Game Day “Meet Your Knights”: Senior Dani Sayler

Good morning, Knights fans! Welcome to our final Game Day “Meet Your Knights” blog of the season! Last but certainly not least is senior DS/L Dani Sayler from Baldwinsville, NY!

My full name is… Danielle Rachael Sayler.

My nickname is… Dani.

My birthday is… May 11th.

My major is… Business Administration with a minor in Political Science.

My family members are… Mark (dad), Carrie (mom), sister Abby (25 yrs.), and dogs Striker and Duncan.

My family members who competed in college or professional athletics are… my sister Abby, who was on the SUNY Geneseo field hockey team.

My hobbies/interests are… Family, hanging with my friends, swimming, kan jam.

I chose GSU because… because I knew I was going to get the best education possible and play the sport that I love. I love the campus and everything about Geneseo.

My favorite movie is…She’s the Man.

My favorite sports team is…the NY Yankees.

My favorite food is… tacos.

My favorite place on campus is… Club Milne! (the library)

My favorite vacation spot is… Canada.

My favorite volleyball player is… April Ross.

I started volleyball in… seventh grade. That was the first time I played organized volleyball. I’ve been around volleyball my entire life, my dad has been coaching for longer than I have been around.

My most memorable match is… state finals in  high school and we were playing for our second state title. Sadly we ended up losing to Mercy in 4 but I was first team all-state and received MVP at states that year so that really meant a lot.

My favorite thing about GSU Volleyball is… that our team is a family. All of my volleyball teams have been close but there is something special that I have here with my teammates. We’re around each other 24/7 (because I live with two of them).

Before every match, I… always have an extra hair tie in my sock when I play so I make sure that I have it in there.

In off-season training, I worked on… keeping my platform high. I have a tendency to drop it which makes me a second slower than I could be. In the spring season we worked a lot on wall passing so I was able to implement that on my own. I am lucky fortunate enough that my best friend, Maureen, plays volleyball at Nazareth College so I was able to play with her at the gym and go to her open gyms.

This summer, I… traveled to Israel, Canada, and spent some time in Florida as well. It was the best summer yet because I saw so many members of my family as all of my friends too. I also watched the three greatest kids ever again this summer!

If I wasn’t playing college volleyball, I would be … playing college softball. I’ve always wanted to play a sport in college and if I wasn’t playing volleyball I would have gone to play softball.

My role models are… my parents and my sister. They have been there through everything and they are the ideal people that I wish to model my life after.

My fantasy job/career would be… to work on ESPN and be part of their marketing team for NCAA Sports.

One thing I absolutely have to do before I turn 40 is… TRAVEL! I have to travel more and more and just see the world.

If I could bring one thing from my hometown to college, it would be… The Diner! The Diner is a Baldwinsville landmark. They are known for their milkshakes and is the place to go on a summer night when you’re hungry at 4AM and could just really use some french fries. It’s open 24 hours a day so anytime you need a bite to eat, The Diner is your place!

I can’t live without… a blanket that actually belongs to my dad. I happened to come across it years ago in my basement and I’ve been sleeping with it ever since. It’s a big blue and green blanket that has “CNS Northstars” on it. I bring it on every road trip with me and everywhere else I go. I was not able to bring it with me in high school because CNS is actually one of our rival schools in athletics!

My greatest fear is… shots. I don’t have a problem with needles, just the idea of shots. It gives with the goose bumps just looking at it.

If I were Coach Dunn for a day, I would… spend the day in Wisconsin solely because they have great cheese curds there.

Thanks, Dani! Be sure to cheer on Dani and her teammates in our biggest match of the season so far– SUNYAC Quarterfinals against Fredonia State @ 6PM! GO KNIGHTS! 


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