SO Emily Ast: What It Means To Be A Leader 

“Leadership is more about what you do, not what you say.” -Derek Jeter

When I came to Geneseo for my preseason freshman year I was the youngest on the team, just 17. But fast forward two years and suddenly I’m the oldest. It’s come a little suddenly and was scary and first but having both the support of my teammates and coaches it’s been an exciting opportunity to become a leader.

I never realized how many responsibility lie on the upperclassmen and it’s honestly been a challenging but exciting role to step into. I’ve had the opportunity to grow much closer with the current freshman and have continued to develop a deeper bond with my coaches. We have a great group of girls moving forward and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve.  

Over the past two years I’ve been able to learn from my past teammates about what makes a great leader. A leader is someone who sets an example for others to follow and is there to help them along the way. I’ve learned that a leader has gained respect from all of their teammates by always working hard and pushing themselves to be the best in the role that they play. A leader sets a standard for how the team should conduct themselves both on and off the court. Finally, a leader always knows what to say when encouraging the team but they also know when it’s time to enforce the rules. They are competitive and passionate and ultimately make the rest of their teammates better. 

I’ve been very lucky to have played with great leaders the past two years and am motivated to carry on their legacy. I’ve been brought into an amazing program, a family, and I want to help continue that sense of home you get from being a player on the Geneseo Volleyball team. I’m so excited to welcome new freshman onto the team next year and teach them the ropes, just like upperclassmen had done for me.  

Finally I would like to say thank you to all of my past teammates who have given me the opportunity to grow as both a player and a person. I want to say thank you to Po, Pendles, Lizzy, Beth, and Jia for making my freshman year amazing. You set a standard for what what is expected of us as athletes and made Geneseo feel like home. You’ve all taught me what it means to be a leader through your actions and words and I am so lucky to have gotten the chance to play with all of you.

 And to our seniors this year, thank you for always supporting me and being there for me and the team when things got tough. Dani, Trish, Court, and Emma, you’ve all been amazing teammates and I will value what you have taught me for years to come. You’ve all impacted the program both through your athletic ability and character and have pushed the program to where you’ve wanted it to be. 

Thank you all, for touching my life in such a special way and I am excited to carry on what you have taught me to the future of Geneseo Volleyball.

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