A Visitor’s Guide to Geneseo – A Blog by SO Kat Vernon

So you’re thinking about visiting Geneseo? Well you’ve come to the right place. I am about to give you the best online tour you’ve probably ever been on.

To begin, I’d like to say that Geneseo truly is the best place ever. As a young freshman last year, I would hear everyone say such cheesy lines, like, “there’s no place like Geneseo!”. I honestly thought everyone was exaggerating just to hype up the school. As a second semester sophomore, I can tell you that those people were not exaggerating. Everyone here says those cheesy lines because they’re true. I have discovered that this place is incredible – everything about it! So, let me tell about a couple of the best places around town.

We’ll start with Main Street. There’s literally pizza everywhere, so be careful. It’s incredibly difficult to choose where you want to order pizza from because you have plenty of choices, from Pizza Paul’s to Mia’s. If you don’t like pizza (no offense but that’s crazy), there’s the delicious University Hots, the funky but cool EuroCafé, and Crickets Coffee Company (especially perfect for someone looking for an aesthetically pleasing, artsy coffee shop!). Besides food, Main Street has a book store, some gift shops, and even a hair salon so you can finally get your beard trimmed to make your mother happy! Alright, enough said about Main Street, I think you get the point that it’s a pretty cool place.

Mia’s Pizza
GioVanna’s Pizza

Next, for you nature lovers, the Roemer Arboretum. Located on South Side of the campus, this is a great place to go on warm days. You’ll most definitely see people setting up hammocks and playing Spike Ball when the weather gets nice. Besides that, there’s not much more to say about it except that there are a lot of trees there, so if for some reason you don’t like trees, I would not recommend going there.

The arboretum in the fall!

Lastly, I will touch on a couple of my favorite buildings on campus. I’ll start with my favorite building – Bailey Hall. Not only is Bailey home of the coolest major here (psychology!), it is probably the coolest building too, and no I am not biased! I love doing work there because I always feel like I’m a very cool, very professional college student, getting work done in a sleek looking, hip building. Maybe that’s just me though. And to end this blog, I will discuss the union. If you’re interested in going somewhere where you will see approximately 43,256 people you know, this is the place to go! It’s a great spot to hang out with friends or do some homework. You can check out the bookstore and buy some Geneseo swag, go to Starbucks and grab a complicated coffee, or grab a bite to eat at Fusion. Other places to hang include the relaxation room (equipped with massage chairs!), the upstairs corner pocket where you can play some pool, or even the mailroom if you’re really into hanging out around mailboxes (I don’t know, everyone has their own happy place!).

So, there you go. Although I didn’t cover the whole town, at least I covered a couple of my favorite places. Hope you enjoy your visit!

Why Geneseo? By FY Bridget Lougen

I was always told that I had to pick a college for the school itself, not volleyball. As I went through the college search process, I found myself only visiting schools based on the coaches that were recruiting me. However, that was not the case when I visited Geneseo and that allowed me to see the school for everything else it offers. I visited FullSizeRenderGeneseo for the first time on a Wednesday in late July and instantly fell in love with everything. The school’s campus was one like I’ve never seen before and everything just seemed right. The only thing that I was unsure about when leaving campus that day was whether or not I would be able to play volleyball here. I knew absolutely nothing about the volleyball program at Geneseo. That night I signed up for the elite prospect camp and was back on campus two days later to spend 3 days playing volleyball with the team, incoming freshman, and other girls that were interested in playing at Geneseo. I continued to think IMG_5255that Geneseo was the school for me but I didn’t tell anyone that. I feared that the coach wouldn’t want me, the team wouldn’t like me, and that I wouldn’t get into the school. I spent almost 5 months not telling anyone that Geneseo was where I wanted to go. When I came on my overnight in December all those worries seemed to go away. I fell in love with Geneseo again and loved everyone on the team. That morning I also told the coach, my parents, and all my friends my decision which IMG_0112was I would be attending Geneseo. It was such a relief to actually get into my dream school and be able to tell everyone that I was actually going there. To say I am happy with my decision would be an understatement. I cannot image going to any other school and not becoming friends with the people I have met here, specifically the volleyball team. I have never been apart of a team where all 16 of us are best friends and do everything together and I owe so much of my happiness here to all of them and the program itself.