GSUVB Spring & Summer Camps

Spring is almost here, Knights fans, and that means its time to start thinking about registering for GSUVB’s 2017 Volleyball Camps! We’ve got several amazing opportunities for you to be a part of this year, so here’s a little info about what’s coming up and where you can sign up:

Spring Little Knights Camp

Join Geneseo Volleyball’s Head Coach Amber Dunn, her coaching staff, and her team for an exceptional instruction opportunity, games, and activities. Campers will receive feedback and instruction in all aspects of the game including hitting, setting, passing, and serving. This camp is designed to introduce skills to beginners and also refine experienced players’ skill sets. For the second year in a row, Geneseo Little Knights Camp is an event you won’t want to miss!

When: April 2nd, 3-5:30pm
Where: Schrader Gymnasium, SUNY Geneseo
Who: K-7th graders
How much: $30 per camper (includes a camp gift!)


Defense/First Contact Camp

Campers will receive quality instruction and a high volume of repetitions of passing and defensive skills, such as digging & serve-receive. Specific skills covered will include serve receive, individual defense, overhead digging, playing the second ball, serving, and learning how to properly dive and make emergency/recovery moves. Camp staff, which includes the current Geneseo Volleyball team and coaching staff, will model the importance of correct body positioning, eye-sequencing and floor quickness. While this camp will greatly benefit defensive specialists and liberos, it is not limited to players of that position! The Defensive/First Contact camp will offer a valuable experience for all volleyball players, regardless of their position.
When: July 26th, 9:30am-4:30pm
Where: Schrader Gymnasium
Who: 7th-12th graders
How much: $95 per camper (includes camp gift!)
**$85 if registered by July 1st!
All Skill Youth Day Camp
This camp is designed for K-8th graders of all skill levels who are looking to improve their volleyball skills and overall understanding of the game. The focus of this camp is on teaching all of the fundamental skills of volleyball through detailed technical progressions. Game-like scenarios and opportunities to compete will also be incorporated into both sessions in order for campers to practice their skills in live situations. Camp staff, which includes current Geneseo Volleyball players and coaching staff, will demonstrate and instruct proper techniques for all skills. The ultimate goal of this camp is to improve the camper’s knowledge of basic volleyball skills and provide multiple quality repetitions and opportunities to improve the athlete’s confidence on the court!
When: July 24th & July 25th, 9am-3:30pm
Where: Schrader Gymnasium
Who: K-8th graders
How much: $85 per camper (includes camp gift!)
**$75 if registered by July 1st!
Elite/Prospect Overnight Camp
This camp is designed for experienced players who are interested in advancing their skills and knowledge of volleyball and learning more about SUNY Geneseo as an option for their collegiate career. All sessions will focus on enhancing and perfecting technique rather than teaching individual skills. This camp is designed for players with experience that have a strong desire to work hard, be dedicated to the sport, and continue to improve their game. Campers will be provided with a true Geneseo Knight Volleyball experience with Head Coach Amber Dunn, her coaching staff, and her players. Camp sessions will be run similarly to high level collegiate practices with intense training instruction of hitting, blocking, passing, setting, serving, and defense. If you’re looking to test your skills in an intense environment and take your game to the next level, this is the camp for you! *Housing (in a SUNY Geneseo dormitory) and meals (at Geneseo’s dining hall) are included as part of camp registration fee.
When: July 28th-July 30th
Where: SUNY Geneseo (Schrader Gymnasium)
Who: 9th-12th & Incoming First-Year Geneseo Students
How much: $325 overnighters, $275 commuters
**$300/$250 if registered by July 1st!


We are also offering Satellite Camp options and Individual Lessons! Please check out our camp website at for additional information and registration. We can’t wait to see you and continue to build the GSUVB program!!




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