My Legacy- A Blog by SO Bridget Lougen

Ever since the first day we stepped into Schrader Gymnasium at Geneseo, each of us have been slowly building our legacy for when our time at Geneseo is up. The legacy we build in the gym is part of the legacy we leave on the campus as a whole. While it would CQ2R5703.jpgbe amazing to leave here with a school record, an All-American title, or any other high honors, those are not necessary to leave a long-lasting legacy in our program. To me, what’s important is to leave behind is something much simpler and more meaningful.

Legacy in simple terms is how you want people to remember you. When I finish my volleyball career here, I hope to be remembered for two things…

My Love For the Game20181020_045_VBall.jpg

No matter if I am on, or off the court, whether it’s during a practice or a game, I want to be remembered for always appreciating the game. I want to be known for for not taking any second of volleyball for granted. As simple as it is, I want to leave a lasting impression of how much the game means to me by emphasizing how much of a privilege it is to wear Geneseo Volleyball on my back.

Being Apart of Something that has Never Done Before

Coming into a rebuilding program as a freshman means anything can happen. Fortunate enCQ2R5827.jpgough for me, I came into a team that seemed to be willing to do anything to positively impact the program. In my time here, I have already left my legacy by being a part of the first Geneseo Volleyball team to go 9-0 in the SUNYAC and host the championship tournament in Schrader Gymnasium. The legacy I want to leave includes being a part of the team that wins the first SUNYAC championship wearing Geneseo on our backs.

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