Summer 2017

Hi everybody! My name is Emily and I’m going into my junior year (I can’t believe I’m halfway done with college!). I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer because I know I definitely have been! This summer has been a little different than most. I’ve been working a lot more but I have also had plenty of time to spend with family and friends. Even though I’ve really been enjoying my summer at home I can’t wait to get back to Geneseo and see all of my amazing friends and teammates.

The beginning of my summer started with a lot of graduations. My brother’s girlfriend, Amanda, graduated from Geneseo and will be working for PwC starting in September. My brother, Josh, graduated from Canisius with a degree in Finance and he currently owns his own tent company called In-Tents Party Rentals. Finally, my cousin Kayla graduated from Nichols High School and will be starting at Geneseo in the Fall! All of these graduations meant that I got to spend plenty of time having fun with my family!

One of the most exciting parts of my summer so far was attending PwC’s leadership conference, Elevate. I got to spend 2 days at Nemacolin Resort in Pennsylvania meeting other accounting majors and PwC staff from Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland. I was able to learn a lot about the accounting field and what area of accounting I want to go into. We were split into different groups and completed a series of challenges to build trust and communication within our teams. My favorite activities were the scavenger hunt since we got to see the resort and the “Build-a-Boat” competition that my team won! I had a blast over those 2 days and was lucky enough to be offered an internship with PwC for next summer! As of now though, I’ve been having a fun time playing on their slow pitch softball team and meeting so many great people!


Most of the fun I’ve had this summer has come from hanging out with my friends. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Buffalo and have had a lot of fun exploring it this summer. My friend Hannah and I went Kayaking down the Buffalo River and along Canalside which was tons of fun. There is always a lot going on in Buffalo around the water so it was great to see all the people and smell the Cheerios from the General Mills factory. Another summer favorite of mine is Food Truck Tuesday where all of the food trucks come to Larkin Square and gather. There’s always a huge crowd, great food and music which makes it something fun to do with friends. Me and Sarah Bain went together for her first time and she loved it! Something I did for the first time this summer was go to the Allentown Art Festival. They have artists selling pieces all through the streets of Allentown and it’s where Garrett and I spent our 2-year anniversary! Finally, just last week I got to see so many teammates. Buffalo is having an 11-day hockey game to break a world record and raise money for cancer research! We all bought t-shirts and got food at 716 for dinner and had breakfast at Ashker’s on Elmwood the next morning!


For the rest of the summer I plan to keep hanging out with friends and hopefully make a trip to Long Island to visit my friends out there and Luca when she flies in from the Netherlands. I’m excited to get back to school for camps in about a month and then I have a family vacation planned in Myrtle Beach the following week. I’m excited to spend time having fun, relaxing, and getting ready for next season. I’ve had a fun time playing some volleyball with my old club coach, Pat, this summer and it’s sad to say good-bye to him as he moves to Minnesota for more amazing opportunities!

Pat and Emily, my coaches when I was a Sophomore!

I’m very excited to see what new opportunities lie ahead for Geneseo Volleyball as we move into the upcoming season and progress in our search for a new head coach! But as for now, good luck to Coach Amber as we all wish you the best and are happy that you get to spend time coaching near home in Wisconsin! As for my teammates, I can’t wait to see you all very shortly and I know the best still lies ahead!!


Summer Blog Series: Mary Bartkus

Hey everyone! I’m Mary Bartkus, an incoming freshman at Geneseo. I am so excited to start the next chapter of my life at Geneseo, especially knowing that I’m starting it off with a great group of people. Today marks 1 month and 23 days until we move in, which means I have 1 month and 23 days to spend at home, making as many memories with my friends and family as I can. I will not be taking any extravagant vacations or traveling too far this summer, but I do plan on having some fun!

A yummy and healthy smoothie I made at work 😉


I will be continuing to work at a small restaurant called, Eat. Sip. Smile. I am a waitress, but since it is a small business I also make smoothies, sandwiches, clean, and bus tables. I have been working there for over a year now and I have really enjoyed my time there. I even got a smoothie that I created to be on the menu! (It’s delicious by the way.) Working helps me actually get up on summer mornings and I have the rest of the afternoon to myself, which is really nice.



