Why Geneseo-


Choosing what college, you go to is one of the first big decisions you make in your young life. To help make the right decision you go on many, many tours. I personally went on at least 15 tours. For most of my tours, I knew I wasn’t going to the school before it was finished. College tours went from being exciting to boring. I was hearing all the same facts at every school and none of the school felt like somewhere I belonged.



The first time I toured Geneseo was in March of my Junior year, while the tour was like all the rest something about the campus was just different. While I did fall in love with the school I still wasn’t ready to commit. I returned to Geneseo October of my senior year. I went to go see a Geneseo volleyball game. The game I choose to attend was their senior night. I watched the seniors be honored and I heard them talk about all the reason they love Geneseo. During the game I watched the team demolish Farmingdale State and the team I saw on the court looked so close and happy to be there playing volleyball. After that, I knew Geneseo is where I wanted to be next year. I committed the next week and as I am coming to an end of my freshman year there is not a day that I regret my decision, even with the never-ending winter we have had this year.



In one year, I have turned 15 strangers into my best friends that helped me create a home away from home. I knew there was something different about this campus the first time I visited it back in March of my junior year. After leaving my freshman year I finally know what it is. Geneseo is filled with the best people you will meet in your life. While my teammates are absolutely the best (and weirdest) people you will ever meet, there are a lot of others on the campus that are almost as cool. While Geneseo may be small it accomplishes so much such as being one of the top fundraiser in relay for life and winning countless SUNYAC championships. My freshman year gave me so many memories that reminded me why I chose this school and got me excited to see what the next three years has instore for me and my team.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.53.52 PM

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