My Legacy

At some point in every athletes career they have heard the word legacy. A coach could have discussed the legacy of a past team or a specific athlete or the legacy of a coach. Athletes hear at practices or games live up to your legacy or work hard for the legacy that has been put in your hands to keep up. I have been personally thinking about the type of legacy I want to leave here on the Geneseo women’s volleyball team and many things come to my head.

The first part of my legacy is that I want to be the first Geneseo Women’s Volleyball team to win a SUNYAC Championship and get our names on the banner in Schrader gym. This legacy can not be done just by myself, but there is not a doubt in my mind that every single one of my teammates wants this just as much as I do.

The second part of my legacy is that I want to be remembered as always being the person to come into the gym with excitement to play. Pride and opportunity are words that I think of when thinking of why I play for the Geneseo Women’s Volleyball team. Pride because every time I walk in the gym I get a feeling that I completely belong there. I want the future players for this program to feel the same way I do. When I walk places wearing Geneseo volleyball apparel and people stop and ask me about it, my whole day gets better.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 9.22.00 PMOpportunity because there are not many athletes who get to say they love what they do everyday. Opportunity to travel and experience life with the most amazing teammates. Opportunity that many people never get a chance to do as much as they wish they could. Opportunity to work hard for all the people that got me to this point in my athletic career.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 9.22.32 PMLegacy is a weird word in my opinion and can be interpreted differently. Maybe your success in breaking records creates your legacy, or an amazing play that everyone talks about creates your legacy. But for me I want my legacy to be more than that…I want to be remembered by upholding everything it means to be a part of the Geneseo Women’s Volleyball team. I want to be known as the most relentless player to ever play in Schrader gym.

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