Me and my best friends, Chloe and Alex, at Virginia Beach for our senior trip

The rest of my summer will consist of seeing my friends as much as I can before we split for the school year. I have had a very close knit group since we were very young and we love each other like family. They are so supportive of me and cannot wait to come see Geneseo for themselves at some point! I plan to attend some graduation parties this summer as well.


Me and my friend, Alex, out on the Hudson River

Playing volleyball this summer is going to be huge for me. This upcoming week I will be working as a coach at my school’s summer camp. I will also be playing outdoor volleyball on Sundays and Wednesdays at my local park. I’m excited to get touches whenever I can this summer and I’m looking forward to camp at the end of July!


Lastly, I wanted to share one of my favorite things to do during the summer. Exploring! Living in upstate New York can get a little tough when it comes to finding things to do; but one of the perks is that there are so many historic sites, state parks, and beautiful hiking trails in my area that adventures are always a good option. Many times my friends and I will set up a picnic or even get take out and eat in in the car at a place with a view. Sometimes even going for a drive and stopping to look out onto huge, empty fields is good enough for me.

Watching the sunset at Olana State Historic Site
Last summer with my friend, Chloe, having one of our picnics

I’ll say again how thrilled I am to be a part of the Geneseo volleyball family. I am already looking forward to meeting some of my other freshman teammates at orientation next week! I cannot believe how close it is. Also, a huge thank you to our returning players for being so welcoming and kind to us so far! I am looking forward to see what the future brings.

Mary Bartkus 😉

Graduation with my sisters, Claire and Stephanie, and my Mom and Dad

Summer ’17

Hello everyone! My name is Sam Mendelsohn and I am a sophomore (ahh!!) Libero/ DS on the Geneseo Women’s Volleyball Team! I can’t believe my first year of college is over already! My freshman year was filled with so many fun memories and I truly loved every second of it. The friendships I made throughout my first year will definitely last a lifetime (especially the ones I made with my wonderful teammates who have become like sisters to me).IMG_3478

Speaking of those lovely ladies.. I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!! From spending every waking moment with you guys to just being able to catch up over the phone has been something I haven’t necessarily liked getting used to. You guys have become my best friends over this past year and my college experience thus far would not have been the same without you guys by my side! Love you girliesss (:


Just my best friends and I (:
All of the freshmen at our first banquet!

This summer has already been one of the best ones yet and I still have a good chunk of it left to go, which is super exciting. In late May, my family headed up to Cleveland Ohio to attend my brothers graduation from John Carroll University. The few days we spent there were super fun and all of the graduation festivities were a blast! On the final day in Ohio, we moved my brother into his apartment in downtown Cleveland where he will be working for Key Bank this upcoming year. I am super proud of all of his accomplishments thus far but I sure will miss having him at home!

Family selfies are the best selfies (:
My brother Jack and I after the ceremony.

The rest of my summer has been super fun as well. In early June, I celebrated my 19th birthday! It was super cool to be able to spend the day with my close friends and family and just hang out with the people I love!

One of my favorite things to do is just lay around by the pool with my friends and family, so of course I have been doing a TON of that these first few weeks of summer. Whether it is playing pool volleyball and basketball, or just lounging around listening to music, we always have such fun times together. I have also been attending some concerts at a local outdoor theatre with my friends as well as taking advantage of everything else Buffalo has to offer! I recently attended an art festival in Allentown (an area about 30 minutes from my house) with some of my closest friends. There were tents of artwork and jewelry everywhere as well as SO many tents with different food options, it was awesome!

Allentown Artfest!!

I also have been working for a company called Digital Instruments which is an electronics manufacturing company. I mostly do busy work which includes cutting and stripping wires and unloading boxes of supplies, but I don’t mind it. Also, to make some more money this summer I am working two volleyball camps at local high schools as well as coaching a kids soccer program at a local elementary school once a week. I really love working with kids and look forward to the time I get to spend with them.

