Summer 2017

Hey everyone!!! My name is Grace Cergol and I’m going to be an incoming sophomore here at the greatest place in the world (Geneseo). There’s approximately 552 hours until we are back in our blistering hot gym. This summer has not been a bummer, lol, but I am upset that it has been going by so fast. However, I cannot wait to see all the ladies I love while playing the sport I’m obsessed with.

To start my summer off I went to the Governor’s Ball Music Festival in New York City. My friends and I had a boat load of food and listened to all different types of music including Chance the Rapper. Considering listening to music is one of my favorite hobbies, I had an incredible time!

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My friend Bari and I at Gov Ball! 🙂


Along with music festivals and tons of food, my summer has been full of Long Island sunsets. They definitely don’t compare to the ones at Geneseo but I say they come in a close second. Most nights a group of friends and I would go down to our local beach, put out picnic blankets and gaze at the view until dark. It has been and will always be one of the most relaxing things to do in my opinion. The sound of the waves, of course great food and good company. What more can you ask for?


My family and I also added a new addition to our home. He’s a fun loving little guy and loves to cuddle:). His name’s Enzo and he’s an energetic little French bulldog! It has definitely been a little tough to raise a 4 month old puppy over the summer but we make the most of it. And just like my last dog, Rudy, Enzo always falls asleep next to my dad at the end of the day and they both snore away.

This was the day we got to take the little guy home!


The rest of my summer has been going to work at an Italian restaurant, Spuntinos, going to the beach as much as I can, playing beach volleyball, and of course watching the Bachelorette. This past weekend all of my girlfriends and I went on our annual getaway to our friend Lindsay’s Hampton house. This year was the most memorable because it was probably the first time we had all been together since coming home from our different schools. We set off fireworks, made s’mores, had a huge barbecue and went shopping in downtown Sag Harbor. About 361 days till we’re back out there!!

Relaxxxxinnnn 🙂


Alongside beach volleyball, my dad, my sister and I play in our backyard when we are hanging at home. Since my sister, Mia, is a setter, my dad would toss balls to the net and she would normally set go balls to the outside for me to swing at. Our dad thinks he is an AWESOME volleyball player so my sister and I just love having light hearted fun with him.


Oh and also quickly, if there are any gossip girl fans reading this, I found out that Bart Bass owns a house the town over from mine. I was also told that he loves to eat at the restaurant I worked at. On a random Tuesday around 2:30pm he walked in with his wife and I was seriously speechless. Here is me crying on the inside because Bart Bass was taking a picture with me.


Lastly, I would just like to reiterate how EXCITED I am to be back in the swing of things at school and playing volleyball with the most hard working group of girls. And to our incoming freshman: stay confident and be yourselves, you guys are going to feel right at home. ILY ALL SO MUCH. See you all super soon. xox

-Grace Cergol 🙂


Summer :)

Hi everyone! my name is Allison Wick and I am from Buffalo NY. I will be a incoming freshman at Geneseo. I’m super excited to be moving in, in just 28 short days. I’m looking forward to starting college and playing volleyball but first I have to finish out my summer. It defiantly isn’t as exciting as last year but I still have enjoyed my summer so far. I started my summer off by going to the Jason Aldean concert and FGL. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go to country concerts. I bought a country megaticket so, I still have 3 more concert to attend, Dierks Bentley, Lady antebellum, and Luke Bryan.

Me and my roommate at Jason Aldean Enter a caption

I also finished my senior year of high school by attending prom and graduation. It was a fun way to end high school with my friends that I have known for years and will miss as we go our separate ways. I also attended orientation with the other 5 incoming freshman recruits. During orientation we got to know each other and have become close before we have even arrived to campus. We also became minute to win it champs.

Incoming freshman at orientation

On a more dull note I have been working almost everyday during the week. I work two jobs. During the week I work at David’s Bridal and on Wednesday nights I ref for my school volleyball summer league. Next week I will also be coaching my high school’s volleyball camp. Then on Friday I will be driving up to Geneseo for my own volleyball camp. I’m excited to see all the freshman again and to meet the returning players!

