Summer 2018 :)

Hiya everyone! I’m Bridget Lougen and I am an incoming sophomore (wow that’s going to take some getting used to). Happy summer, hope everyone is getting nice and tan ( @ Kiersten Colvin)!! This summer so far has been quite busy and seems like it is going to continue this way until I head back to school.

My summer started off with me doing the thing I love most, volleyball. After missing all of spring season due to the 3+ injuries going on in my leg I am back! My beach partner and fellow incoming soph Alex Frank play in a 2s league on Wednesday nights (currently in first). We also played in a couple of tournament at Sharkey’s and Sylvan Beach to kick off our summer with all of out friends.

Besides volleyball, going to Onondaga Lake Park with my home friends, and working at Target I’ve spent a lot of time traveling to visit the rest of the team. After being home for only about one week, I took a trip to see Mary Bartkus in Albany for the day. A week IMG_9677after that I met up with Kat, Amay, and Mary at Amay for a day by the pool. 


I am currently on my big trip of the summer, LONG ISLAND!! To get here it took 4 different cars, a Uber, and 2 trains. All 5 of the sophomore upstaters made the trip to see the 3 sophomores that live down here. We were even “surprised” by the upstate Juniors who also made the trip down for the weekend (sorry guys you can’t anything by us). While this trip is very short we have gotten a lot in. We met up with everyone at Shea’s, had a beach day at Long Beach, and tried all of the famous Long Island food. 

While I have done a lot of stuff already this summer, I can’t wait for the other fun things i am planning on doing with the 62 days I have left before I get to go back to my favorite place with my favorite people:)

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