Summertime YAY!!

Hello all!! My name is Abby May (yes– two separate words). I am going to be a junior this year (2 years has never gone by so fast). My 2018 summer thus far has been very eventful and adventurous, right from the start.

Back in May, finals really wiped me out, as they did everyone. But instead of taking a couple days to relax, my family had other plans (always something goin’ on at the May house). For my first couple days home, I turkey hunted with my dad in the mornings, and went to a few of my cousin’s baseball games in the afternoon. My family and I spent my first weekend home in Cortland for my sister’s college graduation. Then, that following Monday, I started my new job at Timber Banks Golf Club.


Amanda’s graduation 🙂

Although I didn’t have much down time right when I got home, I had so much fun catching up with everyone and starting out my summer keeping busy. I would not have wanted it any other way, than to spend quality time with my family.

Soooo, as many of you know I love to spend time in the great outdoors. So here are some of the fun outdoor things I’ve been doing with my family and friends…

First is hunting and fishing. Me, my siblings, and my father have gone on numerous turkey hunting expeditions and fishing trips. In May, we took a trip to my hunting camp in North Pitcher.













Me and all my siblings (and my dog Maggie)                Me and a large mouth bass 🙂

One of my favorite places to be is our land up in Mexico, NY. We do a lot of hunting and land work there. We put a camper there recently, so we can camp out and hunt early in the morning without the drive. I recently learned how to use my dad’s tractor, which I absolutely LOVED. I learned how to brush hog (if anyone knows what that is).


Pic of me “workin the land,” as my dad would say 🙂

I have also gone on a few beach/hiking trips at a state park near me with my friends and family. Me and my sisters also love to play beach volleyball on our new backyard sand court that my dad made this past year.




     Me and my sister Carly hiking (but actually taking a break on a bench lol)

As most people know by now, all of us upstaters took a trip down to Long Island! It was an absolute blast. It was so great to be able to see my teammates again, and go on some fun adventures. It definitely got everyone excited for August! Although driving through NYC traffic and Long Island rush hour was a bit of a challenge (as Sam and Kat would know), it was well worth it. We never fail to have the best time together. I would also like to say thank you to our host families, the Cergol’s and Casey’s. You guys are amazing!!

I plan on doing some shadowing of doctors, PA’s, NP’s, etc. this summer as well. I have two lined up already, so I’m pretty excited about that. I’m hoping to get a better idea of what part of the medical field I want to go into after college.

So much exciting stuff going on for summer 2018!!! All I have left to say is I am SUPER EXCITED to get back in the gym and smack some vballs around with the coolest group of gals I know. But I cannot forget about our cool newcomers this season. I can’t wait to welcome our new froshies of 2018 to the Geneseo Volleyball family. Let’s kick some booty this season boys…

Have an amazing rest of all of your summers!

P.S. Drink lots of water folks. We got some scorchers ahead. 🙂

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