Summer Blog Series: Gabby Ayzenberg

Hi everyone!! My name is Gabrielle Ayzenberg but I like to be called Gabby or Gab and I am an incoming freshman at Geneseo! I can not wait to start my new chapter in my life. I’m so excited to start volleyball season and meet all of my amazing teammates. But right now I’m still closing a big part in my life. Lately I have felt like all the normal things I do have been ending.

Summer just started for me and those last few days of high school will always be remembered. Coming up I have prom and graduation where high school will officially end. I am so excited for prom and to be with everyone from my school for one last time. I have had the same amazing group of friends since 9th grade and none of us can believe we will all be separating in 2 months. Some of them I have stayed friends with since kindergarten and none of us believe we have to be adults now.


I live in a unique town and our summers are a little different than the rest of Long Island. I live in a small island off of Long Island named Long Beach. This town is full of beach bums. A normal Saturday morning in summer is full of everyone packing up beach chairs getting on their bikes and riding down to the beach and staying till the sun goes down. At some point during the day I always find time to take a walk with my mom down the beach. I also have tons of little family friends who I love to spend time playing with. Whether its burying me in the sand or some wanting to learn how to bump a volleyball I always say yes. I grew up with the most amazing family friends and have been playing beach volleyball with them since I was 5! My brother and I both learned how to play volleyball this way and we still to this day will play pickup games with them for fun. The best is when my dad and I play together because I do not think many people can say that sometimes their partner for beach volleyball is their dad.We all spend endless beach days together and have become one big family. My summers would not be the same without all of them on the beach and at family barbeques.


The rest of my summer I spend working at a day sports camp out of Farmingdale college. For 3 weeks I work the multi sport camp and the other 2 weeks I work the volleyball camp which is a lot of fun for me. This is my second summer working this day camp and I really enjoy how we as coaches are able to play with the kids and have fun too. As a side job I also will be working as a coach at my old beach volleyball club. I played for them for 3 years and now I get to coach and give back what I learned and enjoyed so much.

The last part of my summer will be trying to see my club volleyball friends. I have had the most amazing team and have met some of my best friends thanks to Acad. We all live all over Long Island but try and see each other as much as possible. Whether its meeting up for dinner or big team sleepovers we always find a way to stay in touch now that the season is over.


I have a very busy summer ahead but I will always find time to grab my speaker and lay out in my backyard or run down to the beach on sunny days. I also have to try and catch as many beach sunsets as I can with only a few months left here. I am super excited to meet everyone in Geneseo and start my next part of my life! Playing in a new jersey and new number means a new experience that I can’t wait to start! See everyone so soon!





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