Summer 2017

Hi everybody! My name is Emily and I’m going into my junior year (I can’t believe I’m halfway done with college!). I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer because I know I definitely have been! This summer has been a little different than most. I’ve been working a lot more but I have also had plenty of time to spend with family and friends. Even though I’ve really been enjoying my summer at home I can’t wait to get back to Geneseo and see all of my amazing friends and teammates.

The beginning of my summer started with a lot of graduations. My brother’s girlfriend, Amanda, graduated from Geneseo and will be working for PwC starting in September. My brother, Josh, graduated from Canisius with a degree in Finance and he currently owns his own tent company called In-Tents Party Rentals. Finally, my cousin Kayla graduated from Nichols High School and will be starting at Geneseo in the Fall! All of these graduations meant that I got to spend plenty of time having fun with my family!

One of the most exciting parts of my summer so far was attending PwC’s leadership conference, Elevate. I got to spend 2 days at Nemacolin Resort in Pennsylvania meeting other accounting majors and PwC staff from Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland. I was able to learn a lot about the accounting field and what area of accounting I want to go into. We were split into different groups and completed a series of challenges to build trust and communication within our teams. My favorite activities were the scavenger hunt since we got to see the resort and the “Build-a-Boat” competition that my team won! I had a blast over those 2 days and was lucky enough to be offered an internship with PwC for next summer! As of now though, I’ve been having a fun time playing on their slow pitch softball team and meeting so many great people!


Most of the fun I’ve had this summer has come from hanging out with my friends. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Buffalo and have had a lot of fun exploring it this summer. My friend Hannah and I went Kayaking down the Buffalo River and along Canalside which was tons of fun. There is always a lot going on in Buffalo around the water so it was great to see all the people and smell the Cheerios from the General Mills factory. Another summer favorite of mine is Food Truck Tuesday where all of the food trucks come to Larkin Square and gather. There’s always a huge crowd, great food and music which makes it something fun to do with friends. Me and Sarah Bain went together for her first time and she loved it! Something I did for the first time this summer was go to the Allentown Art Festival. They have artists selling pieces all through the streets of Allentown and it’s where Garrett and I spent our 2-year anniversary! Finally, just last week I got to see so many teammates. Buffalo is having an 11-day hockey game to break a world record and raise money for cancer research! We all bought t-shirts and got food at 716 for dinner and had breakfast at Ashker’s on Elmwood the next morning!


For the rest of the summer I plan to keep hanging out with friends and hopefully make a trip to Long Island to visit my friends out there and Luca when she flies in from the Netherlands. I’m excited to get back to school for camps in about a month and then I have a family vacation planned in Myrtle Beach the following week. I’m excited to spend time having fun, relaxing, and getting ready for next season. I’ve had a fun time playing some volleyball with my old club coach, Pat, this summer and it’s sad to say good-bye to him as he moves to Minnesota for more amazing opportunities!

Pat and Emily, my coaches when I was a Sophomore!

I’m very excited to see what new opportunities lie ahead for Geneseo Volleyball as we move into the upcoming season and progress in our search for a new head coach! But as for now, good luck to Coach Amber as we all wish you the best and are happy that you get to spend time coaching near home in Wisconsin! As for my teammates, I can’t wait to see you all very shortly and I know the best still lies ahead!!


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