Hi guys!!! My name is Kat Vernon and I will be a sophomore this year! Just like everyone else, I am SO excited to be going back to Geneseo in 44 days! This summer has been going by so fast, and although I do love summer, I am glad it has been going by so quickly because I am ready to be back in my favorite place: Geneseo.

Me, Shea, & Grace at the Lilac Festival

I have done so many fun things this summer and there are still so many things to look forward to. My summer started off right away when my teammates Shea and Grace stayed with me in Rochester for two days before heading home to Long Island. I showed them the Rochester Lilac Festival which is conveniently only a half mile away from my house.

My next summer adventure was going to visit my boyfriend, Liam (who I met at Geneseo!) and his family in Albany for 5 days. We did so much, including taking a train to the Bronx to see a Red Sox vs. Yankees game (GO SOX!!!) at Yankee Stadium. Sadly, the Yankees won. During this visit we also made a parody “hoops mix tape” which we were expecting to go viral, but unfortunately it didn’t (😩). Feel free to check it out on my Twitter!

Yankee Stadium!
Me & Liam’s Mixtape Cover

Back in Rochester, I have been spending a lot of time with my 2 year old niece, Addison. She is so cute and I am OBSESSED with her. I also attended my high school’s graduation to see my friends in the grade below me graduate. It was very bittersweet, but I am so excited for them. It’s hard to believe that I graduated high school a year ago!

Addison LOVES bubbles!
Addison & I celebrating Memorial Day

My next big adventure was going to Buffalo to see some of my teammates and Geneseo friends. We all went to the 11 Day Power Play hockey fundraiser for cancer, which was very fun! We also had a big potluck at our friend Sarah Pray’s house where everyone brought something to contribute to the meal and it was delicious! The next day, we went to the zoo and I got to see my two favorite animals: sloths and lemurs!!! Unfortunately the sloth was hiding in a bucket (every time I get the chance to see a sloth, it’s ALWAYS hiding in a bucket… I’m starting to believe that sloths are scared of me).

Me posing like a lemur with a couple of lemurs
Geneseo reunion!

Aside from all of those fun things I’ve done, I’ve been hanging out with friends from home a lot and making trips to Syracuse to meet Liam every once in a while since Syracuse is about halfway between us. The other day me and a couple friends went to SeaBreeze, which is an amusement park outside of Rochester. We went on every single ride! I also attended Rochester’s International Jazz Festival which was really cool. I got to see Bruno Mars’ band play (unfortunately Bruno Mars was not there).

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Maggie, Dylann, & I at the Jazz Festival
Row boating in Syracuse at Green Lakes State Park!

For the rest of my summer I will hopefully be getting a psychology internship (my interview is on Monday!). I will also be going to York Beach, Maine for a couple of days with my family before heading back to Geneseo for the camps (I’M SO EXCITED)! I also hope to visit my teammates in Long Island sometime before we head back to school. Lastly, I plan on continuing to eat lots of ice cream and playing lots of volleyball with my friends.

Me and my friend Carley enjoying some ice cream (I love ice cream!)

As you all can probably tell, I absolutely LOVE Geneseo and cannot wait to be back in my favorite place playing my favorite sport with the best team in the world. I am so excited to welcome our incoming freshmen onto the team, you guys are going to fit right in! See you all very soon!


Kat Vernon 🙂

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