A Letter to My Younger Self – A Blog by JR Kat Vernon


Dear Young Kat,

First thing’s first – please stop putting such harsh filters on your Instagram pictures, it’s embarrassing. Also, get rid of that wretched pink tank top you always wear, it’s just not it, chief.

Now that we got out of the way, I’m going to get a little bit serious. First of all, stop taking things so seriously. I probably shouldn’t say this, but stop being so hard on yourself about school. High school is really not that big of a deal, you have so many bigger and better things coming for you later in life.

Next, do what makes you happy. Try not to do things just because that’s what everyone else is doing. I know you think that listening to “pop” music is cool, but trust me, it’s okay to love indie-alternative-folk music instead. Liking something that’s “weird” or not “normal” is a really great thing, and you’re gonna figure that out when you get to college.

And to whoever told you that pursuing a career in film editing wasn’t a good idea because you wouldn’t make a lot of money – DO NOT listen to them. They’re wrong. Yeah, you may not be the boujee-est person in town, but it makes you so incredibly happy and that’s all that really matters. Do what you absolutely love to do. Do something that you truly enjoy doing and puts a smile on your face. Once you figure that out, everything else will work itself out.

And lastly, confronting your mental health straight on is so important. I am so proud and thankful that you figured that out early on. It might have felt strange or weird, but it made a huge difference and I cannot thank you enough for that. Being open and willing to talk about your mental health with others is not only beneficial to you, but to the whole world. Embrace it. Change is a thing you can count on, don’t forget it (Surprise! You have a tattoo of a triangle to remind you of this, I know you thought you’d never get one but haha – joke’s on you!).

You’re going through some really tough times right now, I know. But trust me when I say that it will get better. Everything that you’ve gone through and will go through only makes you stronger. Right now, I am the happiest I’ve ever been and it’s all thanks to the ups and downs of life. You will grow into a weird, funny, loving person and you’ll soon learn to love yourself for who you are.

One more thing – go to Taco Bell right now. Your metabolism is gonna catch up one day and you’re not gonna be able to eat as many tacos as you are right now! And go to Dairy Queen for dessert!

Love always,

Old Kat (ew I’m 21 and a Junior in college, how the heck did that happen??)

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