FY Shea Casey: My First College Spring Break

Spring Break, which is usually filled with sunshine, tropical beaches, and travel, was instead filled with all the great aspects of home. I am one of the furthest from school, so after a nice seven-hour drive home, me driving the entire way of course, I was just happy to be home, laying in my own full-sized bed with my Boston Terrier, Chloe, lying next to me. The next morning, right after I woke up, I of course did what any typical Long Islander would do, drive to the nearest bagel deli and purchase a delicious BEC (for those who don’t understand my terminology, I purchased a bacon, egg, and cheese on a nice toasty egg everything bagel). After starting my morning off right, I then took this tasty sandwich to the beach, and saw something I’ve missing for a while: the Atlantic Ocean. Living only ten minutes from the beach, I have been taking advantage of my luckiness, so when I’m at school not near any ocean beach, I start to miss driving to the closest beach and relaxing.

After, I attended the annual Westhampton Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade with my close friends, despite the freezing temperatures and snow still on the ground. It was so nice to see old family friends, neighbors, and even a few of my old high school teachers. Once the festivities ended, we warmed up and grabbed another food delicacy of Long Island: a slice of pizza. After we finished eating my best friends, Hailey and Chloe, and I drove around to all the fun spots we used to go to during our high school years and. It was so refreshing to finally be back home without a worry in the world, no homework due, no test to study for, etc.

This break was most definitely about seeing all the people I’ve been needing to see, so besides my friends, I spent most of my time with my family. I haven’t seen them in almost two months, so I thought it’d be best to just catch up on things and pretend like no time has passed. Even though we really didn’t do anything more than go out to dinners and watch new movies, like Beauty and the Beast which was SO good, it was still such a fun time to bond with my parents and brother.

Towards the end of break, my friends and I decided to change things up and take a day trip to New York City. We got very lucky with the sunny weather and the temperature in the 50s. Once we got off the train, we saw a little bit of the huge St. Patrick’s Day Parade then walked to the New Museum (and yes that’s it’s actual name) to see some unique art. The art museum was a little on the odd side but still was incredibly interesting to go to. After we finished the exhibits we grabbed lunch at a cute Italian restaurant, which served some of the most delicious margarita pizzas I’ve ever had. Once we finished eating, we just walked around the city finding cute places to hang out, take some pictures, and just enjoy the moment. We headed back in the evening, so that we’d arrive home in perfect time for the traditional St. Patty’s dinner. Since both sides of my family are heavily Irish, we always get together for a family and friends traditional dinner, of course including corn beef, cabbage, and my favorite, Irish soda bread!

For the last two days of break, I spent most of my time saying my goodbyes and see you soons to my friends and family. It wasn’t sad whatsoever because I knew that I’ll see them all in two months from now. I was also really excited to come back to Geneseo, because this place has truly become my second home. Everyone from my teammates, roommate, coaches, teachers, to just friends have made me feel so welcomed and comfortable since day one, and I knew since the first day of my freshman semester that this was exactly where I was meant to be.

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