Hey friends:) I’m Alex Frank from Syracuse, NY and I will be a freshman this year!! I am so excited to be playing volleyball and basically living with you guys in less than a month. This summer has flew by and I’ve even started a count down on my wall..  33 days until we’re on the court winning the SUNYACS!!

I haven’t been up to a lot this summer but it’s still been relaxing and fun. A majority of my time is spent at Sharkey’s, which is a beach volleyball sports restaurant. I play coed doubles with my boyfriend on Monday, women’s advanced doubles with Bridget Lougen (another Incoming freshman) on Wednesday, and advanced 4s on Friday. Some day I hope to get started in AVP tournaments with Bridget but the last one is actually today (I’m writing this in the car as I go). Beach volleyball has always been a huge part of my life and I’ve met a lot of pros while playing here (the owner used to be an Olympic player in Italy!).  If I’m not playing at Sharkeys’s, my boyfriend has his own beach court where all our friends come and play pickup or mini tournaments.

Advanced 4s champs! (In a thunderstorm) 

On the less fun side, I have been working two jobs this whole summer. I’ve worked at Marshalls since January so if you ever need a guide around the crazy store I can help:) My other job is refereeing at Sharkeys on Tuesday and Thursday nights (so yes, I am there 5 nights a week).

Bridget’s grad party 🎉 

B19C078D-9015-45F4-BD9A-697166396DB5In my free time, I love hanging out with my bestfriends and traveling. All my traveling has mostly happened in the winter (I went to Europe and California) but this summer I got to visit UNC because one of my cloesest friends is going there. My favorite thing to do is hiking or explore new places so my friends and I hiked Chittenango Falls for a day, and will hopefully go to Salmon River Falls next week.

I’ve seen pictures from you guys of Letchworth State Park so I really hope we can go as a team there!! If hiking didn’t give it away, I love the outdoors and have spent a lot of time fishing and being around animals.


Also, my friends and I went to Zac Brown Band and Chance the Rapper. I can listen to any music you guys want but I love country music and old hip hop.

Chance The Rapper

I’m so excited for college and to be with all you guys. Besides my bio major, SUNY Geneseo is going to be the best four years of my life with the best team ever. I hope you guys have a great summer love you all:) 💖💖

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