FY Kat Vernon: My First Semester at SUNY Geneseo

Deciding to come to Geneseo and play volleyball was one of the hardest decisions of my life. Luckily, it was also the best decision of my life. Picking which college I wanted to spend the next four years at was so tricky. I had different options that would have led me on so many diverse paths. I chose Geneseo because everyone that I have ever met that goes to Geneseo has had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. Now that I have completed my first semester here, I can agree with all of those people. Geneseo really is the best place ever.


My first season with the Geneseo volleyball team started out rough. I was so nervous and very shy the first week or two. I was so scared to make mistakes or to be myself because I wanted the team to like me. Little did I know at that point, this team is just as weird as me! After spending the first two weeks of college with the team, I realized how similar we all were and how well we all got along. I have never felt this close with a team before and I can truly call them my family, as cheesy as that sounds (Shout out to the team).


I am so happy with the way our season turned out this year. Although we didn’t go as far as we might have wanted to in SUNYACs, I truly believe we had a wonderful season. As the weeks went on during the season, and we had more and more games and tournaments, we all started to learn how each and every one of us plays. We began to click even more on and off the court, the more we played.


This season I learned so much. I learned that playing a sport in college is extremely difficult. You have to know how to balance practices and games with the vigorous homework load. I also learned things that helped me improve my volleyball skills, such as blocking and hitting. I believe I am even getting better playing defense, which I never thought was possible given the fact that I’m six feet tall! Lastly, I have learned what it’s like to have a dependable and constant support system thanks to the team. I know that every single one of my teammates will always be there for me and I will always be there for them. It’s so fun to have all of my friends living in the same building as me and on the same campus.


My first long winter break was, well, long. The first semester was tough, especially balancing volleyball and school; so needless to say, I was ready to have a long break at home. Being at home made me realize how much I really love being here at Geneseo. After about two weeks of break, I was so ready to come back to school (sorry Mom and Dad), even if it meant hard exams and lots of homework.  It is so strange to hear myself saying that because I have never been a fan of school until coming here. But that just shows how much I love it here!


Now that I am back into the grind of second semester, I am really looking forward to our upcoming spring semester. It will definitely be a challenge, since we will only have seven players, but I know we will work hard, have fun, and improve our skills.


To sum it all up, I am loving every second of life here at Geneseo. I’ve met so many wonderful people this year and I’m so happy to have each one in my life. I can’t wait to keep doing weird things with my team. We can already check off making cookies without spatulas or oven mitts, making music videos in the library off our list, and taking strange pictures (for example, the picture below), and I’m excited to see what other crazy things we’ll find ourselves doing.


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