Summer days drifting away

Hi everyone! My name is Allison and I’m an incoming sophomore middle (which is wild). This summer has flown by but I’m so excited to move back in and start volleyball season. I spent most of my time working full-time (actually more than just full time) at my internship at Niagara Falls State Park. I actually really enjoyed working there this summer. I got to find all the hidden spot at Niagara Falls that most people don’t know about, like three sisters island and watching fireworks on Luna Island. This internship was a great opportunity for me, because it allowed me to experience real world accounting (not just accounting from a book) and I learned a lot from my coworkers. While my internship was a lot of work and took up a lot of my time this summer, it was worth it.



When I wasn’t working I spent my time hanging with friends and trying new things. One of my favorite things I started to do this summer was kickboxing classes. I started to kick box at a place called Ilovekickboxing. While it was definitely challenging, it was a fun way to workout. I’m also supposed to do goat yoga and pallet painting but I think I will have to save that for next summer.

Just like everyone else included in their blog I took a trip to LI this summer. While it was a long way there and back (about 8 hours each way) I enjoyed every second of it (even the weird sunburn I got after I didn’t rub in my spray on sunscreen). We may have only went for 3 days, but we packed a lot into it such as going to ralphs, having a Geneseo vball reunion at Shea’s, and a beach day in Long beach. This trip was probably my favorite thing of the summer because I got to see where all the freshmen live and all the towns they grew up in.

Remember kids always rub in your sunscreen 🙂

IMG_7197                         IMG_7181 (1)

Finally I ended my summer by helping out with high schools volleyball camp. Some of the girls attended the Geneseo camp the weekend before and they told me about how they loved my teammates, my school, and our program. This made me extremely proud because I know how amazing our team is. I love to hear when others can see how fantastic we are and all the hard work we do. I enjoyed my summer (even though I failed to get a tan) but I’m excited to go back to Geneseo and get back in the gym. I know we are going to do a lot of great thing this year and I can’t wait to be back with everyone ( 9 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!).

A Long Beach Summer!

Hiii all my name is Gabby Ayzenberg and I am a rising sophomore DS/L (for the freshman, time flies by enjoy freshman year)!! This summer has flew by but I have had a great one so far and have just a few more weeks left before the grind starts.1A02FC32-5B7A-4599-B827-78000DB7D983.jpegI am lucky enough to live down the block from the beach and use every free opportunity to enjoy it. Before work started any nice day there was my friends and I would spend at the beach. As well as relaxing on the beach most saturdays I was either playing pick up beach volleyball or playing in tournaments! I was also super happy this summer that most of the team got to see where I live and enjoy the day on the beach. That weekend that everyone visited was such a fun one considering in school we can’t go an hour without seeing each other! I also went to a concert in the beginning of the summer called Governors Ball Music Festival! It was a ton of fun I actually went with Grace and Shea from the team and we met up with Kiersten while there! Definitely a highlight of the summer for me!


Other than going to the beach when I can, I spend my days working at a sports camp at Farmingdale State College. The first four weeks I work the multisport camp which is pretty fun cause every 30 minutes we switch up what sports the kids play and I get to jump in a lot of them. The other 2 weeks I run the volleyball camp which is a lot of fun considering most of the kids are young. The girls love to have fun and I love teaching young people about the game that I am so passionate about!


The other part of my summer has been working out and enjoying my family and friends. Since I get home pretty late from work I have been going to the gym at about 5:30 in the morning before work (I am a morning person). When I can I have been using the beach to work out too and get some nice runs by the shore. My family and I had a big barbeque for my mom and brothers birthday July 4th weekend which was a ton of fun. My friends and I have been taking some adventures one being to Smorgasberg in Brooklyn which is a huge food festival. We all ate so much and spent way too much money on food but it was worth it!

DB9FFD62-2B04-451E-92D1-AF955D4CE454.jpeg  The end of the summer for me is going to be really fun too, my roommate Mary is going to be visiting my town cause her sister also lives in Long Beach! Other than Mary visiting the end of summer is going to be me preparing for preseason and getting all the supplies I need for my second year of college!! I can’t wait to be back in the gym with the most amazing team and be back at one of my favorite places!