On my free time I usually go to the gym, hang out with my friends, or take my dog for walks. While I am excited to leave for college I will be sad to leave my friends and my dog, Simba, behind. I have also been shopping for my dorm the past few weeks.The more stuff I get for my dorm the more excited I am to move in!!

my dog and I before prom

While this summer hasn’t been the best I still have enjoyed my time spending my last summer before college with my friends. I am super excited to be moving in, in less than a month!!!! I can’t wait to start volleyball with my new teammates and to kill it on the court this year with you guys!!!

Summer Blog Series: Abbey Scheffler

Hello everyone!! My name is Abbey Scheffler and I will be a sophomore at Geneseo this year. I cannot believe how fast time flies and that summer is almost halfway over. Even though I love being home, I cannot wait to return to Geneseo in the fall. Only 31 days until we walk back into the gym!!!

To start off my blog, I have to say I haven’t have the most exciting summer. The second day I got home from school, I picked up my job at Masterson’s nursery. It’s a small greenhouse with everything from plants, to fish and the laziest cat in the world named Finn. On the slow days, which included most of them, my job consisted of watering the plants and hanging out with my friend who followed me around wherever I went. He always knew that I carried treats in my pocket and if he sat there long enough, I would give into his adorable little stare. Even though was the most exciting job, help me realize how much I love being a biology student. I was able to take everything that I have learned and apply it when customers through and ask the craziest questions that they didn’t think I would know the answer to. I also learned a lot as well. Before going into work on my first day, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a petunia and a fuchsia but now I can even tell you exactly what environment each one needs to survive (wow I sound like a nerd). Currently, I’m no longer working at Masterson’s even though I stop by from time to time.

This is Finn!

After working at Masterson’s, I picked up my second summer job which is working as part of the BOCES program at Delevan elementary school. I cannot tell you how much I love working with my kids. This year, I am in a new classroom which comes with new challenges. Coming in, I didn’t know any of the students I be working with. I was assigned to be a one-on-one aide with the girl named Sam. She’s 10 years old and has been living with autism for her entire life. With autism, everyday activities are not always as easy as they would be to you and I. Reading is just an example. Instead of reading books Word for Word, we use picture cards to explain what happens in the story. Also, because this is a summer school program, we try to make learning as fun for the kids as possible. When we are not learning in the classroom, we are dancing up and down the hallways, swimming in the pool (we take a field trip to the pool once a week) or enjoying the swing in the PT room. This is Sam’s absolute favorite. Last week we learned about the water cycle by making terrariums at the botanical gardens up in Buffalo. Next week, we will take a field trip to the Buffalo Museum of Science just as Miss frizzle would take her students in the Magic School Bus one of my kids would most likely say.

One of the boys in my class at the Eden Corn Festival.

For when I at not working, I try to spend every day enjoying the time that I have left with friends and family that I don’t always get to see throughout the year. This includes pizza nights at my house, Sunday Fun days at the Biekie’s and beach days with my two friends Anna and Liz.



Also, every year, my family and I attend Jam in the Valley. This event is three days of country concerts in Varrysberg which is around 20 minutes from my house. Some of the artists this year included Old Dominion, Brothers Osborne, Brett Eldredge and Toby Keith. Each year after the event, we collect cans for my brother’s baseball team as a fundraiser which isn’t the most exciting thing to say as you sift through empty cans but every one helps. (This year we collected 80,000 cans which converts to around $2,500!)



As for the rest of my summer, I’m looking forward to running my third Tough Mudder. This year, we are running this event is right near my house at a local ski resort. The day after, we leave for our annual trip to the thousand Islands to see all of our family that we only get to see once a year. We rent houses is right on the water and spend the week boating on the St. Lawrence.



