Where Are They Now: Lizzy Morton ’16

Hello friends! It’s me, Lizzy, or as some of you know me , Grandma. I am currently getting my Masters in Statistics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and am also a stipend Teaching Assistant. I would like to say to all my friends still in undergrad I thought I did work in Geneseo but graduate school is in a league of its own. Occasionally, I do get a break from work and I have spent some of my free weekends visiting some of my fellow Geneseo graduates. I am proud to say that I ran my first half marathon this fall and plan to complete another one soon. This summer I will be employed as a Statistical and Quality Engineering Intern at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals which I am excited for.


I miss a lot of things about Geneseo; living with some of my best friends, being a part of a team, Dr. Tang, Garbage Plates, Chicken Bacon Ranch Paninis from GFR (you should try one if you haven’t yet), just to name a few.

My advice to the remaining underclassman is to think of the bigger picture and take a lot of pictures. I didn’t really realize that one day I would stop playing volleyball and it would actually be over. So enjoy the time you get to play it; don’t get frustrated about lineups, bad practices or little things in the sport that are inevitable. Be loud, do your best and enjoy playing with some of your best friends. Don’t forget to do well in class! That’s what’s actually going to get you a job one day. Also just take a lot of pictures while at school- planned and unplanned. You never know what you’ll look back at in a couple years and still laugh about.

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