Summer Blog Series: Bridget Lougen:)

Hi guys! I am Bridget Lougen from Syracuse NY and I am an incoming freshman at Geneseo:) Every since I stepped foot on the campus I knew that Geneseo was the college for me and I could not be more excited to move in the 18th! But first I have to finish up my last summer before me and my friends all go our separate ways in the fall.

Graduation day with my friends

Surprisingly, senior year flew by and ended with some incredible memories such as senior skip day, senior ball, graduation, and so much more. I come from such a small school so I am going to miss a lot of people next year, but yet I am so ready to leave and start my life at Geneseo.


Summer so far has been quite busy between trying to fit in the workouts, time with my friends, work as a cashier at Target, graduation parties, and everything else I have to do. However, my favorite by far is playing beach volleyball with Alex Frank (another incoming freshman) every Wednesday night atSharkeys. Before we started playing in April, I was so nervous because I had never played 2s before and I was scared I wasn’t going to

Intermediate Finals

be good but surprisingly, we were one of the best teams in the league as we came out second overall. For the summer league, we decided to challenge ourselves and move up to advanced and are currently 6-3:)

My first few days of summer began at Geneseo for orientation along with the other incoming freshman and during those 48 hours we were already becoming best friends! I cannot wait to spend the next four years with them. At the end of it I didn’t want to leave but it was okay because I knew I was going to be back at the end of July!


While my summer has been kind of boring, I am still enjoying the time I have left before I have to leave for college. Most of the time I fill up my free time by going out to dinner or just hanging out with my friends by a fire. On the rare occasion that Syracuse has nice weather I will just relax by my pool with my dogs.

I cannot wait to move in in 40 days!!! I am so excited to experience being on a new team at a new school next year. CANNOT WAIT TO KILL IT WITH YOUR GUYSS:))

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