Although I’m going to miss the warm weather when we returned to school, I cannot wait to see everyone again and welcome in our incoming freshman. I miss you all and only one month until preseason!




Hey friends:) I’m Alex Frank from Syracuse, NY and I will be a freshman this year!! I am so excited to be playing volleyball and basically living with you guys in less than a month. This summer has flew by and I’ve even started a count down on my wall..  33 days until we’re on the court winning the SUNYACS!!

I haven’t been up to a lot this summer but it’s still been relaxing and fun. A majority of my time is spent at Sharkey’s, which is a beach volleyball sports restaurant. I play coed doubles with my boyfriend on Monday, women’s advanced doubles with Bridget Lougen (another Incoming freshman) on Wednesday, and advanced 4s on Friday. Some day I hope to get started in AVP tournaments with Bridget but the last one is actually today (I’m writing this in the car as I go). Beach volleyball has always been a huge part of my life and I’ve met a lot of pros while playing here (the owner used to be an Olympic player in Italy!).  If I’m not playing at Sharkeys’s, my boyfriend has his own beach court where all our friends come and play pickup or mini tournaments.

Advanced 4s champs! (In a thunderstorm) 

On the less fun side, I have been working two jobs this whole summer. I’ve worked at Marshalls since January so if you ever need a guide around the crazy store I can help:) My other job is refereeing at Sharkeys on Tuesday and Thursday nights (so yes, I am there 5 nights a week).

Bridget’s grad party 🎉 

B19C078D-9015-45F4-BD9A-697166396DB5In my free time, I love hanging out with my bestfriends and traveling. All my traveling has mostly happened in the winter (I went to Europe and California) but this summer I got to visit UNC because one of my cloesest friends is going there. My favorite thing to do is hiking or explore new places so my friends and I hiked Chittenango Falls for a day, and will hopefully go to Salmon River Falls next week.

I’ve seen pictures from you guys of Letchworth State Park so I really hope we can go as a team there!! If hiking didn’t give it away, I love the outdoors and have spent a lot of time fishing and being around animals.


Also, my friends and I went to Zac Brown Band and Chance the Rapper. I can listen to any music you guys want but I love country music and old hip hop.

Chance The Rapper

I’m so excited for college and to be with all you guys. Besides my bio major, SUNY Geneseo is going to be the best four years of my life with the best team ever. I hope you guys have a great summer love you all:) 💖💖

Summer Blog Series: Kendyll French

Hi everyone! My name is Kendyll French and I am going to be a sophomore. It’s actually insane how fast the time flew by! Although this is going to be my second year at Geneseo, it will be my first on the volleyball team. I am unbelievably excited to start up my volleyball career once again. One year of no volleyball was way too long. Im also looking forward to seeing of all of you again. All seven of you have welcomed me with open arms and I could not be anymore grateful for that! I love and miss you guys so much! Im also really excited to meet the incoming freshman I have not met already. We are going to have so fun next year, and we will kill it on the court!

My best friend and I post workout

This summer so far has actually been pretty boring, I’m ready to go back to Geneseo. I have been working a lot at the Coppertop Tavern in Syracuse NY. I actually just saw Bridget Lougen there the other night. Its the first time I met her in person:) Other than working, I have been hanging out with my friends, whether it be by the pool, hiking, or just having a sleepover. As far as the workouts have been going, my best friend and I got a membership at our favorite gym and have been motivating one another to push to our absolute limit.

My favorite part about summer are lake days and tanning on the boat. On the fourth of July one of my friends had a few of us to her camp on Skaneateles Lake to go boating and swimming. This was a really fun day especially because of the extremely nice weather we got for once. Everyday of this summer seems to be cloudy and rainy…including today :(. But on the days the sun does decide to come out, my friends and I always take advantage of it, whether it be by the pool or going to the lake.

