Summer Blog Series: Abbey Scheffler

Hello everyone!! My name is Abbey Scheffler and I will be a sophomore at Geneseo this year. I cannot believe how fast time flies and that summer is almost halfway over. Even though I love being home, I cannot wait to return to Geneseo in the fall. Only 31 days until we walk back into the gym!!!

To start off my blog, I have to say I haven’t have the most exciting summer. The second day I got home from school, I picked up my job at Masterson’s nursery. It’s a small greenhouse with everything from plants, to fish and the laziest cat in the world named Finn. On the slow days, which included most of them, my job consisted of watering the plants and hanging out with my friend who followed me around wherever I went. He always knew that I carried treats in my pocket and if he sat there long enough, I would give into his adorable little stare. Even though was the most exciting job, help me realize how much I love being a biology student. I was able to take everything that I have learned and apply it when customers through and ask the craziest questions that they didn’t think I would know the answer to. I also learned a lot as well. Before going into work on my first day, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a petunia and a fuchsia but now I can even tell you exactly what environment each one needs to survive (wow I sound like a nerd). Currently, I’m no longer working at Masterson’s even though I stop by from time to time.

This is Finn!

After working at Masterson’s, I picked up my second summer job which is working as part of the BOCES program at Delevan elementary school. I cannot tell you how much I love working with my kids. This year, I am in a new classroom which comes with new challenges. Coming in, I didn’t know any of the students I be working with. I was assigned to be a one-on-one aide with the girl named Sam. She’s 10 years old and has been living with autism for her entire life. With autism, everyday activities are not always as easy as they would be to you and I. Reading is just an example. Instead of reading books Word for Word, we use picture cards to explain what happens in the story. Also, because this is a summer school program, we try to make learning as fun for the kids as possible. When we are not learning in the classroom, we are dancing up and down the hallways, swimming in the pool (we take a field trip to the pool once a week) or enjoying the swing in the PT room. This is Sam’s absolute favorite. Last week we learned about the water cycle by making terrariums at the botanical gardens up in Buffalo. Next week, we will take a field trip to the Buffalo Museum of Science just as Miss frizzle would take her students in the Magic School Bus one of my kids would most likely say.

One of the boys in my class at the Eden Corn Festival.

For when I at not working, I try to spend every day enjoying the time that I have left with friends and family that I don’t always get to see throughout the year. This includes pizza nights at my house, Sunday Fun days at the Biekie’s and beach days with my two friends Anna and Liz.



Also, every year, my family and I attend Jam in the Valley. This event is three days of country concerts in Varrysberg which is around 20 minutes from my house. Some of the artists this year included Old Dominion, Brothers Osborne, Brett Eldredge and Toby Keith. Each year after the event, we collect cans for my brother’s baseball team as a fundraiser which isn’t the most exciting thing to say as you sift through empty cans but every one helps. (This year we collected 80,000 cans which converts to around $2,500!)



As for the rest of my summer, I’m looking forward to running my third Tough Mudder. This year, we are running this event is right near my house at a local ski resort. The day after, we leave for our annual trip to the thousand Islands to see all of our family that we only get to see once a year. We rent houses is right on the water and spend the week boating on the St. Lawrence.



Although I’m going to miss the warm weather when we returned to school, I cannot wait to see everyone again and welcome in our incoming freshman. I miss you all and only one month until preseason!



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