These are some of the kids I coach in soccer! They’re the best!

And of course I am playing some volleyball this summer as well! A lot of my friends from my old travel team are playing in an indoor summer league together. It has been so fun to be able to compete with them again playing the sport we all love!

These are my friends Claire and Carly! I have been playing volleyball with them since I was 13 and they have become some of my closest friends!


For the rest of my time at home this summer I’m planning to attend a few more concerts (one of them being Zac Brown Band which I am SUPER excited for— Abby May and I sure do love our country music!) as well as just continuing to spend more time with my friends and family.

To the incoming freshmen, congrats on making the BEST decision by committing to Geneseo! You guys have no idea how excited our team is to welcome you into our Geneseo Volleyball family! I promise you that you will begin to feel right at home within the first day or so of preseason and from that point on you will begin to have the best time of your life! Enjoy this summer as it will go by quicker than you could ever imagine and spend as much time with your friends and family as possible! See you all so soon!

To my returning teammates, I truly cannot wait to spend another volleyball season with you guys. We have come so far and grown so much this past year and I am very excited to continue to do so this season!



I miss you guys so much!!

I truly can’t wait to head back to Geneseo in August to be reunited with my new and returning teammates! I’m definitely looking forward to starting another amazing season playing for this program!

I hope you all have an amazing summer!!

– Sam Mendelsohn- DS/L

Summer Blog Series: Gabby Ayzenberg

Hi everyone!! My name is Gabrielle Ayzenberg but I like to be called Gabby or Gab and I am an incoming freshman at Geneseo! I can not wait to start my new chapter in my life. I’m so excited to start volleyball season and meet all of my amazing teammates. But right now I’m still closing a big part in my life. Lately I have felt like all the normal things I do have been ending.

Summer just started for me and those last few days of high school will always be remembered. Coming up I have prom and graduation where high school will officially end. I am so excited for prom and to be with everyone from my school for one last time. I have had the same amazing group of friends since 9th grade and none of us can believe we will all be separating in 2 months. Some of them I have stayed friends with since kindergarten and none of us believe we have to be adults now.


I live in a unique town and our summers are a little different than the rest of Long Island. I live in a small island off of Long Island named Long Beach. This town is full of beach bums. A normal Saturday morning in summer is full of everyone packing up beach chairs getting on their bikes and riding down to the beach and staying till the sun goes down. At some point during the day I always find time to take a walk with my mom down the beach. I also have tons of little family friends who I love to spend time playing with. Whether its burying me in the sand or some wanting to learn how to bump a volleyball I always say yes. I grew up with the most amazing family friends and have been playing beach volleyball with them since I was 5! My brother and I both learned how to play volleyball this way and we still to this day will play pickup games with them for fun. The best is when my dad and I play together because I do not think many people can say that sometimes their partner for beach volleyball is their dad.We all spend endless beach days together and have become one big family. My summers would not be the same without all of them on the beach and at family barbeques.


The rest of my summer I spend working at a day sports camp out of Farmingdale college. For 3 weeks I work the multi sport camp and the other 2 weeks I work the volleyball camp which is a lot of fun for me. This is my second summer working this day camp and I really enjoy how we as coaches are able to play with the kids and have fun too. As a side job I also will be working as a coach at my old beach volleyball club. I played for them for 3 years and now I get to coach and give back what I learned and enjoyed so much.

The last part of my summer will be trying to see my club volleyball friends. I have had the most amazing team and have met some of my best friends thanks to Acad. We all live all over Long Island but try and see each other as much as possible. Whether its meeting up for dinner or big team sleepovers we always find a way to stay in touch now that the season is over.


I have a very busy summer ahead but I will always find time to grab my speaker and lay out in my backyard or run down to the beach on sunny days. I also have to try and catch as many beach sunsets as I can with only a few months left here. I am super excited to meet everyone in Geneseo and start my next part of my life! Playing in a new jersey and new number means a new experience that I can’t wait to start! See everyone so soon!





