Why Geneseo? By FY Bridget Lougen

I was always told that I had to pick a college for the school itself, not volleyball. As I went through the college search process, I found myself only visiting schools based on the coaches that were recruiting me. However, that was not the case when I visited Geneseo and that allowed me to see the school for everything else it offers. I visited FullSizeRenderGeneseo for the first time on a Wednesday in late July and instantly fell in love with everything. The school’s campus was one like I’ve never seen before and everything just seemed right. The only thing that I was unsure about when leaving campus that day was whether or not I would be able to play volleyball here. I knew absolutely nothing about the volleyball program at Geneseo. That night I signed up for the elite prospect camp and was back on campus two days later to spend 3 days playing volleyball with the team, incoming freshman, and other girls that were interested in playing at Geneseo. I continued to think IMG_5255that Geneseo was the school for me but I didn’t tell anyone that. I feared that the coach wouldn’t want me, the team wouldn’t like me, and that I wouldn’t get into the school. I spent almost 5 months not telling anyone that Geneseo was where I wanted to go. When I came on my overnight in December all those worries seemed to go away. I fell in love with Geneseo again and loved everyone on the team. That morning I also told the coach, my parents, and all my friends my decision which IMG_0112was I would be attending Geneseo. It was such a relief to actually get into my dream school and be able to tell everyone that I was actually going there. To say I am happy with my decision would be an understatement. I cannot image going to any other school and not becoming friends with the people I have met here, specifically the volleyball team. I have never been apart of a team where all 16 of us are best friends and do everything together and I owe so much of my happiness here to all of them and the program itself.


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