Happy 2017 from GSUVB!

Happy New Year, Knights fans! We hope you all had a wonderful end of 2016 and are looking forward to the year ahead– we certainly are!

After taking a bit of a social media hiatus to relax, regroup, and re-energize, GSUVB is back and ready to take on 2017 with lots of great things in store! Here are a few things to look forward to and keep an eye out for in the coming months:

-Weekly camp promotions and informational blasts

-Spring ‘17 and Fall ‘17 scheduling & event updates

-Current GSUVB player blogs!

-GSUVB record-holder recognitions

-‘Special Feature’ Blogs from GSUVB alumni

-Outstanding volleyball statistics (from GSUVB as well as other top programs!)

-GSUVB’s favorite blogs, articles, and stories of the week

-….and much more!!


We’re so excited to jump-start the new year with tons of great things to keep you connected with Geneseo Volleyball! Be sure to check out all of our social media sites from the links below. Here’s to a fantastic start to 2017– we can’t wait to share all of our success and hard work with each and every one of you!

And as always, GO KNIGHTS!



Check us out on…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gsuvb/

           *Be sure to like our page!


Twitter: https://twitter.com/GeneseoVB 

  *Twitter handle: @GeneseoVB

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/geneseovb/

*Follow us: @geneseovb

WordPress: https://geneseovolleyball.wordpress.com/

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