Summer – Family and Friends

Hey guys!! Abby May here :).  I just completed my first year at Geneseo as a member on the women’s volleyball team.  I met so many wonderful people in such a short period of time.  These people (especially my awesome teammates) have made a huge impact on my life.  I know they will be the ones I can count on even after college is done.  With that, I miss you all so much, but now I have to share a bit about my summer vacation.

I have a job at a bottle and can return that I’ve been at for three years now.  I like it because it keeps me busy and moving around.  I also do some dog sitting and babysitting on the side, which I enjoy very much.

As for the fun stuff, I play in a beach volleyball league weekly.  Me and two of my sisters are on a team together.  We love playing together, and my parents love to come and see how much fun we have.  We also take frequent trips to a park near our house that has a beach court.  This is where my little sister teaches me and my older sister a thing or two about defense.  It’s funny to have my younger sister running the drills and giving me tips.

When I first got home f14993358_1070748103023650_5688609644087731259_nrom college, turkey season was still open.  Me, my dad, my sister, and my brother went turkey hunting as much as we possibly could before the season closed.  Unfortunately, we did not get one, but I did take my first ever shot at a turkey.  I still enjoy myself even if we do not get anything.  I love being outside and spending time with my dad doing what he loves.


I also love going out on our boat and doing water activities.  Tubing is my favorite.  Me and my older siblings go fishing as well, but usually with canoes or kayaks.  I am also learning how to fly fish in brooks and streams.  Something I also love to do is camping.  I am going to take at least two camping trips this year.  My family and I will take our yearly trip to Canada in July, which I wrote about in my last blog entry.  This will already be our fourteenth year going.13254102_943194689112326_2301922748958115270_n

I am going to two concerts this summer.  I am seeing Dave Mathews and Tim Reynolds (my second time seeing Dave).  I am also going to a Zac Brown Band concert, which will be my third time seeing them.  I am a huge country fan, as my teammates know.  I am hoping to find another concert to go to this summer.

As much I am trying to keep busy, I still find myself with lots of extra time.  It is very nice to be able to relax at home with my family, or meet up with some friends from home.  I absolutely love laying out by the pool and listening to music on a hot summers day.  I am enjoying the break from schoolwork, but I am also excited to get back in the gym with the people I love.  I can’t wait to meet the incoming players (if I haven’t already), and kick off a great season.  See you all soon!!

Summer Blog Series: Shea Casey

Hey folks! I’m Shea Casey, and I’m an upcoming Sophomore (yikes!!) at SUNY Geneseo, along with being a proud member of the Geneseo Volleyball family. Even though I have a year of college under my belt, every time I think about going back up to Geneseo, I get excitement butterflies. I cannot even put into words how perfect Geneseo is for me, and I think all the rest of us can agree with that. From the beautiful campus, to the great academics, to the ever-lasting friendships, I can say SUNY Geneseo is a once in a lifetime experience. Just the volleyball community alone is one of the major reasons Geneseo felt like home right as I set foot on campus. This team has created unbreakable bonds with some of the best people I’ve ever met, to the point that in this upcoming semester, all of this year’s freshmen are living in the same dorm building…on the same floor…with 4/6 living in the same suite (we just can’t get enough of each other). I cannot wait for August 18th, when all my best friends are together again playing the sport we love in a place we love.

IMG_3760.jpgSince there’s still more than two months between today and August 18th, I still have most of the summer ahead of me. This summer I got a new job working at Mill Road Seafood in Westhampton Beach. I know it sounds disgusting working with fish and lobsters and such, but actually I really enjoy it. It’ll hopefully lay out some nice skills and references for my resume, which will with any luck get me a great internship the following summer. Besides just Mill Road Seafood, I’m also looking into getting another job, possibly catering or hostessing at the nearby country clubs or restaurants. This summer is really about making and saving up my money for school and future endeavors, like a possible vacation with my best friends in the spring or summer of 2018!

