Summer Blog Series: Abigail Moosazadeh

HI THERE! I’m Abi Moosazadeh… the third Abby addition to this amazing team. That being said you can call me Moose to avoid confusion but I prefer Abi :). I’m an incoming freshman to Geneseo and absolutely cannot wait to be up there with all of you in 46 days! I say “up there” because I live in the middle of Long Island in a town called Dix Hills (6 hours away!!). As excited as I am to be at Geneseo, I need to slow down and enjoy what I have here at home.
Just a week or so ago my senior prom and graduation happened. It was a great and crazy emotional two day venture that I wouldn’t trade for the word. It was my last hoorah as a high school student with the people I’ve spent 13 years with and with my boyfriend of over a year. Over those 13 years I became friends with an amazing group of girls and guys. They’ve made me smile and laugh until there were tears in my eyes and pain in my stomach, something I know you all, too, will soon cause me.

My summer is just starting and soon to be ending, so, I’m trying to pack it with all the things I love before I head to Geneseo in August. I’ve been playing pickup games, going to the beach, swimming in the pool, having bonfires, hanging out with my friends and boyfriend, and going jet skiing at Lake Wallenpaupack. I spend most of my weekends in Hampton Bays, paddleboarding with my best friends, swimming with my dog, and watching the sun go down. 

When I’m not hanging with my friends or lounging by the pool I’m working at a baseball park at the concession stand. Even though I don’t make as much money there as I would at another job, I enjoy the little mushy pie cuties who come and say hi to me.
Although I’ll miss all I have here at home, I know that next year with all of you will be amazing. I know that we’ll create amazing memories together and mesh well on the court. Again, I am beyond excited to have you all as my new family. I cannot wait to be at Geneseo in 46 days and KILL IT with you all.