Although this summer most definitely did not live up to last summer, I still cherish it in a different way. Each and everyone of my friends have changed in our own ways once we all left for college, but that did not matter at all to us. No matter what about us changed, we were still able to come back home and start where we left off. We all have made new friends who we all miss a lot, but that still does not come between us. We all want to go back to school, but are still savoring every moment of the summer because we know eventually we will have to leave again, and miss each other like crazy just like we did all throughout our freshman year.

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My friends and I at the Chance concert.

College was a huge adjustment, but it has changed my life for the better. I am eager to get back to school with all of you goons. This volleyball season is going to be so great, and I am looking forward to every minute of it. Volleyball is not the only thing I am looking forward to though, the fact that I am going to be making so many more best friends is another reason I want to go back so badly. I am so excited to meet all of the incoming freshman and to become so close with you all. And of course becoming even closer with the returning players. You all are fantastic and I am stoked to see your beautiful faces once again! Love you guys, and enjoy the rest of your summer! 🙂

Some of us at Geneseo.

Summer Blog Series: Bridget Lougen:)

Hi guys! I am Bridget Lougen from Syracuse NY and I am an incoming freshman at Geneseo:) Every since I stepped foot on the campus I knew that Geneseo was the college for me and I could not be more excited to move in the 18th! But first I have to finish up my last summer before me and my friends all go our separate ways in the fall.

Graduation day with my friends

Surprisingly, senior year flew by and ended with some incredible memories such as senior skip day, senior ball, graduation, and so much more. I come from such a small school so I am going to miss a lot of people next year, but yet I am so ready to leave and start my life at Geneseo.


Summer so far has been quite busy between trying to fit in the workouts, time with my friends, work as a cashier at Target, graduation parties, and everything else I have to do. However, my favorite by far is playing beach volleyball with Alex Frank (another incoming freshman) every Wednesday night atSharkeys. Before we started playing in April, I was so nervous because I had never played 2s before and I was scared I wasn’t going to

Intermediate Finals

be good but surprisingly, we were one of the best teams in the league as we came out second overall. For the summer league, we decided to challenge ourselves and move up to advanced and are currently 6-3:)

My first few days of summer began at Geneseo for orientation along with the other incoming freshman and during those 48 hours we were already becoming best friends! I cannot wait to spend the next four years with them. At the end of it I didn’t want to leave but it was okay because I knew I was going to be back at the end of July!


While my summer has been kind of boring, I am still enjoying the time I have left before I have to leave for college. Most of the time I fill up my free time by going out to dinner or just hanging out with my friends by a fire. On the rare occasion that Syracuse has nice weather I will just relax by my pool with my dogs.

I cannot wait to move in in 40 days!!! I am so excited to experience being on a new team at a new school next year. CANNOT WAIT TO KILL IT WITH YOUR GUYSS:))


Hi guys!!! My name is Kat Vernon and I will be a sophomore this year! Just like everyone else, I am SO excited to be going back to Geneseo in 44 days! This summer has been going by so fast, and although I do love summer, I am glad it has been going by so quickly because I am ready to be back in my favorite place: Geneseo.

Me, Shea, & Grace at the Lilac Festival

I have done so many fun things this summer and there are still so many things to look forward to. My summer started off right away when my teammates Shea and Grace stayed with me in Rochester for two days before heading home to Long Island. I showed them the Rochester Lilac Festival which is conveniently only a half mile away from my house.

My next summer adventure was going to visit my boyfriend, Liam (who I met at Geneseo!) and his family in Albany for 5 days. We did so much, including taking a train to the Bronx to see a Red Sox vs. Yankees game (GO SOX!!!) at Yankee Stadium. Sadly, the Yankees won. During this visit we also made a parody “hoops mix tape” which we were expecting to go viral, but unfortunately it didn’t (😩). Feel free to check it out on my Twitter!

