Summer !!


my friends savannah and emma at my grad party!
camper ellie at seabreeze!!


Hi everyone!! My name is Erina and I’m an incoming freshman:) can’t wait to be back with you all in just a couple weeks! Even though I’m super excited for the season to start, it’s going to be sad leaving my family and friends. My summer has not been that exciting lol, most of it has been spent with lots of extended family at graduation parties and a big family wedding. I have a huge Indian family and we’re super close so it’s always really fun being able to hang out with them.

Other than lots of family time, I have been trying to spend as much time with my friends as possible before we all split up for the year. We’ve done everything from games nights to camping and everything in between just to see each other a little more. One of my best friends Molly is going to school in Europe this year so it’s been really nice for us to be able to hang out with her a lot before she leaves until December…I also have been trying to see a lot of my club friends over the past couple of weeks, Allison Corno and I actually did a grass tournament with some girls from club in July! We don’t normally see each other that often and getting to see them more frequently this summer has been really fun.

By far the best part of my summer is always working a camp in Rochester called Camp Open Arms. The premise of it is for kids with cancer or cancer in their families to have a couple of weeks to just be kids, so we do a bunch of fun stuff with them throughout the weeks. I love doing it because I always work with the youngest kids who are from 3-6 and they’re so funny to be around, sometimes you really do forget some of them have cancer. It’s a very long two weeks but in the end it’s so worth it being able to put smiles on their faces.

The next two weeks will probably be spent with lots of friends and lots of Bachelorette/ Netflix watching with my sister!! She’s going to be starting her high school season soon so I’ll probably be helping out a little there before I head to school ! I am so excited to be back at Geneseo with all of you in just 12 short days!!! See you soon:)

Cousins at the wedding
Molly and I at the drive in
My sister kieran and I in NYC for her birthday
Lollipop Farm tournament