IMG_9973.JPG Besides all the days I’m working, during the rest of my summer I’ll be enjoying the best parts of home: the beach, the food, and the people. I swear every nice day that I’m off from work I will be either at the beach or by the pool with my friends and family enjoying the sunshine and sea breeze. I’ve missed being able to just drive a few minutes and be at Moriches Bay or the ocean. Bringing a nice, toasty BEC to the beach to watch the sunrise with my friends or grabbing a quick BBQ chicken pizza slice and watching the sunset, both are everyday moments that I’ve missed. Seeing my best friends and family every day is something I cherish more and more because of the time we spend apart. 

To end, I just want to talk to the upcoming freshman…

I know you girls are feeling a mixture of emotions with prom and graduation coming, counting down your final moments as high schoolers, but don’t worry. Enjoy the special moments this summer vacation at your hometowns, your schools, and with your friends and families before you leave for school in the fall. Don’t be crazy nervous and anxious for the next step in your life because you are ALL very ready to start your own path at Geneseo. Me, along with the team, our coaches, and the rest of the Geneseo community, are here for you so that your adjustments to college life is easy and effortless :). Also, if any of you need anything at all in these upcoming months from questions to just a simple chat, I’ll always be available, so don’t be afraid to reach out! Can’t wait for school and season to start with you girls!

Summer Blog Series: Coach Hunter

Hello everyone! I’m Coach Hunter, the assistant coach for Geneseo Volleyball, and I’m here to kick off our summer blog series for 2017! Just about a year ago, I was writing my very first summer blog post to introduce myself to the team, yet now I’m a familiar face to most of you– crazy how time flies!

With this being my first real ‘adult’ summer, I’m slowly starting to realize it’s not all fun and games like it was throughout my school career…work doesn’t stop just because the weather gets nice! 🙂 But what is work when you love what you do??

I’ll be spending much of my summer in various gyms across New York State– much of it in our very own Schrader gym and occasionally at some other high schools in the area. Being able to coach a young players and help create a foundation for a future generation of great athletes is one of my favorite parts of the job and there will be lots of that taking place this summer!

In my down-time, I do have some fun little things planned…this weekend, I’m headed to Indiana, PA for a Gold Medal Squared Coaching Clinic with a few close friends and fellow coaches. It’ll be a great weekend of learning and actually getting some hands-on experience with all that we’re being taught! The cool part about GMS Clinics is that the coaches are run through all of the drills and techniques. That way, when we come back to share what we’ve learned with our teams and colleagues, we’ve actually performed the skill or been a part of the drill that we’re teaching! So I can’t complain about a whole weekend of getting to play and learn some more volleyball 🙂

When I’m not working, coaching, or playing volleyball, you’ll find me in my ‘backyard oasis’ at my family’s home. Complete with a firepit, tiki torches, and some great sun-bathing spots, I’ve got my very own vacation spot without having to leave home! It’s my favorite place to be, especially on these cool summer nights, with a fire, some smores, and good friends. I can’t wait to relax and enjoy the summer out there whenever I get the chance!

Last but not least, I have to include a cute little selfie from Coach Amber & I…last weekend, we played at the Sylvan Beach Volleyball Tournament and while we weren’t as successful as we’d hoped, we had a blast! It was a beautiful day– no complaints about spending the day on the beach surrounded by great volleyball 🙂

With all of that said, I hope those of you who are on your summer break by now are enjoying yourselves! Incoming first-years who are finishing up their senior years, I wish you the best of luck with your last few weeks! Enjoy yourselves, cherish the time you have with friends and family, and get ready to open one of the greatest chapters of your life in just a few short months. Returners, refresh yourselves and enjoy being home! Stay active, have a blast, and PLAY VOLLEYBALL! I know I speak for Coach Amber and myself when I say that we can’t wait to see you all at camp and in August. It’s a great time to be a Geneseo Knight and we’re ready to get back at it with all of you!!

Happy Summer!

-Coach Hunter