Yankee Stadium!
Me & Liam’s Mixtape Cover

Back in Rochester, I have been spending a lot of time with my 2 year old niece, Addison. She is so cute and I am OBSESSED with her. I also attended my high school’s graduation to see my friends in the grade below me graduate. It was very bittersweet, but I am so excited for them. It’s hard to believe that I graduated high school a year ago!

Addison LOVES bubbles!
Addison & I celebrating Memorial Day

My next big adventure was going to Buffalo to see some of my teammates and Geneseo friends. We all went to the 11 Day Power Play hockey fundraiser for cancer, which was very fun! We also had a big potluck at our friend Sarah Pray’s house where everyone brought something to contribute to the meal and it was delicious! The next day, we went to the zoo and I got to see my two favorite animals: sloths and lemurs!!! Unfortunately the sloth was hiding in a bucket (every time I get the chance to see a sloth, it’s ALWAYS hiding in a bucket… I’m starting to believe that sloths are scared of me).

Me posing like a lemur with a couple of lemurs
Geneseo reunion!

Aside from all of those fun things I’ve done, I’ve been hanging out with friends from home a lot and making trips to Syracuse to meet Liam every once in a while since Syracuse is about halfway between us. The other day me and a couple friends went to SeaBreeze, which is an amusement park outside of Rochester. We went on every single ride! I also attended Rochester’s International Jazz Festival which was really cool. I got to see Bruno Mars’ band play (unfortunately Bruno Mars was not there).

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Maggie, Dylann, & I at the Jazz Festival
Row boating in Syracuse at Green Lakes State Park!

For the rest of my summer I will hopefully be getting a psychology internship (my interview is on Monday!). I will also be going to York Beach, Maine for a couple of days with my family before heading back to Geneseo for the camps (I’M SO EXCITED)! I also hope to visit my teammates in Long Island sometime before we head back to school. Lastly, I plan on continuing to eat lots of ice cream and playing lots of volleyball with my friends.

Me and my friend Carley enjoying some ice cream (I love ice cream!)

As you all can probably tell, I absolutely LOVE Geneseo and cannot wait to be back in my favorite place playing my favorite sport with the best team in the world. I am so excited to welcome our incoming freshmen onto the team, you guys are going to fit right in! See you all very soon!


Kat Vernon 🙂

Summer Blog Series: Abigail Moosazadeh

HI THERE! I’m Abi Moosazadeh… the third Abby addition to this amazing team. That being said you can call me Moose to avoid confusion but I prefer Abi :). I’m an incoming freshman to Geneseo and absolutely cannot wait to be up there with all of you in 46 days! I say “up there” because I live in the middle of Long Island in a town called Dix Hills (6 hours away!!). As excited as I am to be at Geneseo, I need to slow down and enjoy what I have here at home.
Just a week or so ago my senior prom and graduation happened. It was a great and crazy emotional two day venture that I wouldn’t trade for the word. It was my last hoorah as a high school student with the people I’ve spent 13 years with and with my boyfriend of over a year. Over those 13 years I became friends with an amazing group of girls and guys. They’ve made me smile and laugh until there were tears in my eyes and pain in my stomach, something I know you all, too, will soon cause me.

My summer is just starting and soon to be ending, so, I’m trying to pack it with all the things I love before I head to Geneseo in August. I’ve been playing pickup games, going to the beach, swimming in the pool, having bonfires, hanging out with my friends and boyfriend, and going jet skiing at Lake Wallenpaupack. I spend most of my weekends in Hampton Bays, paddleboarding with my best friends, swimming with my dog, and watching the sun go down. 

When I’m not hanging with my friends or lounging by the pool I’m working at a baseball park at the concession stand. Even though I don’t make as much money there as I would at another job, I enjoy the little mushy pie cuties who come and say hi to me.
Although I’ll miss all I have here at home, I know that next year with all of you will be amazing. I know that we’ll create amazing memories together and mesh well on the court. Again, I am beyond excited to have you all as my new family. I cannot wait to be at Geneseo in 46 days and KILL IT with you all.