junior middle blocker from Syracuse, NY.  I am a Psychology major with a Human Development minor. 

As per usual, this summer has been flying by and has been jammed packed but yet very similar to my summers in the past. Most of my days are spent working at Target as a Flexible Fulfillment Team Member. In simple terms, I walk around the store shopping for what people order online then pack them to be shipped, exciting right?? On my days off, I am usually relaxing by the pool, sleeping, or reading my textbook for my summer class. 

To kick off the summer, a few of my fellow IREVA coaches and I drove to Columbus, Ohio to play in USA Volleyball Adult Nationals. While we didn’t play that well… it was still an amazing experience and a fun little trip to get us all back together.

Another fun volleyball part of my summer is that I am currently coach at Brockport as a coach for the IREVA High Performance camps. 8 straight days of coaching, playing, and spending time with the other coaches as we slowly become more and more sleep deprived. (And writing this blog in a VERY uncomfortable dorm bed) It has been pretty cool to be on the coach side for the past two years.

Now for the exciting stuff, my two major trips of the summer

Alberta, Canada

June 10-19

Besides the day trips to Niagara Falls and Toronto, I have never really been out of the country. Alberta is actually the farthest west that I have every been. I took the trip to go visit Aaron who lives about 35 minutes south of Calgary, Alberta. After getting into Calgary at 1am driving to his house in the pitch black,  I still had no clue where I was. The next day I saw just how amazing it was there. The trip was packed with hikes around the beautiful area, exploring Calgary, and a trip to Banff National Park. The entire trip I was in awe by how pretty everything was. I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves…


Samara, Costa Rica

July 20-31

While I have yet to go on this trip, it is one I am most excited for! Again, I would like to repeat, the only two countries I have ever been to is the US and Canada, so this is a completely new experience for me! I cannot wait to be in this small little town on the western coast of Costa Rica for 11 days. Stay tuned for pictures from this adventure 🙂

Well, back to reality in Upstate New York. My plans for the last two weeks of summer are to play in a beach tournament in Lake George with fellow teammates Emily Bablin and Mary Bartkus the first weekend of August. After that I am hopefully going to sleep for a week straight, maybe work at Target at little, and then be back in my favorite place, GENESEO

Well, that’s what happening in my boring yet eventful Summer 2019, cannot wait to be back in sweaty Schrader Gymnasium with you all!


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