Summer lovin’ having a blast!

Hi everyone and happy July! For those who do not know me, my name is Shea Casey and I am a rising junior right side hitter/setter, and a Business Administration major (with a minor in Marketing) at my second home, most refer to as SUNY Geneseo. I CANNOT WAIT to return and see all my best friends in a short 6 weeks!!! One thing I think about every day is how much I miss every single teammate of mine, so it does not come as a surprise about how pumped I am for preseason and fall semester to begin! I’m also SO excited to live with some of my best friends in our new, super cozy apartment ~off campus~ 🙂

MY FAV PEOPLE!!!!!! (at my house lol)

This summer has been crazy busy I don’t even know where to start. As soon as I got home, I began working as much as possible. I have been working two jobs this summer: one at Rogers Village Beach on Dune Road in Westhampton Beach as a park attendant, and two at Mill Road Seafood Market in Westhampton as a counter clerk. Both jobs get very busy during the summer season, which is good for me since I need to save a bunch of money up for study aboard (which I hopefully plan on going on Spring 2019!).

My brother Andrew and I before this 8th grade graduation ceremony!

After the workday ends, besides just doing our VOLT workout program at East End Fitness, I compete on the beach Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I play 6s on Tuesdays and 4s on Wednesdays, which both help get in a lot of reps and only get my car a little sandy lol. I also try to go to my high school open gym practices, like many other Westhampton Beach H.S. alumni, to get some indoor practice. Both beach and indoor VB during the summer are competitive and SO MUCH fun. I get to see old teammates, while also teaching current middle and high schoolers some skills.

Me and my friends Shannon and Smiltene painting some cool dorm accessories!

When I’m not working or playing volleyball, I get to see my friends, go to the beach, eat some BECs (for those who need a translation-> bacon, egg, and cheese), go to the movies, go to concerts, and go on the boat! I always try to jam back my summers with as much fun as possible! But of course, I can’t forget about when MOST OF MY TEAMMATES CAME DOWN TO LONG ISLAND!

Us at Gov Ball right before seeing Khalid perform!!

First off, me along with three of my teammates, Gabby, Grace & Kiersten, went to the Governor’s Ball Music Festival in NYC! I’ve wanted to go to this music festival for years now, and we had such a great time! Two weeks later, most of the rising juniors and sophomores came down to L.I. to visit us islanders and spend some quality time together. It was awesome to have practically the entire team back hanging by the pool, playing some games, and just enjoying our time together. Sadly, they all couldn’t stay for the entire summer 😦 but we had such a great time, and I’ll see most of their faces at camp later this July. More recently something fun I did with my family was attend a Yankee Game sitting a close 3rd row to the field! We had a time even thought we were all dying of heat stroke till the game ended in the 11th inning.

My summer is jam-packed with so many things, it’s just flying by! Next week, I’m seeing one of my favorite country singers, Toby Keith, in concert for the second time! Also, Im trying to plan a trip to Six Flags with some friends before the summer closes out (just so you know I love rollercoasters), maybe even go on Kingda Ka! As you know I can go on and on talking, so I’ll just end things with love and miss you all, and can’t wait to squish all your faces!!!!!!!


My dad and I at the NY Yankee game vs the Braves!
Me and some really cool peeps 🙂



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